Originally developed for the Martian Republic by Trivol Enterprises, Neuro Feedback Devices were intended for use during interrogations. These small, handheld devices could be carried by field officers and put to use in the field by officers with minimal training. Electrodes on these devices were configured for use on various neurological trigger point using autosensing technology. Despite the production of several hundred of these devices no such device was ever officially used by the Martian Republic or any recognized military unit.

In 3003 Trivol Enterprises announced the release of all research material pertaining to its military grade Neuro Feedback Device. This research was subsequently used by various Sivadian based corporations and the technology was incorporated with existing NeuroMonitors. Still in the experimental stage, these combination devices are being used in laboratories to treat a wide range of neurological conditions that benefit from corrective neural feedback when certain neural patterns are recognized.

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