[[Image:|125px|Image of a Lem'ing]]
Scientific Name
Average Height ft / cm
Average Weight lb / kg
Average Lifespan
Native Language , telepathy

Lem'ing were known to the Kretonians as the Ip'ling L'hitumok, or Bearers of Death. Their technology is apparently highly advanced, on par with that of the Kretonians and Drakarians. Fearing a future attack, the Lem'ing made a pre-emptive strike against the Orion Arm in 3001.

Lem'ing ship Edit

A vessel anywhere between the size of a Kestrel Escort and a Chandler Class Freighter. Its body may remind one of the very front of an ancient Earth shark's head without any type of fins. An armor plating of what appears to be floating fish scales balancing upon some unknown type of electrical energy cover the vessel's hull. Behind it trails two long whiskers which appear to be the vessel's propulsion. It is free of markings and battle damage.

Lem'ing War timelineEdit

Mystics warn of a terrible attack by the 'Invader'

06.18 The vessel Merchant's Pride is attacked by a Lem'ing vessel. Would-be rescuers from SESFF Guardian Shield, Basil Halward and alt-Galactix find the evidence of a furious battle, but no enemy remains. They leave the ship quickly as something telepathic touches them.

06.23 Kretonian trader H'itupek identifies the Lem'ing as the attackers. Their military forces begin to build up around Demaria and Sanctuary

06.24 Sanctuary Security, expecting attack within a day, called on allies and civilians to bring what forces they could spare to defend Sanctuary against the military and telepathic might of the Lem'ing.

06.25 Sanctuary fends off an attack by two Lem'ing ships; no ships are destroyed. La Terre is blockaded by what are presumed to be thousands of ships with reinforcements pouring in, yet communications remain open.

Later during the year the Lem'ing attacked La Terre (which caused the planet's ruler to detonate plasma bombs, shattering the planet), Tomin Kora as well as Nalhom, where the final engagement was fought. It is unknown why the Lem'ing stopped attacking but rumours say it had to do with the VES Minerva's Captain Porter negotiating with them.

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