[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Nemoni]]
Scientific Name Homonid superminusculus nemonus
Classification Miniscule Humanoid
Average Height .25" / .65cm
Average Weight .005oz / .15g
Average Lifespan 85 Years
Native Language Nemonese
Homeworld Nemonus

Nemoni are a tiny race of humanoids that hail from Hiverspace.


Nemoni have lifespans that can reach 130 years. Their average height is 1/4", and they have bright red skin, bright yellow hair, and typically red, blue, or black eyes.


Nemoni society is quite similar to most other societies in the galaxy, only theirs operates on a much smaller scale. Entire Nemoni cities can be built in a tree trunk, and indeed, most Nemoni cities are built in arboreal settings. On their home planet of Nemonus, Nemoni cities can be found in woods, meadows, lakeshores, mountains, even caves. Some Nemoni cities have been built underwater. Highways stretch for thousands of miles across its surface, connecting these various settlements.

Nemoni religion is fairly simplistic, with their view that the universe was created by an all-powerful being they refer to as Oler, and that Nemonus was created as a cradle in which his chosen people could flourish and grow.

Other sentient beings are referred to as 'Humongi' in the Nemoni language. Nemoni, despite their small size, rarely shy away from others, thus contact with other races has given the Nemoni people quite an exposure to other cultures and ideas, which over time were incorporated into their own. These contact situations have not been without their mishaps, however. Some notable incidents include a Vanguard officer ramming his head into the NSF President Malcon, the Nemoni flagship, and one young woman who destroyed the NSF Deloni shortly after they had made contact with the Sanctuary. Nemoni vessels, although strong when faced with the dangers of space, have proved woefully fragile in the face of clumsy or malicious Humongi over the years, including one incident where a citizen of Sanctuary walked off with a Nemoni runabout with its crew still inside.

Other dataEdit

Nemoni are a non-playable race on Otherspace. They were founding members of the Orion Arm Treaty Organization, but over the years their participation has waned in the face of galactic dangers their vessels had no chance of fighting against. Given their uncanny ability to build cities in the most unlikely of places, it is not easily known if Nemoni still live among the known worlds, as sightings have been scarce.

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