The Il'stagonians were first encountered by the Sivadians in April, 3007. The Il'stagonians could be classed as a nomadic race, with no planets currently within the Empire.

Majority of the ships that were encountered at first were the remnants of the Royal Il'stagonian Imperial Navy and refugee vessels that were able to flee from the war that tore the empire apart. It is believed that the Il'stagonian royal family is on board the flagship, RIINS Misti Namda.

A deal was made through Sivad, even though the two nations came close to warring. In exchange for use of Sivadian space, the Il'stagonians would give the Sivadians terraforming technology.

General Racial InformationEdit


While not much is known about the internal organs of the Il'stagonians, they are a rather unique race. Unable to speak Terran Standard or other languages from the Orion Arm, they have turned to using Il'stagonian/hybrids simply referred to as Mimics or Translators.

The language itself appears close to Timonese, though the Il'stagonians come from outside of the Orion Arm and reportedly about 9 years travel from Sivad.

Example DescriptionEdit

This being stands at about 5'6" at his hunch. This Il'stagonian has a elegant long neck that leads out to hairless head with a palid human looking face. Behind the Il'stagonian's pale lips is a row of razor sharp teeth, that appear to be intended to rip flesh away from the bone. The creatures fingers are long and fragile looking, with four joints to allow for greater flexibility.

The dull brown jacket that is worn over the Il'stagonians upper body gives the impression that is has less muscle mass than it has. The brown continues over into his trousers, the same ones that conceal its reversed knees, that allows it to crouch lower than most races. His sandles are also brown, keeping up the uniform appearence.

Il'stagonian MimicEdit

Apart from the palid skin on this creature and the completely white eyes, an Il'stagonian Mimic could pass as a bald, skinny Human. This is believed to be the results of the Il'stagonians performing genetic engineering upon fetuses of their own species to form a hybrid that sets other races at ease and is capable of speaking Terran Standard.

They are apparently designed to work exclusively with on Il'stagonian, usually a diplomat or Officer in the Royal Il'stagonian Imperial Navy or the Royal Il'stagonian Imperial Regiment.

OOC NOTE: More information will be added to this page as it becomes public knowledge. This is to simply prevent metaplaying and powerplaying from occuring.

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