New Luna
Location First planet of the L49 System
Coordinates X: -3093016
Y: 5080
Z: -1765367
Satellites None
Climate Temperate to Tropic.
Terrain 78.39% ocean
Population 1,977,000
54% Lunite
18% Human
9% Qua
9% Vollistan
4% Ungstiri
2% Timonae
4% Other
Government and Economy
Government Social Democracy
Currency rayden
Gross World Product (GWP) 1.15 billion rayden

History Edit

In 3000, the Lunite government began to search for a new planet. Weary of the hundred-year cold war with the Earth's Solar Consortium, many higher-ups hoped for a planet that they could move the population of Luna to and start again, without the constant bombings from Earth. The Telltale Heart was sent to investigate the planet, and it was determined to fit within specifications. The crew landed, and claimed the planet for Luna, naming it New Luna. They were able to meet with a small group of the original human crew of a freighter that had fled Earth in 2687 during the Kretonian occupation, still alive due to the extensive genetic modifications made on them. Led by Captain Russ Plaindid, the crew embraced the Lunites with open arms, eager to begin a return to normal society. This was not to be the case, however, for a bit longer. Paranoid that the Consortium would attack this new planet as well, Luna established a framework on the planet, populated it with around 15,000 workers, and then closed it off once more.


Flag of New Luna, selected by popular vote, May 01 3006

It was not until 3001 and the destruction of Earth that the planet was publically recognized, as Luna believed the Consortium to no longer be a threat. It is during that year that a pirate group led by John Falkenberg established a covert base on the main continent, cloaking it from scans. When it is later discovered by the Nall that the Boromov-allied pirates were based there (and a cleverly-worded note found in the base alleged a business relationship between President Kalson and the pirates), allegations were made that the Lunites had sided with Boromov, and frantic diplomacy was required to allow the planet to remain in Lunite hands, resulting in a temporary evacuation of the planet by then-Governor Seale.

New Luna has served in several auxillary functions since then, being a haven for vacationers, and often used to hold refugees from the constant political upheavals of the current era, including evacuations of Mars, Alt-Luna, the Shinaran Drift, and Ungstir. It is in this fashion that New Luna has acquired a wide array of inhabitants, and an extensive, if patchwork infrastructure. As it has been almost completely off the political radar for several years, it has blissfully avoided several of the major universe-shattering events.

Cities on New Luna include: Freedom City, Greenville, Jasper Point, Pitchton, Addilent City, Ochre Valley, St. Benedict and others.

New Luna Map

Map of New Luna featuring its seven city-states

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