The current La Terran Minister of Health is Lindsay Martin.


Medical licensure is race specific and grants the licensee authority to possess/use any medical equipment and all medical drugs having been found to have redeeming medical value that may be used to treat said species. This excludes strictly illegal pharmaceuticals such as Eron, Metzy and intoxicodes although this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Pharmaceuticals having been found to have redeeming medical value may also be carried and used per doctor's instructions by citizens as long as they are also in possession of a prescription with said instructions.


Licensing to practice medicine on La Terre is governed by the Department of Health, with the Minister of Health as its chief spokesman. Generally, a La Terran doctor will hold at least a first degree in medicine. A notable exception to this policy is Vollistan doctors who although lacking formal training may be granted licensure under different criteria. As always, final decision for any individual rests with the Department of Health. The licensing procedure consists of filing an application with the ministry of health. Once an application is on file the licensing candidate will undergo an extensive background check as well as have their application researched to guarantee its veracity. As of this writing licensing is good for two years before renewal and no fee is assessed by the Department of Health.


La Terre will generally not grant reciprocity to doctors licensed to practice on other planets. All such medical personnel are encouraged instead, to apply for licensing through La Terre's Department of Health.

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