The Leviathan is best known for two major attributes: 1) Its size. It's arguably one of the largest FTL-capable ships in existence. 2) It is actually unable to land on planets due to its size. This makes having a dropship, such as a Skytruck a requirement for any serious shipping to be done.

Its shields and size - almost comparable to mammoth warships like the famous Sivadian battlecarrier HMS Indefatigable - make it desirable as a long-haul transport, able to support weapons mounts large enough to deter all but the most determined pirates. However, its size also requires a substantial crew, it is notoriously slow and unwieldy, and the predations of long hauls include more than just pirate attacks from without. Famous Leviathan ships include the ISS Orphic. More notorious is the former Ikeopo Trading Corporation flagship SVD Hyperion, which was subject to a mutiny - its captain stole the vessel from its owner. After serving briefly as the base of operations for an ill-fated vroomhopper league, it was seized by creditors in 3005.

- Tanya's All Worlds Starship Database --------------------------------------
  Leviathan Class Specifications                                             
Ship Type:     Civspec Super Heavy Freighter
Ship Cost:     548,600 Credits
- Ship Statistics -----------------------------------------------------------
Computer Rating           Mediocre       MKIII Microframe     
Sensor Rating             Mediocre       Series 3 Longscan    
Reliability               Mediocre       Level 3 Toolkit      
Maximum Speed             Poor           MkII Insystem Drive  
Acceleration              Terrible       MKI Primary Thrusters 
Maneuverability           Terrible       Type 1 Attitude Jets 
Ship Size                 Superb         Leviathan            
Power Plant               Great          Type 6 Fusion Reactor
- Ship Equipment ------------------------------------------------------------
Cargo Hold                Legendary      100K Transport Bay   
Armor                     Mediocre       3CM Hullsteel        
Deflector Shields         Mediocre       Mk3 Deflector Shields 
Docking Bay               Good           Cargo Loading Bay   

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