IND Jackal
Identification Number PRI-0105-AK4
Registry Independent
Class Calliope
Type Civspec
Owner Mika
Master Swiftfoot

Blackjack Shipping & Salvage's privately-owned merchant vessel, the IND Jackal, is home to a motley crew of roguish spacefarers -- known to most as the Jackals, trouble for hire.

General Information Edit

Blackjack Shipping & Salvage was founded in February 3005 by Mika Tachyon and Torr Peredus, former commanding officers aboard the SVD Hyperion. Its flagship, the IND Jackal, was purchased with a generous loan from the DMS Faux, and entered service in March 3005.

While this crew tries to project an image of honest, hardworking shippers and salvors, they are definitely not above ducking over, under, and around the long arm of the law to get what they want. Whether it's the tiniest of trinkets or the largest of spacecraft, the Jackals have no qualms snatching it for themselves if it means a fat stack of credits warming their palms.

Among their more noble exploits are their assistance to Demaria, whose government awarded them a letter of marque and reprisal during the OATO-Parallax War, and to Sivad, when they returned the SVD Hyperion to its rightful owner following its hijacking that same year.

OOC Information Edit


Blackjack Trading's logo: a jackal's head in profile.

The IND Jackal is fully equipped to haul up to 40k in cargo, either on the books or off. In addition to shipping, Blackjack also offers salvage services, however, passenger transport is only considered in special circumstances and generally comes with a hefty price tag.

The Jackals work and play hard. This group is as active as they come, constantly pushing forward any number of events at any given time, and the majority of its RP can be dangerous in nature. Therefore, preferred applicants will be experienced, mature, and reliable roleplayers who don't mind IC consequences such as jailtime, hospitalization, or the death of their character. Interested players should also be advised of the explosive vulgarity that often flies between its members.

  • For Recruitment Information: Check out the Recruitment Area in the Guidance Office, just off the OOC room.
  • IC Contact: @mail Swiftfoot with subject "IC"
  • OOC Contact: @mail or page Swiftfoot

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