Scientific Name Coelurosauria sapiens lebalis
Classification Saurian warrior race
Average Height 4' / 120cm
Average Weight 170lbs / 75kg
Average Lifespan 50 Years
Native Language Naliese
Homeworld Lebal, Nalhom

The children of the sun goddess Nalia are probably best described as a Napoleon Complex cult: They feel natural animosity to all races that are taller than them, and Nall don't grow very tall. They hate being much more than three feet tall. They are cold blooded and lay their children in eggs.

Being the runt of the litter on Nalhom is considered an honor. Much taller than three feet, and you're no use to the Clawed Fist Fleet - you get shipped off to the Vox Nalia Church to serve as a priest or, worse, you enter the merchant working class. Nall are incapable of laughter, but they show amusement by dropping their jaw open and hissing softly. They have agile tails that can lash back and forth, and which they decorate with jewelry over time. Dishonored Nall get their tail tips chopped off, then their tails, and then, for a third offense, the saying goes, "the tail is chopped off at the neck."

Nall are compulsively honest and frank about their opinions, and they are driven by an overwhelming sense of personal honor. So, it's not wise to offend a Nall unless you want to face them in an honor duel in which you might get disemboweled.

After their failure in their bid to conquer the known galaxy during the Birthright War, most of the living Nall have withdrawn from this galaxy, fading away into the Nexus.

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