The surreal heart of the hereafter is Necromundus, a city that bears the name of the overall "world," for it is the gateway to all other possibilities. The recently dead resume consciousness in this city, and it is here that they choose a new destiny in the netherworld. Necromundus features the Portal Plaza, with doorways that lead to other realms, such as Urland and Cataract.


A post-apocalyptic realm defined primarily by a deserted stretch of highway, a theme park overrun by mutants and monsters, and a ruined city.


A traditional fantasy-style realm with damsels in distress, dragons to defeat and dungeons to explore.

Ascendant AspectEdit

Angels of Necromundus pit themselves against manifestations of evil in the twin pillars of Cloud Nine to try and swing the balance in favor of Goodness.

Descendant AspectEdit

Demons of Necromundus battle manifestations of good in the Ring of Fire to try and swing the balance in favor of Evilness.

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