MOUT Training
Summary: PFC Bremont runs a class on MOUT, meet Lovell
Cast: Volouscheur Bremont Edouard Jantine Lovel Urfkgar
Air Date: 2006.08.02

Upper Prominade <Hancock Station>

Barren and shadowy, this long strip boasts dozens of abandoned, skeletal storefronts. A humongous pile of debris has been swept to the end of the strip, and a few new-looking 2x4's have been used to prop up some of the more structurally unsound storefronts. A few shooting targets have been set up on the pile of debris, and a spraypainted line has been drawn fifty yards back. A broken escalator leads down to the lower prominade.

Urfkgar is standing over by the firing line with a pair of large rifles resting on the ground with their ejection ports facing up. He's got a shorter, stubbier weapon in his hands that seems to be a submachinegun. He's currently staring at some moving targets in front of him.

Volouscheur walks out of the main lift, aura shimmering matte green around her as she heads towards the firing line. She offers a feeling of greeting to Urf once she gets close enough, blinking at the rifles and submachine gun he has.

"Stupid tally glowly," grunts the overgrown lizard. Keeping the muzzle of the submachine gun pointing down, he indicates the sniper and assault rifles on the ground, asking, "Stupid tally glowly know stuff?"

Volouscheur looks at the rifles again and then up at Urf, shaking her head, ~No. I don't know how to use those weapons.~

Urfkgar grunts and scratches at his shoulder with his free hand as he thinks this over. He asks, "No know stuff thingies? See. What know?"

Volouscheur tugs at her braid and studies the weapons, ~Well, they're projectile rifles, so they fire bullets. Beyond that...I don't know; I've never used these guns before.~

Urfkgar clacks his teeth together and points to the moving targets which are set up at the closest distance allowed on the range. Then, he holds up the submachine gun, removing the safety with the thumb of his firing hand. The stubby weapon looks slightly stupid in the massive Zangali's grip, but it doesn't seem to bother him as he fires a single shot down range followed by a burst. The weapon's muzzle bounces around somewhat erratically when he fires the second time.

Urfkgar hits the target both times, but when he sprays the target with a three round burst, the bullets strike around the hole he made the first time.

Volouscheur watches quietly, wincing a little at the noise but not saying anything for now.

"See?" asks Urfkgar. "No morerer big fake fight stuff. Morerer good stuff here." He removes his nonfiring hand from the gangster grip under the barrel of the submachine gun and waves it down range towards some more distant, stationary targets. "No morerer good no here." He fires a single shot and then a three round burst.

Might have gotten close to the target, but it's hard to tell. He certainly didn't do nearly as well as he did the first time with the closer ones.

Volouscheur nods quietly, still watching and listening. She says, ~Yes, I see.~

Urfkgar puts the weapon back on safe and sets it down beside the assault rifle which he picks up. He asks, "What thingy do?"

Volouscheur studies the rifle before saying tentatively, ~You aim, make sure the safety is off, and squeeze the trigger. Then it shoots a bullet at whatever you aimed at.~

"Yup," agrees the Zangali before he asks another question, "What thingy do morerer good? What thingy no do morerer good?"

The question is considered for a few moments. ~The assault rifle is better, because it's more accurate. The submachinegun isn't nearly as accurate, unless you're very experienced,~ Scheur answers.

Urfkgar grunts and yanks the bolt back on the rifle, quickly releasing it as he pulls it up to his shoulder. Taking the safety off, he fires twice before he resets the safety and lowers the muzzle to direct it at the ground, nudging the submachine gun with a foot. He says, "Morerer good stuff here." He taps the assault rifle and says, "Morerer good stuff no here."

Urfkgar's first shot is at the closest target. The second shot is at the more distant targets that he shot at with the submachine gun. They're not at the extreme end of the range, but they're a long ways off nevertheless.

Volouscheur watches quietly and then glances back down at the submachine gun, ~...the submachine gun is better, because it's easier to conceal and it's more powerful?~ The query is tentative, the Vollistan seeming uncertain.

Urfkgar grunts and shakes his head as he nudges the submachine gun with a foot. He says, "No morerer big. Morerer no big fake fight stuff. Morerer big fake fight stuff. Kill morerer stuff. Hit stuff here. No morerer big. Morerer good..." He trails off to stare blankly at a target before assuming a firing stance with the assault rifle and raising it up and down a few times as he walks back and forth. He gestures over towards the buildings.

Volouscheur blinks at Urf and then looks over at the buildings, glancing at him again. She...doesn't seem to have any real idea what he means, this time.

Urfkgar grunts vaguely and picks up the submachine gun. He walks over towards the building, apparently expecting Volouscheur to follow. He pulls the assault rifle up to his shoulder first and turns in the door. The barrel of the rifle hits the door frame. He puts the assault rifle down and does the same maneuver with the submachine gun successfully.

Volouscheur follows after Urf, blinking and watching quietly as he turns in the door. ~So the submachine gun is better because it's heavier?~

Urfkgar grunts and holds his hands about four feet apart. Then, he holds his hands about two and a half, two feet apart.

Volouscheur blinks at Urf quietly and...doesn't say anything, seeming a bit confused.

Urfkgar holds up the longer assault rifle by the shorter submachine gun. He says, "Morerer big. Morerer no big." Then, he grunts and shifts both weapons to his good hand, waving towards Mrs. Range Safety. He bellows, "Urf want talk stupid softskin girly cop."

Mrs. Range Safety yells back, "Rodger that, chief." Then, she goes over to the iCOM panel. Volouscheur nods quietly, ~Ah.~ She turns to look over at Mrs. Range Safety and then settles back to wait for Bremont to show up.

Urfkgar is by the doorway to a building with a submachine gun and an assault rifle. There's a sniper rifle left untended on the firing line. Mrs. Range Safety is seated at a desk with some crates behind her near the entrance. Volouscheur is with Urf.

Volouscheur is standing near Urf, watching and listening quietly as she glows a matte green.

Bremont quickly makes her way out from the main lift. She is currently wearing her police uniform and has a rather blank expression on her face as she soon makes her way towards the firing line. Upon nearing the firing line and Urf, Bremont raises a quick salute. "Reporting in, sir."

Urfkgar waves his free hand dismissively and says, "Need train stupid tally glowly stuff." He kicks backwards at the wall of the building by way of further explanation.

Volouscheur offers a feeling of greeting to Bremont, glancing over at Urf and then falling silent again.

Bremont lowers her salute and gives a firm nod to Urf. "Right sir." She replies as she makes her way over towards Scheur. To her, Bremont gives a slight wave before getting down to business. "Alright, it looks like the Chief wants you learn some basic building clearing." The marine now glances around her self to see what she has to work with.

Volouscheur smiles to Bremont and nods, ~I...guess so, yes.~ Urf has brought over a submachine gun and an assault rifle, which he may or may not have taken back over to the range with him. There's another assault rifle over by the range.

"Alright, first things first. Do you know -anything- about this sort of thing? From tactics to what kind of weaponry you use for this sort of thing?" asks Bremont as she moves to collect the submachine gun. She turns the weapon over in her hands before looking back at Volouscheur.

Volouscheur shakes her head quietly, ~No. I don't really know anything at all about this sort of thing.~ She looks at the submachine gun and then at Bremont, listening quietly.

Bremont only nods her head at first as she glances towards the entrance of the building before looking back. "Then, we start with some quick basics. In this sort of operation....smaller is better. You don't want to swinging around a full-sized assault rifle...or one of those overgrown "flashlights" I have seen you using on the range." Bremont holds up her submachine gun. "This here. Perfect for what I need it for. Small and lightweight, but still gets the job done. Now lets head over and get this started." Bremont hesitates slightly before looking back. "What about close quarters combat training?"

Meanwhile, Urfkgar entertains himself slowly blasting the supports of targets with the sniper rifle. He manages to topple most of the targets within three shots. He fires from the prone with his good eye an inch or two back from the scope.

~Non-existent,~ Scheur admits. ~I haven't had any yet.~ She listens and watches quietly, aura brightening to a pale green with strands of burnt sienna wrapping around her arms.

"Then, that is for another day." Bremont says as she offers the submachine gun towards Volouscheur. "Take it, you can't be on point if you have a rifle, so for this little bit of a fun...use this." She looks back at the door before looking back at Volouscheur. "You can only learn by doing, so here we go. We're going to have a little fun."

Volouscheur accepts the submachine gun and looks over at the door, before cautiously stepping towards it. Her aura flattens to matte green again.

Urfkgar racks the bolt back and peers around to get a view of the chamber, making sure the rifle is clear. Then, he gets up and lugs it over to Mrs. Range Safety where he returns the weapon.

"Hold up, hot shot!" Bremont says with a laugh. "A few more words and then we'll go get'em." Bremont pulls her sidearm from her holster and motions towards the entrance. "Room clearing is just like a math problem. Learn the steps, follow the steps, and the repeat." She clears her throat before continuing. "Unlike most math problems, there is only four steps to it. Breach, bang, clear, and move on. First, the door there. How do you suppose we go through it?"

Volouscheur considers and then looks at the door and then back at Bremont, ~We open it in an impolite manner?~ ...well, that's an interesting term for it.

Urfkgar wanders over to lurk near Bremont and Volouscheur.

Bremont laughs again before nodding her head. "Good term for it. Unless we are going for the silent approach, that is exactly what we are going to do since we are marines. Depending on the equipment, we use anything from a breeching charge to a specially loaded shotgun." Bremont waves to the other side of the door. "Our imaginary friend over there is going to blast the lock with his shotgun and kick the door. That's "breech." Then since you are on point, you are going to "bang." You are going to throw whatever it takes in there to give us a chance against our unknown enemy whether it be lethal or nonlethal." Bremont moves in behind Volouscheur. "Then when you go in....'clear it.' Use the burst fire setting on the submachine gun and give a 'tap, tap, tap' to any hostile in the room until all are down. And don't worry about aiming for the head, aim for the torso and try to get as many hits as possible on them. The key is to be quick, efficient, and deadly. You still with me Volouscheur?"

Streamers of wine and orchid swirl around Scheur for a few moments, but the Vollistan nods quietly, ~I'm with you, Bremont.~

Urfkgar just lurks off to the side, staying out of things.

"Good," Bremont says simply. "Don't worry about 'bang' for now. I'll just going to give a little wave to our imaginary friend. Then on three, you move. Step into the room and the immediately to the left to allow me a chance to shoot. You clear left and I will clear right. 'Tap, tap, tap', and we're done." Bremont does what she says and waves. "One...two....and!"

Volouscheur shoves the door open and steps into the room and to the left, not squeezing the trigger as she swings the submachine gun to the left to clear the room.

Urfkgar just keeps out of the way as he observes with his good eye.

Bremont keeps within a pace of Volouscheur, her weapon pointing over the other marine's right shoulder as she enters the room as well. The room itself is rather barren. There is another closed door set up in the far left corner of the room. In plain sight, two targets have been set up in the room. One target is set up a few paces in front of the door in the corner of the room. The other target is set in the middle right. The back target is completely ignored by Bremont as she focuses in on the other one.

"Urf," announces the lizard before sticking his head in through the door the pair of PFCs entered.

Volouscheur startles a little, half-turning to look over at Urf in surprise. The submachine gun's muzzle is lowered to point at the floor, rather than at a wall or Bremont.

Bremont's weapon is pointed directly at the target and she announces a 'Tap, Tap!' before swiveling herself to turn right to check for further targets. Satisfied, she turns back to the left and does the same 'tap, tap!' towards the far target before keeping her gun level at the far door. She now lowers the weapon and turns to Volouscheur. "Eliminate the hostiles, cover the other entrances, and then check the downed targets to make sure they are deceased. If not, 'Tap,' Once the room is secure, move on to the next and continue until the entire building is secure." Finally, Bremont turns towards the Chief and raises a salute at his presence.

"Do train stuff. Urf want see. Urf no want stupid stuff shoot Urf. Urf say Urf. Stupid stuff no need talk Urf. Stupid stuff no need see Urf," says the Zangali's head and shoulders from the doorway.

Volouscheur looks over at Bremont and nods quietly before returning her attention to Urf. She blinks at him again, glancing at Bremont quietly.

"Yes sir!" Bremont chirps before turning to Volouscheur. "Now, that doorway over there. You never want to approach it straight case it is opened from the other side. Approach at an angle, and remember...during all of this, speed is important. You must be fast and skillful if you want to avoid any friendlies getting killed." She takes a few steps into the room before turning. "Now, any questions? I know this is like a bombardment of information, so if you are confused about anything...ask me now so you know for later."

The lizard lapses into silence once more as he lounges half in and half out of the doorway.

Volouscheur nods quietly, ~Are we actually shooting at the targets, or does just saying 'tap tap' suffice for now?~ Her aura ripples for a moment, but remains a cool matte green.

Bremont smiles as she walks over towards one of the targets. "You comfortable shooting with a projectile weapon? If so, head back out and get a clip for it. I will move the targets around and we will repeat the drill. To see what you have picked up so far." Bremont widens her grin as she places a hand on the target's 'shoulder.'

Volouscheur and Bremont are inside the first room of one of the buildings, practicing building clearing. Urf has stuck his head and shoulders into the doorway of the building, observing. Scheur nods to Bremont, ~I'll go get a clip for it, then.~

The Zangali expedites things by moving back out of the way.

Bremont nods as she begins to move the targets around to different locations around the room. It takes a bit of effort on Bremont's part to move them, but she does. Finished, she heads back outside to join the rest.

Volouscheur heads over to Mrs. Range Safety to get a clip for the submachine gun she's carrying, glowing matte green.

Mrs. Range Safety hands over a few pre-loaded magazines to go with the submachine gun as well as a datapad. "Sign the datapad. Need any ammo you don't expend back. All the mags, too."

Edouard strides out of the lift and heads for the range. Instead of carrying his usual sniper rifle, though, he's carrying what looks to be a standard assault rifle heavily modded for urban sniper use.

Pistol still in hand, Bremont closes the door behind herself and waits for Scheur to return. A small smile is on her face and she uses the downtime to check the clip inside her pistol before loading it back into the weapon.

Volouscheur checks to make sure the safety is on, and then carefully sets the submachine gun down to sign the datapad. She nods to Mrs. Range Safety, ~I'll return any ammo I don't expend, as well as the magazines, I promise.~ Then the mags are collected and she checks to see if there's already a mag loaded in the submachine gun before picking the weapon up and heading back over to Bremont.

The submachine gun is loaded. Mrs. Range Safety goes back to staring off into space. The Zangali, over by the shoot house, moves into the building briefly before re-emerging.

"Alright, let's begin. On the count of three as before. You are still on point, and I will follow in. Step in and the out of the doorway, eliminate the targets, and move on." Bremont reiterates as she motions to the building before assuming a two handed grip on her pistol. "This time, since you are point, you get to say the words." She says nothing else as she assumes a ready position near the door.

Edouard approaches the firing line and stops when he sees the operation going on in the building. He watches it for now, not setting up on the range yet.

~One, two, and...~ Scheur flips the safety off on her submachine gun and then steps into the building and to the left promptly, looking around to see where Bremont has moved the targets.

"Stupid sneaky softskin marine," bellows the Zangali. "Do train stuff stupid softskin cop marine."

Both targets have been moved inside the room. One target is immediately noticeable as it is only about three feet away from the doorway to center-left of the room. The second target is set up against the far right wall. At Scheur's movement, Bremont moves in as well with her gun raised.

Volouscheur aims at the target that's to the center-left of the room, squeezing the trigger twice and aiming for the torso. Only then does she look over towards the right.

Edouard looks over to Urf and points at the building being cleared. "There, sir?" he asks.

"Yup," says Urfkgar.

Bremont enters the room with her body positioned exactly in line with the target on the right as she knows exactly where it was since she set it up. However, Bremont does not fire at the target. She lowers her weapon and drops to the floor, the safety never even being switched off. "Berk!" Bremont announces loudly as she falls. "I'm down. Now react!" She yells at Volouscheur.

Edouard nods a little bit. He looks down at his gun, shrugs a little bit and begins to walk over towards the building.

The Zangali, finished yelling, doesn't seem to have much more to add.

Scheur's aim is notoriously erratic. And Bremont's falling to the ground and then yelling at her probably doesn't help much either. Scheur jerks a little, her shots not even coming close to winging her target's shoulder, never mind actually hitting the part she aimed for. She turns to aim at the target that just took Bremont down, strands of gray and wine winding around each other for a couple moments before submerging into the matte green of her aura.

Bremont instinctively moves into a prone position to make herself a smaller target in case of any ricochet from the live rounds. "Calm your aim, take a breath, and then fire!" Bremont gives a cautious look up at the action before looking back down. "Worry about taking them out and then come for me!" Edouard comes to a stop a safe distance away from the building while there's live fire going on.

Urfkgar waves towards the entrance and tells Edouard, "Need morerer marines. Say go. Go. No morerer marines. All killeded."

Volouscheur takes a moment to try and steady her breathing and then aims at the target's torso and fires two shots before checking to see if she's hit the target, or anything else important. Like Bremont, or herself.

Bremont does nothing more than lift her head up slightly to watch Volouscheur's progress. "Aim lower than you normally would, the burst fire will choke up to hit the target!" Bremont offers towards the other marine as she continues to watch.

"I was waiting for them to restart," Edouard explains to Urf.

...well, on the bright side, Scheur didn't hit Bremont or herself. On the other hand, she probably didn't intend to put a hole in the target's shoulder either. She glances down at Bremont, biting her bottom lip silently.

Urfkgar grunts dubiously but after sneaking a peek past the entrance of the building he seems to accept Edouard's explanation.

"Okay, stop right there." Bremont states when she notices Scheur looking down at her. She slowly rises to her feet and motions back towards the door. "Anyways, I was trying to point out that you have to ready for -anything- when you go through the doorway. Its going to be rough at first, but eventually you can use the adrenaline to your advantage. You were doing the right just weren't hitting anything." Bremont begins to walk towards the near target. "Down the targets, make sure that far door is covered, and then make sure the enemy is truly killed. Then, that is when you move to check on your wounded. After the room is completely secured."

Edouard nods to Urf. So he spends the time looking the gun over, starting by pulling the bolt open to look inside.

Volouscheur flips the safety on and then nods to Bremont, lowering the muzzle of her gun so that it points at the floor. She listens quietly, not saying anything for now.

Urfkgar sticks his head back through the door and says, "Stupid softskin cop marine. Stupid sneaky softskin marine do train stuff."

"Yes sir!" snaps Bremont before turning to Volouscheur. "Go out there are get ready like before, but...switch to single fire for now. Fire twice and then move onto a new target when using single fire. I'm going to move the targets again."

Edouard puts the bolt back in place and waits for it to start again.

Volouscheur nods quietly and turns to move out of the building again. She starts fiddling with her gun to switch it to single fire, glancing over at Edouard and nodding to him quietly.

The Zangali has lapsed into relative silence once more other than a few random grunts and snorts, anyway.

Bremont wipes some sweat from her forehead as she finishes moving the targets once more. She closes the door behind herself and turns towards Edouard. "You know how to clear a room?" Bremont asks simply.

"Yes, ma'am," Edouard says with a nod. He reaches out to put his hand on the silencer on the gun, but seems to change his mind and takes his hand off.

Volouscheur looks over at Edouard, but doesn't say anything as she looks back at Bremont.

Urfkgar still keeps his snout out of things, but he does seem to be paying attention to the marines.

"Excellent, you'll be behind 'Scheur then. I know where the targets are so, it wouldn't be sporting. I will enter the room last and hit any target that was missed." Bremont removes her pistol once more from her holster. "Scheur goes left and you go right. We'll go in on Volouscheur's count. Down the targets and then secure any doorways."

Edouard nods to Bremont and shoulders his rifle. He takes a quick look down the ironsights to make sure the scope's not in the way.

Volouscheur looks to see where Edouard is and then turns to face the door, flipping the safety off on her gun. ~One, two, and...~ She enters the room, stepping to the left quickly and glancing around to see what targets are nearest.

Urfkgar just stays out of the way.

The room is still barren except for the two set up targets. The first is against the back-middle wall of the room while the second is set up in the front right corner of the room, immediately to the right when entering the room. Bremont lifts her pistol and waits for Edouard to enter before entering the building herself.

Edouard sets up right behind Scheur and stays close at she starts moving. He only breaks away when there's enough room for him to slip through, and he makes a hard right. And as soon as the muzzle faces the target, he lets off a quick shot.

Volouscheur aims for the middle target, firing two shots and frowning faintly as she concentrates on actually doing damage to the target this time.

Following Edouard in, Bremont levels her aim at the far target and waits for her vantage point to be clear before firing. After a moment, she does fire her pistol towards the back target.

Urfkgar sticks his head and shoulders through the door now that everyone is inside.

If the target on the right was a real person, its head would only be a splat on the wall behind it. Edouard keeps moving forward until he's almost over the target before stopping. "Clear!" he shouts before pivoting to face the middle.

If, however, the target that Scheur just shot at were a real person, the only injury they'd be suffering at the moment would be a dire need for fresh pants. She hits the wall a few feet above the target, which would have hit if it were a Vollistan-sized target. As it is...she did nothing.

Bremont's shot hits the target in the chest area, and the marine continues to step into the room in response. She fires a second shot into the target, which would be the killing blow for someone using a pistol like she is.

Urfkgar merely watches from half way inside the entrance.

With the middle target taken care of, Edouard glides over to the other door, keeping his muzzle pointed on the opening. He presses up against the wall just to the side of the door and waits for everyone else to catch up.

Volouscheur moves to follow Edouard, lowering the muzzle of her gun so that it's pointing at the floor. She moves to stand to the other side of the door, opposite Edouard.

Closed in on the target, Bremont delivers the 'finishing blow' before shouting out "Clear!" herself. She then moves in behind Edouard on the near side of the wall. Her pistol is aimed over the man's left shoulder as she gets ready for the next room. "Next room," Bremont says quietly.

The door, on the far back left side of the room, seems to be a push type door instead of opening inside to the current room.

"Go!" Edouard barks at Bremont's order. He takes the lead and uses the shoulder he's not using for the gun to slam the door open. The man goes straight into the room.

Volouscheur follows Ed into the room, heading to the right and moving out of Bremont's way as she looks around for targets.

Along the wall directly to the left of the door, there is a target stood up 3/4ths of the way down. There's another target set up in the corner opposite the door. The door, after being slammed against the wall bounces back, ending up partially open. There is a third target behind it. The last target is in the corner at the far end of the wall with the door.

Bremont follows the pair into the room. With Ed going straight and Scheur going right, Bremont decides to go left with her weapon raised. She aims at the target immediately before her with her pistol.

Edouard moves straight into the room without turning, although he does pivot his shoulders to aim the gun on the target on the corner across the room from the door, and fires off a couple shots at it while moving.

Urfkgar is projecting his lower back and legs out of a door he's standing in. The building he's sticking out of contains the marines who are doing some sort of noisy training exercise.

Volouscheur moves to fire at the target on the far side of the door, squeezing off two shots and then checking to see if she's actually done any damage before moving on to another target.

Bremont halts in her movement and steadies her aim with both hands before quickly snapping off a shot at the target's chest.

Jantine walks out onto the Upper Prominade, and promptly walks over to Mr. Range Safety to check in. When he signs the timesheet, he does not push it back with any force more than necessary, and when he turns around to go to the targets, his face shows that he appears to be in much better spirits than the past few days.

Lovel walks into the Upper Prominade from the main lift, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. He has a datapad in his hand, and a slightly confused look on his face. His eyes dart between the pad and his unfamiliar surroundings as he walks away from the lift and towards the firing range.

Edouard's gun hisses twice and both shots land solidly on his target. He keeps moving until he's reached the far wall, and then stops and pivots to the target in the other corner to fire off a shot.

Urfkgar's backside follows the rest of him into the building as he goes to observe what's going on in the second room.

Volouscheur's shots improve a little bit on last time. Her first shot still goes too high, but the second lands solidly in the head. She looks around to see if there's any other targets she hasn't gotten, lowering her gun muzzle and pivoting carefully.

Bremont's shot dips and hits the target far below where she aimed. A second shot is fired and another bullet is sent hurling towards the target. Her eyes move away from target as she looks for others before focusing in once more on her target.

Jantine reaches his station, and sets himself up, he begins to fire, although tonight he actually seems to care whether he hits or misses his target, and doesn't fire nearly as rapidly as he has for the past few nights.

Lovel cautiously moves up to the door of the building with all the commotion, looking just as lost as when he walked in to the promenade. The datapad finds its way into his duffel bag's side pocket as he comes to a stop at the threshold to the training area. His eyes look around carefully, trying to find someone more official looking than himself that isn't firing bullets everywhere.

Edouard's shot takes care of the corner target. "Clear!" he calls as he lowers the muzzle of his gun.

"Urf," says the Zangali before he sticks his head past the door of the second room. He says, "Do morerer train stuff. Say stuff do good do no good. Urf no care."

Volouscheur looks around to find where the next door is, glancing over towards Urf as he sticks his head into the room again.

Bremont's concentration is broken and she misses the target completely. She now turns to where Urf stuck his head in and raises a salute. "We'll end it here." Bremont says after a moment. "Here is a good as a spot as any. The exercise went fairly well, but I good use more time shooting a pistol." She says with a shake of her head. "You did good Volouscheur for not having any practice in this...or...much practice with projectile weapons. All that is left to do is move faster and shoot more efficiently." She lets out a small cough before turning to Ed. "Anything to add, Edouard?"

Jantine keeps firing his pistol at the targets on the firing range, still firing slowly and fairly accurately.

Lovel finally eyes the impressive looking Zangali, and decides that he is as good a place to start as any. The medic heads over to Urfkgar, staying far away from the live ammo exercises that this building seems to be dedicated too. He stops a few strides short of the Chief, deciding it best to let the soldiers exchange a few words about the training exercise before he buts in.

Edouard flicks the safety of his gun on and shakes his head a little. "No, ma'am," he says.

Volouscheur flips the safety on her gun, looking over at Bremont quietly. She nods, ~I do need more practice with projectile weapons. I'll start getting more tomorrow.~ That seems to be about all she has to say, however, the Vollistan falling silent again.

Urfkgar grunts as he shifts his attention from the marines in the room to Lovel. He asks, "What?"

Bremont switches the safety on her pistol and returns it to her holster before striding over towards the Vollistan. "Volouscheur, is there something wrong?" she asks as she nears. Bremont turns towards Ed and gives him a firm nod before looking back the Vollistan. "You don't seem yourself." she says with concern entering her voice.

Jantine finishes firing and begins to holster his pistol.

"Excuse me, sir," Lovel says in a quiet but steady voice, offering a salute. "Private Lovel Myron, reporting to base for first assignment. I got a little twisted around..... figured it best to start asking where I should be instead of trying to wander into it. Sir."

"Excuse me," Edouard says softly before heading out of the building.

Scratching idly at his shoulder, Urfkgar regards Lovel with his good eye. He asks, "What stupid softskin do?"

Volouscheur looks over at Bremont quietly, shrugging a little. Her aura flickers gray, with overtones of cyan and orange, for a moment before flattening to a cool matte green again.

Bremont clearly doesn't know what to say as she is bad at this sort of thing. Placing her hands on her hips, Bremont offers a faint smile towards Scheur before motioning her to follow herself out of the building. She says nothing at first and simple walks through the doorway.

Jantine is apparently satisfied with his work, and so begins to head towards the main lift.

Lovel's face contorts slightly as he struggles with the meaning of Urfkgar's sentence, but relaxes after a moment of realization. "I left training as a combat medic, sir," he says in the same low voice, with a slight nod towards his armband.

Urfkgar grunts and nods a few times as he considers this. He says, "Need talk stupid tally glowly doc. Stupid softskin doc place. Urf no know stupid tally glowly doc want talk stupid softskin now."

Volouscheur offers Bremont a faint smile in return, following the woman out of the building.

Once out of the building, Bremont waits a moment for Volouscheur to catch up before walking in stride with her.

Lovel struggles once again for a brief moment before responding. "Thank you, sir.... I'll report to the doctor as soon as possible." He offers one more salute, turns around, and heads back out the way he came, following the rest of the soldiers.

"Yup. Go stupid stuff," advises Urfkgar as he wanders around checking out the targets.

Volouscheur walks quietly with Bremont, blinking at the woman quietly and smiling faintly. A tracery of pale blue etches patterns over her aura.

"I need rest." Bremont concedes as she changes direction towards the main lift. "We can talk on our way back to the barracks unless you have other duties to perform?" She offers after a moment.

Urfkgar continues to nose around back in the rooms among the shot up targets.

Volouscheur shakes her head, ~No, I don't have any other duties right now. I just need to check the submachine gun and its' ammo back in, before we head back to the barracks.~

"Hurry up, and I will hold the lift." Bremont says as she tries to offer a broad grin at the Vollistan. "And next can use my shotgun. I think your results will be a little better with that." Her smile becomes genuine as she lets out a brief chuckle before heading for the lift.

Mrs. Range Control is still at the desk, ready to take the submachine gun and ammo without creating any problems.

Volouscheur nods quietly to Bremont, ~I think I'd be better off that way, too.~ She heads over to the desk, setting the submachine gun down carefully with the muzzle pointed away from both Scheur and Mrs. Range Control. Then the Vollistan hands over the ammo as well.

Mrs. Range Control clears the weapon and returns it to its case and the ammunition to another one.

Bremont arrives at the lift and presses the call button. The lift's doors open soon after and she steps inside. Bremont motions over towards Volouscheur before leaning a shoulder against the side of the lift.

Once the weapon and ammo is checked in, Scheur heads over towards the lift quickly, nodding to Bremont quietly before stepping into the lift.

Urfkgar keeps doing whatever it is he's doing in the building.

Bremont nods as the Vollistan steps onboard. She presses the button for the Residence Desk, but doesn't say anything until the lift doors close.

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