The Kingdom of Sivad is one of the largest polities in the known galaxy; in 3005, it holds sway over a population in excess of a billion, not including specialists, and includes five inhabited worlds in four systems. Its navy, the Royal Naval Service, was believed to be second only to the Parallax Empire in tonnage and hulls before the defeat of the latter during the Birthright War. Its economy, fueled by polydenum from the Sivadian moon of Morrigan and nanotechnology from Waldheim, amounts to several trillion Yojj-sterling a year.


As of 3005, the Kingdom of Sivad included Sivad and the Ikeopo system, and the Sivadian colony worlds of Waldheim, Nialesia, Portmeirion, and Deserata. The Kingdom's capital is in Enaj on Sivad, and it is ruled by King Richard I and the Council of Equals.

The Kingdom of Sivad is often derisively referred to as the "Sivadian Empire," especially by the Solar Republic.

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