Developed in the 2978 by Doctor Sir John William Cranberry-Direstraights of the University of Enaj the NeuroMonitor was a huge breakthrough in the science of neuroscience. NeuroMonitors enabled scientist for the first time to continously monitor neural signals being sent from the brain through the bodies nervous system. The NeuroMonitor enabled scientist to get an unprecedented look at the functioning of the humanoid nervous system. In subsequent years variations upon the NeuroMonitor were created enabling scientist to study the nervous system of Demarians, G'ahnli and Zangali among others.

Before NeuroMonitors can be used to monitor a patient each NeuroMonitor must be configured and adjusted to operate with the recieving device. A delicate operation must then be performed during which a surgeon installs the small device is mounted on the C-8 vertebrae just outside of the spinal canal. Small sensor tendricals a hairs width thick must then be extended and placed within the spinal canal using microsurgery techniques. Most NeuroMonitors are guranteed to have a five year life span before surgery must be performed to recalibrate the device.

In recent years the NeuroMonitors use has blossomed beyond that of a research device and is used for the diagnosis of unknown neurological disorders as well as neurological illnesses impossible to diagnose through other methods. In 3003 Trivol Enterprises announced the release of research material pertaining to its military grade Neuro Feedback Devices. This research was subsequently used by various Sivadian based corporations to incorporate the technology with the existing NeuroMonitor technology. Still in the experimental stage, these combination devices are being used in laboratories to treat a wide range of neurological conditions that benefit from corrective neural feedback when certain neural patterns are recognized.

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