Surrounding Freedom (formerly L49), a G1V yellow star, the L49 system is full of space debris of one form or another. One sparse asteroid belt, the Plaindid belt, sits just in front of the goldilocks zone, while two thicker belts by the name of Lincoln and Washington ring the edge of the system. Situated between the Lincoln and Plaindid belts is the first planet in the system, New Luna at about 1.19 AUs out. It has no natural satellites.

About 8 AU out is a Jovian gas giant by the name of Tranquility with twenty-seven uninhabitable moons, many still unnamed and unexplored.

Space traffic is light through this region, consisting mainly of tourist traffic, a token fleet of three Militia vessels who make patrols, and an increasing number of miners mining silicates, precious stones, and industrial metals from several asteroids in the Lincoln belt. In orbit above New Luna is the asteroid called Hancock Station.

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