NLM Franklin
Image of NLM Franklin
Identification Number NLM-0001-CL3
Registry New Luna Militia
Class Wolf
Type Milspec
Owner New Luna Militia
Master Kenneth Moss

This older ship was built on Earth in 2979 for the Solar Consortium's Guardian Fleet, and was dubbed the Arizona. It was captured in 2982 in a firefight over Luna, where the bridge was actually penetrated by a shot, and all crew on the bridge were exposed to vacuum. After repairs, it served for nine years in the Lunite Militia, from 2983 to 2992, when it was decommissioned. When New Luna was discovered in 3000, it was recommissioned and staffed with a skeleton crew, and charged with the defense of the planet, a post it has only abandoned once, to ferry passengers off of New Luna when the Nall threatened to take the planet over.

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