[[Image:|125px|Image of Ist'thol'mek]]
Coordinates X: 10694305
Y: 4402200
Z: 7749500
Climate Harsh and cold.
Terrain 5% ocean
Population 0
Government and Economy
Government None
Currency N/A
Gross World Product (GWP)

Colonized from 22,237 BCE until 2660 CE by the Mekke, this harsh, rocky planet had not evolved animal life, but instead had an extensive cave system and a variety of lichens and fungi. It was conquered by the Nall in 2256, and subject to their rule until 2651, when they, Grimlahd, and Vollista rebelled. Unfortunately, their freedom only lasted for about a year before the Kretonians swept in and conquered Ist'thol'mek once more. It was abandoned completely in 2660, when the last of the Mekke were either executed or herded offplanet for use as Interrogators.

Mekke returned to this universe with Sanctuary, but without their only surviving queen, Hadrix. Mekke scientists embarked on a quest to clone a new queen, setting up laboratories on their former homeworld. However, they publicised no requests for outside assistance and subsequently disappeared from public view. The world presently appears to be uninhabited.

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