The most feared species on New Luna, Kulbati (also known as death snakes, or just 'snakes) are eight to ten feet long reptiles with thick, craggy skin, four flipperlike legs, a thick, powerful tail, a domed head, and a thin, long, many-toothed snout. Aquatic, but with lungs, 'snakes travel the upper realms of the equatorial ocean.

They lay their eggs on the eastern side of the main continent in February and migrate to the Deepcrest archepelago in May, then to the western side of the main continent in August, then back to the archapelago in November, starting the process again.

Vacation season for each area is explicitly designed for when the Kulbati are absent. This is because of the creatures' main offensive weapon: their psionic scream. Potent in ranges of about a dozen feet, the scream overwhelms the subject's mind with an intense feeling of pain, usually bringing on a shock response and rendering the victim helpless while the Kulbati moves in for the kill.

Kulbati have no known predators save for humanoids, who have sought to eradicate the creatures. It is recommended for non-psionics to use psionic blockers, and psionics to be highly trained in mental shielding before attempting to confront a Kulbati.

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