The Orion Arm's news network of record, INN has been delivering the galaxy's news since 1766 CE, when it first began to courier business news and stock market reports between Odari and Is'thol'mek. INN opened its third bureau in 2202, shortly after trade relations opened with Youngster, again carrying business news. INN was there in 2256 when Ist'thol'mek fell; INN was there again in 2350 to cover the Demarian-Zangali War, and again in 2651 when Sanctuary left. Most of INN's archives were lost during the Kretonian Invasion, when the publication survived only as a guerrilla paper managed chiefly by Zangali rebels, but the INN Sanctuary bureau reported dutifully throughout Sanctuary's travels. The two organizations merged, once again based on Odari, in 3000 following the return of Sanctuary.

It is the oldest, and some argue the most prestigious, news organization in the galaxy.


INN is closely-held private corporation.


Axnlrtyflmnx - Publisher

Darkeye Lockjaw - Managing Editor

Leodhais Chaloux - Staff Reporter - General Assignment

Publication GuidelinesEdit

See So_You_Want_To_Write_For_INN.

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