NLM Marines1

NLM Marines after they cleared out the Greenville Camps of P.A.N.L. dissidents, November 3006

Formed in 3001 upon the death of Earth, the New Luna Militia was tasked with keeping order on New Luna, and given a paltry armed Chandler and 150 Lunite Militiamen with which to do so. In 3003, they gained full autonomy during the Moebius Effect, gaining hundreds of thousands of refugees to watch over. It has since grown to a force of almost 5000 and a little over half a dozen spacefaring vessels, with another dozen seafaring vessels under its command as well. Their flagship is the NLM Franklin, a Wolf Class Frigate. Recently the base of Fleet Operations is slowly being transferred to Hancock Station.

The New Luna militia is split into four branches: Land, Sea, Air/Space, and Support. Many of these branches serve double duty in a civilian function. For example, several branches of the Marines serve as a police force, and several branches of Engineering serve in Utility Service functions.


The Militia uses the same rank structure for army, naval and marine forces.


Insignia Nlmgen Nlmbriggen Nlmcol Nlmmaj Nlmcpt Nlm1stlt Nlm2ndlt
Title General Brigadier General Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant

Warrant OfficersEdit

Title Chief Warrant Officer Warrant Officer


Title Sergeant Major 1st Sergeant Sergeant 1st Class Sergeant Corporal Private 1st Class Private



Luna grey half-turtleneck wraparound pleated tunic with midnight blue piping, gray trousers, black belt, a black holster for each weapon, black boots, standard-issue pulse pistol and nightstick.

Space NavyEdit

Midnight blue pressed collared shirt, black trousers, black boots. Rank on left arm.

    Command: Silver armband on upper right arm.
    Pilot: Yellow armband on upper right arm.
    Medical: White armband on upper right arm.
    Communications/Navigation: Green armband on upper right arm.
    Engineering: Orange armband on upper right arm.
    Security: Purple armband on upper right arm.
    Weapons: Red armband on upper right arm.
    General Operations: No armband.
    Marines: White armband with MARINES in (big) black lettering.  As the 
    only branch of service with their branch spelled out for them on their arm, 
    the marines take some good natured ribbing from the other parts of the militia 
    for not being able to remember an assigned color.

Duty UniformEdit

For the majority of planetary operations, the NLM wear a fractal camoflauged uniform. The green, brown, and grey uniform consists of a blouse complete with a grey undershirt, trousers complete with (mostly unworn) grey, crime fighter style briefs, and brown boots. Depending on the environment, different colour camuflauge is used.

The blouse:

  • Sew on name tape above the right pocket
  • Rank displayed on the left shoulder
  • Unit displayed on the right shoulder
  • Reinforced elbow pads
  • Two chest pockets with velcro seals
  • Two additional pockets on the shoulder with velcro seals
  • Front zipper
  • Kevlar, if worn, is worn under the blouse

The trousers:

  • Reinforced knees and seat
  • One hip cargo pocket on each leg with velcro seals
  • One calf storage pocket on each leg with velcro seals
  • Standard hip and back pockets with velcro seals
  • Leg cuffs with ties to blouse pants over boots


  • A baseball style cap in the same coloration as the uniform or a kevlar helmet depending on training/mission needs.


  • Brown
  • Water resistant
  • Sweat wicking
  • High friction, waffle soles

Dress UniformEdit


  • Navy-blue, Nehru-collar with silver piping
  • Comissioned officers wear two silver stripes on each cuff, general and above wear three
  • Rank insignia on right side of collar


  • White fitted shirt with black tie
  • Rank insignia on shoulder boards
  • Men: tucked into trousers
  • Women: not tucked in, reach to widest point of hips

Trousers (Unisex)'"

  • Navy blue with black belt
  • Leather riding boots going to just below knee, under the trousers

Skirt (Women Only, optional)

  • Navy blue, reach to knees
  • Leather riding boots going to just below knee


Active player characters are identified with a (P) after their names.

NLM High CommandEdit

General Eliot Gerry

Hancock StationEdit


Brig. Gen. Jeff Ryan (P)

Colonel Indira Aravinda (P)

Captain Taeren M'nammrann (P)


Beverage Services Consultant Gavin (P)

Bartender Anelie Knecht (P)


Private Ivan Dobrolubov (P)

VFA 111 "Claymore Squadron"Edit

  • 1st Flight

Flight Leader Sgt. James Rukais (P); Claymore One

Pfc. David Kent; Claymore Two

Pfc. Jared Harper; Claymore Three

Pfc. Eileen Betterage; Claymore Four

Pvt. Stomer Thomson; Claymore Five

  • Trainee Pilots

Pvt. Davon Fallen (P)

Pvt. Petra (P)

Pvt. Roh Alexander Thurston (P)


Cpl. Ambrose

Cpl. Lewis "Louie" Horizon


1st Marine Battalion "Hancock's Heroes"Edit

Approximately 300 marines, made up of three companies (Approx 100 marines each), operate from Hancock Station. Jokingly at first, they earned the moniker "Hancock's Heroes," a sarcastic title for a ragtag and poorly trained group. However, in the past year, hard training under a series of veteran instructors and repeated tests in combat situations suggest that perhaps First Battalion is worthy of its nickname.

Each company is itself made up of three platoons (Approx 33 marines).

PC Marines are attached to 3rd Company, 1st Platoon.


3rd Company CO - Cpt. Gregory Gaines Norton (P)

  • 1st Platoon

Command of 1st Platoon is in a state of flux currently, as its former CO was killed during the PANL conflict and has not been replaced by an officer. Therefore, temporarily its command structure is as follows -

CO - Sfc. Lucius Tullius Castus (P)

XO - Sfc. Houston Edwards

  • 1st Squad (HQ, includes platoon CO as leader sometimes)

CO - Sgt. Dirionis Callot (P)

XO - Cpl. Theo Cribardis; Communications

Cpl. John de Boer; Automatic Rifleman

Cpl. Demetrius Lloyd; Grenadier

Cpl. Koguro Ryusaki; Medic

Pfc. Bradley Lebedev

Pfc. Ricardo Gomez

Pfc. Tariq Khalid al-Fulani

Pvt. Mikel Ramoniski Boomer (P)

Pvt. Tirax Zarni (P)

Pvt. Allan Petty

Pvt. Publius Carbo

  • 2nd Squad

CO - Sfc. Joseph Randleman; Squad Leader

XO - Cpl. David Langley

Cpl. Matthew Frantz; Automatic Rifleman

Cpl. John Mutambara; Sniper

Pfc. Michael Ranney; Grenadier

Pfc. Quintus Aemilius Donatus; Heavy Weapons

Pfc. Steven Ranney

Pfc. Charles Linn

Pfc. Shootingstar Bearclaw

Pfc. Dominic Calvocoressi

Pfc. Selman Efendi

  • 3rd Squad

CO - Sfc. Houston Edwards; Squad Leader & Temporary Platoon XO

XO - Cpl. Vincent Languilli

Cpl. Shaun Jacobi; Electronics & Demolitions

Cpl. Myron Simon; Automatic Rifleman

Cpl. Svilen Kunich; Sniper

Pfc. Agostino Acevedo; Medic

Pfc. Derek Raynor; Grenadier

Pfc. Redcloud Birchspear

Pfc. Nigel Lu; Heavy Weapons

Pfc. Francis Mellish

Pfc. Anthony Plescia-Ferri

Retired - Resigned - Discharged - AWOL - Buried With HonorsEdit

  • Colonel Xavier, buried with honors (KIA)
  • Colonel Moss, honorable discharge (retired)
  • Chief Warrant Officer Urfkgar Krag'Kant, dishonorable discharge (extreme insubordination)
  • Private First Class Aurore Bremont, dishonorable discharge (deserted; granted amnesty from court-martial in Nov. 3006 PANL cease-fire)
  • Private First Class Ruin Pia, dishonorable discharge (conduct unbecoming)
  • Private First Class Volouscheur, honorable discharge (resigned)
  • Doctor Voliast (contractor), contract termination (resigned)


There are many roles still open in the militia. Please click here to see what's available.

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