The La Terre Defense Force is the military organization in charge of the protection of La Terre. While they are primarily thought of as a military, they also are involved in the conduct of policing within the New Paris region of the planet.

Currently led by Commander Johanne Bryce, the group has been involved in efforts during the Birthright War and dealing with terrorist cells within the world. Their main vessel is the LDF Peacemaker.

The LTDF is split into three significant segments: Active military, police, and reservists.

Active MilitaryEdit

The active military segment of the LTDF is the most notable of the segments. This group is primarily involved with active LTDF military operations, and patrols of the Ra System. While La Terre is starting to train active recruits with no experience at all, a notable portion of the active LTDF military have some form of prior military experience.


The second segment of the LTDF are the police forces. While the military segment is involved in patrols and operations, the police forces are concerned with customs and law enforcement within the New Paris region. Almost all active police within the LTDF also serve in an easily accessible reservist capacity, and thus many of these police units are trained with reservists.


Easily the largest part of the LTDF are the reservists. Reservists are often called during crisis on La Terre and situations that require hightened military awareness.

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