G'ahnlo's health industry is of high quality, though not on the same level as Sivad's. As with nearly everything on G'ahnlo, medical care is provided entirely by private industry.

Legal information Edit


No organized system of medical licensing exists on G'ahnlo. Instead, medical professionals tend to work for large health conglomerates, each of which certifies its own doctors according to a slightly different standard. Smaller private practices, usually owned by doctors licensed offworld, do exist, but it is advisable to investigate the validity of such licenses before utilizing the services of such doctors.


Anyone with the appropriate tools is welcome to practice medicine on G'ahnlo. Potential health care workers should be warned that no individual on G'ahnlo is judgment proof. Health care workers should be ready and willing to pay any damages that may arise from their actions.


Health care on G'ahnlo is as expensive as its quality suggests. Permanent residents are advised to obtain a health insurance policy, usually provided as a benefit by employers. Travelers stopping on G'ahnlo are advised to purchase traveler's insurace from a well-known vendor on arrival.

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