The practice of medicine on Sivad is very advanced and relies heavily upon Sivadian knowledge of genetics. Health policy for the Sivadian government is made by the Department of Health, which also oversees Sivad's universal health system, but the regulation of the medical profession is carried out by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Legal information Edit

A doctors license allows the professional concerned to utilize all medical equipment or controlled substances not generally illegal under the laws of Sivad, although it does not pass on the advisability of using such tools with only the basic qualifications. The law also does not pass on the treatment of non-human races, and on Sivad, Sivadian doctors may treat any race. It is important to note that doctors practicing under the reciprocity policy will be limited by the conditions set forth in that policy.

Medical licensingEdit

Licensing to practice medicine on Sivad is administered by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, which holds a royal warrant and is empowered by act of the Council to oversee medical licensing and discipline. Generally, a Sivadian doctor will hold at least a first degree in medicine, the name of which varies depending on the University. They must then pass a comprehensive licensing examination, the medical boards, and receive a license to practice. The fee for registration is 250 yojj-sterling a year, though this is waived for staff of certain major hospitals and Surgeons of the Royal Naval Service.

Reciprocity policyEdit

Sivad will generally grant reciprocity to doctors licensed on other planets, provided they have qualifications in human medicine equivalent to those of a Sivadian doctor, apply to the Royal College, and pay an appropriate fee. Non-human races may practice with a license from their home planet, provided that practice is limited to their native race. They, too, must register with the Royal College and pay the appropriate fee, and they may only carry and use that equipment and medicine appropriate to their racial qualifications, and only if those items are not illegal under the laws of Sivad.

Other informationEdit

The RCPS may be contacted through it's president, Surgeon-Commander John Lind.

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