Type Orange Star
Classification K8V
Location Kuhirichin solar system
Radius 669,000 km
Composition H: 90.3, He: 9.5, Metals: .05, Others: .15
Satellites Four planets, including Castor

Kuhirichin is an orange star and the home star for the Castori's planet Castor. It is slightly smaller and cooler than Earth's star, and about half as bright.

Including Castor, there are four planets orbiting Kuhirichin:

A small, brown, rocky orb orbiting close to the star, at about .15 AU.
A lush and inhabited world orbiting just inside the habitation zone. See Castor.
About the same size as Castor but farther away. This planet is a violent and lifeless place with frothing dark and light clouds swarming over the surface.
A dark, cold, and barren rock a number of astronomical units away from its mother. As planets go it is small; just large enough for its gravity to have formed it into a sphere.

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