Homeworld of the Nemoni.

Located in Hiverspace, the planet Nemonus is huge, roughly the size of a conventional gas giant, but is in fact a solid planet. How it can appear to be so huge and yet have gravity that is close to Earth-normal is unclear.

Nemonus was first encountered by an expedition from Sanctuary led by the trading vessel Asylum. The expedition was in search of the pieces of the Obelisk of Truth to defeat Voltrix aboard Sanctuary. Upon landing on Nemonus, the Asylum damaged a portion of a Nemoni superhighway that, fortunately, had been closed down for repair, so no one was injured. However, the Nemoni requested that all future vessels from Sanctuary land only in a large, specially prepared clearing far from the diminutive settlements and road networks of the Nemoni, to prevent a potential disaster. A piece of the Obelisk of Truth was discovered as part of a sacred shrine at one of Nemonus's largest cities, and the Nemoni graciously agreed to loan it to the Asylum expedition. When Voltrix was defeated by John Falkenberg using the full Obelisk's powers, the entire Obelisk of Truth was given to the Nemoni as a gift, to replace the piece that had been given up.

Later, the Thul Ancient Shog apparently became stranded in a swamp on Nemonus and demanded that Sanctuary rescue him before he would consider helping return the colony vessel to its home space. The SCV Gettysburg was dispatched to recover Shog, and the Asylum also returned to Nemonus. Upon arrival in Nemonispace, both vessels were contacted by Nemonus control and directed to the specially prepared clearing to land. The Asylum obeyed, but the pilot of the Gettysburg, Kirk, ignored the instructions and chose his own landing site, inadvertantly crushing an entire Nemoni city and killing tens of thousands of Nemoni. While the Gettysburg crew did their best to deal with the aftermath of the disaster caused by the warship's careless landing, the Asylum crew recovered Shog and brought him back to Sanctuary.

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