In 3000, a Falari vessel with universe-jumping capabilities jumped from Hiverspace to Normalspace near Jupiter. Through either a failure in the drive itself or simply an overstressing of the fabric of time-space, it caused the fabric to rupture and tear, producing thousands of portals between normalspace and alternate universes, probabilities, and dimensions that would open and shut at random, and became more and more severe as time went on.

During this time, alternate Castori bombed Sivad, candy-colored, metal-eating rabbits attacked Ungstir, and an alternate Galactix manned by Phyrrian-humanoid hybrids appeared, as well as dozens of other strange events.

Eventually, a coalition of a future Kip Caspar, the Maltarians, and the Ri'kammi were able to repair the rifts, and prevent time-space from tearing itself apart.

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