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This planet, strikingly smaller than most that carry life, looks strangely ethereal. Its surface is covered by gray mountains, interspersed with lakes. However, the surface is hardly visible below the planet's incredible cloud cover.

The planet seems incredibly calm, and gives the distinct impression of ageless presence. Beneath the heavy cloud cover, Lebal is a temperate planet.

A slight greenhouse effect makes the planet predominantly warm, which becomes rainy and cold during the planet's winter. Within the shelter of the mountain valleys there are lush forests, thick like a rainforest in the deeper, protected vales.

As one moves up the mountains. the forests evolve from thick deciduous growth to tall, ancient, old growth stands of temperate conifers. The native life seems to be quite varied, with both cold blooded and warm blooded species. None, however, are very large, with the highest indigenous animal population centered in the jungle valleys.

A small population of Nall are present, clustered within a single small city. A small world, Lebal's mineral resources are equally proportioned. Most common minerals and ores can be found, in amounts appropriate to a planet of its size.

Its true value lies in its pristine jungle ecologies, a source for many rare drugs, foodstuffs and most importantly, medicines.

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