The Nationalists are a centre-left party on Sivad, who are generally both fiscally and socially moderate. In Foreign Affairs, they are more isolationist than either the Tories or SDP, and they oppose the spending of scant Sivadian resources on Colony worlds.


Specialists: Nationalists do not support specialist rights per se, but they are keen advocates of good treatment of the cloned workers. Specialists should be treated firmly but fairly, like Sivad's particularly precocious children.

Government: Nationalists believe in a government which is accessable to the people. Often, this means a large number of low-level civil servants. They believe in devolution of rule to the Colonies. They support a monarchy, so long as power remains firmly in the hands of the Council, including in the exercise of Royal perogatives.

Economy: The economy should be regulated only to the extent necessary to insure fairness in the marketplace.

Social Welfare: The basic necessities of life - health care, education, care in old age, should be provided by the government as required. Sivad should continue to lead the way in Nationalised health, and private care should be a tertiary concern, if a concern at all.

Taxation: Taxation should be as evenhanded as possible, including potential flat taxation. These funds should be used to fund social programmes first, defence second, and colonies hardly at all.

Foreign Affairs: Nationalists espouse a policy of mild isolationism. Sivad should be careful in proceeding on the interstellar stage, lest trouble find the Kingdom. The Royal Navy should focus mainly on defence, and should be kept close to home.

Environment: The environment should be protected. The Nationalists have a "sensible green" philosophy, where the effects of industry are balanced with environmental programmes such as atmosphere scrubbers.

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