6-7 Council membersEdit

Vollistan, Timonae, Lunite, Human, Qua, or Ungstiri

Part-time position with a high political element. They make policy decisions and laws for New Luna, and oversee various elements of its wellbeing.

Winston Memorial HospitalEdit

Any Race

Positions: Doctor, nurse, orderlies, receptionist, medical specialists.

Governmental ProjectsEdit

Any Race

New Luna has a variety of projects going on, from the mundane to the top-top secret, involving military and planetary upgrading. The more secret positions will require extensive background checks.

Positions: Engineers, whether architects, designers, reverse engineers, roboticists or gunsmiths; computer experts, especially those with high computer-defense capabilities; neurojack users; medical types for pharmaceutical research, cybernetics, and generic doctors; cryptographers.

New Luna MilitiaEdit

Claymore Squadron PilotsEdit

Any Race

New Luna Militia's squadron of state-of-the-art Jackhammer-class fighters, known as Claymore Squadron, needs at least one more pilot to round out its first all-PC flight, as well as support staff.

Positions: Pilot, Deck Chief, Deck Crew (Engineers, gunsmiths, ammo loaders, etc).

NLM Franklin CrewEdit

Any Race

This ship needs crew to help defend New Luna from invaders and pirates, minor exploratory functions, and provide escort functions for governments, foreign and domestic.

Positions: Captain, Pilot, Copilot, Communications, Engineering, Security, Gunner, Medic, Quartermaster, Cook

Hancock StationEdit

Any Race

This station requires crew not only to defend it from threats, but also to help shape the hulk into a usable station.

Positions: Pilot, Communications, Head Engineer, Fleet-upkeep Engineer, Gunner, 1 Medic, Psychologist, Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Computer expert, AI expert, Logistics/Trade expert, Trainer, Translator (Knowing Ungstiri a plus), 5 Marines, Special Forces.


Dead Fish TavernEdit

Any Race

Positions: Cook, Manager, Bartender, Waiter/Waitress, Musical Acts

Paul's ChowderhouseEdit

Any Race

Positions: Cook, Manager, Bartender, Waiter/Waitress

Blue Angel BistroEdit

Any Race

Positions: Cook, Manager, Waiter/Waitress

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