Players in Necromundus get involved in combat a great deal. Their foes range from the skeletons of the Outskirts Boneyard to the fanatical followers of the Shining Ones in Cataract to Meeka Mau and his brutal minions of Urland's Agickin Theme Park.

How It WorksEdit

As you wander around the grid, you'll see possible combat targets listed in the Also Here: section of the room description. Many monsters can only be fought if you're within five levels of them, give or take. Some monsters are open for any level to attack, however, because they're sources of crafting materials such as animal hides, scales and such.

You can look at these monsters to see a description and an indication of their level. The monster's description also includes a readout that shows what percentage of hit points remains.

During combat, you can either use straight attacks or invoke your class-specific abilities (as long as you've got some ability points to spend). Each turn, you get two attacks. So does your opponent! The turns rotate until one of you wins.

In Necromundus, you're already dead, but you can still die in the figurative sense. When you are defeated in combat, you discorporealize and rematerialize in the city center of Necromundus. You don't lose XP and you don't suffer damage to your armor or weapons. Instead, you endure a little inconvenience if you want to go back to where the losing fight occurred and try again. Discorporealization, as it is known, also costs your current action points, crafting minutes and any cash money in your +inv. (Credits in your +inv can be converted into vouchers at the Necromundus bank. Vouchers are not lost when you discorporealize.)

Keep track of your hit points during the fight. If you get too low, you can always disengage from the fight and escape to take on less formidable opponents elsewhere. Your hit points will automatically regenerate after a few minutes.

The CommandsEdit

+engage <target>: Puts you into combat mode with your target.

+attack <target>: Commits you to a straight attack against your target.

+ability <target>/<ability>: Invokes one of your class- or race-specific abilities for use against a target.

+endturn: When you run out of actions or ability points for your combat turn, type this so your opponent gets their chance.

+disengage: This lets you break out of combat if you decide you're in over your head. NOTE: When you disengage, you lose all your action points and half your current hit points.

+heroes: Shows where you fall in the ranks of adventurers on Necromundus. Updated daily!

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