Created seven million years ago by the Kamir as a form of artificial intelligence on the planet Sagittarius, the Il'Ri'Kamm Hive Mind, also known as the Ri'Kammi or Hivers, gained sentience over the next three million years, evolving into a powerful transdimensional entity that used its abilities to rebel against its creators.

In the 26th century, the Hive Mind provided the Stellar Consortium with OtherSpace Drive faster-than-light (FTL) technology. Not long after, those who used the OS drives learned they had been trapped by the so-called "generosity" of the Hivers and ringed into a war against the allies of the Kamir. In 2650, the Hivers captured three ships for a final assault against the B'hiri in the realm known as Hiverspace. Those captives ended up uniting with the B'hiri and defeated the Hivers, destroying their Hive Core on Sagittarius.

A single living tendril of the Hive Mind was found under the irradiated ruins of Washington, D.C., in 2651. During Sanctuary's voyage through Hiverspace, a tendril known as Abraham was brought aboard and managed to link into the colony vessel's energy resources to multiply. The Hive Mind was born again, in a weakened form, although it was ejected from Sanctuary before it could take over.

In the year 3001, as a show of good faith, the Hivers resurrected the Mystic homeworld of Val Shohob. A year later they extended a second olive branch, resurrecting the colony world of La Terre from its destruction in the Lem'ing War. Finally, the Hivers helped wipe out the last the Kamir on Tomin Kora in a sacrifice that ended their own existence. However, with the Moebius Effect of late 3002, the Hivers returned, as they still existed in this parallel dimension.

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