Website: Legends of Karinth: An Online Life

Telnet: 2345

A mysterious land, Karinth is inhabited by a curious mixture of races scattered across three major continents and several island nations. Discover its hidden mysteries and challenges, following the routes taken by ancestral explorers yanked from known Earth to Karinth's shores by strange events known as Chaos Storms and the influence of the Menedrian Gnarl.

Today, life begins anew, and any preconceptions you may have must be set aside. Enter with your mind open and willing to accept what you see.. and what you do not see.

Your challenge - to Live Within the Legend - become a Legend yourself... and survive and prosper in your online life.

LoK is purposefully designed to provide a challenge to the experienced MUD player. The emphasis is on developing your own strategy and life path, with ample opportunity for experimentation, skill removal and retraining. Newcomers are welcomed; questions are encouraged. There are no predefined classes - make up your own.


This MUD appeared to be ACTIVE at last check.