Marvel UntoldEdit / 2012

Marvel Untold MUX

A Marvel Universe Comic Book based MUX designed with the player in mind:

  • Brief +traits Based Writeups
  • Bullet Point Backgrounds
  • Evolving World
  • Allowed Character Development and Growth
  • Original Characters are welcome
  • Player, not Staff centric.
  • Great Cutoff for Maximum Character's allowable.
  • Player Run Plots accepted.
  • Feature Character flexibility.

It all started with that fateful flight of Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four. Then the tale exploded with countless adventures of thousands of characters. It's here, at Marvel Untold that you can expound upon those adventures. Essentially, writing your own and making those Untold stories come to life.

Our cutoff is Marvel's publication date of 1992. Yet brought to the modern age because no one wants to wear leg warmers and have super massive teased big hair. The story cutoff is right after the Muir Isle Saga and Operation: Galactic Storm. It is the Golden Age of Marvel Comics when life was good and not so convoluted in story that a player cannot keep up with all that happened to the character in issue 367, page 8, panel 2. We also allow for current characters (if IC events have unfolded to allow such).

Come join us at Marvel Untold MUX / 2012

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