[[Image:|125px|Image of a Mycerian]]
Scientific Name
Classification Sentient Mechanoid/Starship
Average Height 20ft / 610cm (only known measurement)
Average Weight
Average Lifespan 600+ (unknown)
Native Language unknown
Homeworld unknown

Mycerians are transformable sentient mechanoids supposedly built by a race called the Kolor. The Kolors were humanoid (two arms, two legs, a pair of eyes), but taller and thinner than humans, with blue skin and long thin fingers. The only other information is that they existed in another galaxy some eight million years ago. Mycerians were constructed by the Kolors to perform dangerous jobs such as construction, mining, manufacturing, hazardous materials hauling, and defense.

Mycerians were equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (including, in contrast to the Phyrrians, emotions) and capable of carrying out missions with or without a Kolor pilot. A defense Mycerian was a heavy fightercraft capable of combat in both space and atmosphere, using its two lasers or racks of missles; in addition, it could transform into a bipedal form for ground combat.

The only known example is a defense Mycerian that goes by the name of Altor. Its account provides the only information about the Mycerians and Kolors, yet has some inconsistencies. In approximately 7,996,400 BCE (or 7,496,400 BCE), Altor was on an escort mission for a convoy of ore freighters when it fell under pirate attack. It claims to have shot down ten (or, during another telling, twenty) of the pirates before it was shot down itself and nosedived into a planet they were passing. The information in its navigational computer wiped in the crash. Altor awoke in a cave in late 3000 CE, where Odarites were conducting tests on it. It left soon after, when it had completed repairs on itself, and began wandering in the vicinity of Demaria. Altor is known a year later to have been discussing employment with, among others, Mimira Pentium of the Aventine Hill Conveyance Corporation.

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