This is a periodically updated list. More organizations may be recruiting at any given time on OtherSpace, so it is always worthwhile to check via channels or on the OtherSpace web site.

Military OrganizationsEdit

New Luna Militia: The official military of New Luna, it is headquartered on the space station Hancock Station. They are currently hiring a wide variety of military and military support-types for their space and ground forces. Contact, via @mail or page, Taeren, Jeff Ryan, Lucius, Norton or Wik'ikik for more information. A list of jobs needed can be obtained here.

Royal Naval Service: The military of the Sivadian Kingdom. It also includes the Royal Marine Corps and Royal Naval Aerospace Service. They are recruiting all positions, which includes: Line Officers, Marine Officers, Aerospace Officers (fighter pilots), Medical personnel, and a host of warrant officers (In-depth info on jobs here). Currently the HMS Indefatigable, an Indefatigable-Class battle carrier, is the active vessel. Contact, via @mail or page, Aeolus or Joshua for more information.

Civilian Organizations - SpacefaringEdit

Athena Exploration Service: The Athena Exploration Service was formed by Marlan Ranix when she gained possession of the UKT Athena (now designated GMF). The AES comissioned the construction of a new freighter VRM Artemis in the autumn of 2005. The offices of the Service are located in Resilience, Ungstir.

Amethyst Operations: Amethyst Operations started as a commercial partnership between Selyf Tresillian and Dement Volerann, created to support the Vroomhopper Team Red Branch and to run the UKT Seek and You Shall Find and the UKT Teamhair. Currently both ships are in need of crew members, contact Dement via @mail for more information.

Civilian Organizations - Corporate - MediaEdit

Intergalactic News Network (INN): The Orion Arm's news network of record, INN is accepting submissions for news stories as well as applications for positions as general reporters. INN is also looking to recruit someone to play its publisher, Axnlrtyflmnx. Reporter positions come with a regular salary, INN press credentials (getting you access to special events and information), limited access to the discretionary fund (travel the galaxy on INN's dime!), and the dubious fame of journalism. Contact, via @mail, Darkeye Lockjaw (alias sgt) for more information.

Civilian Organization -Corporate- Research and DevelopmentEdit

Tactical Advantage Industries (TAI):Tactical Advantage Industries is on the forefront of weapon development. 99% of their employees are highly trained in a variety of different trades, ranging from engineers and gunsmiths to lawyers and other administrative roles. Secrecy is a desired trait in the industry, as well as creativity. The company attempts to subsidize all corporate travel and living arrangements, as well as putting on events for employees. Contact, via @mail, McDowell (alias Brandon), Raisa (alias Rai) or Jimmy (Slick) for more information.

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