[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Hekayti]]
Scientific Name Unclassified
Classification Humanoid
Average Height 6 feet
Average Weight 220 lbs
Average Lifespan Unknown
Native Language Hekayan
Homeworld Unkown

From: Dirk Chrymeson
Date: Wed July 23 13:40:20 2003
Subject: Heykati Prelim


Physical Data Edit

The Heykati are tall (generally around six feet), have crimson colored skin and dark eyes. Two spiraled horns cover each ear, with several smaller horns lining the crest of the forehead. A mane of fine, dark colored, hair lines the head and runs the length of the neck. It is suspected that this covering continues the length of the back.

Cultural Data Edit

Heykati have a strict hierarchy consisting of seven castes. Civil war divides these castes into two distinct groups. One group consists of the Military (Ksh'strya), Religious, and Science castes. The other consists of the Technical (Tch'styra), Agriculture, Government, and Trade castes.

Individuals are prohibited from taking on a role other than that prescribed by the caste. Individuals are defined by this role, and have a strong sense of 'Place'. There is no desire to learn the skills of another trade, or caste. It is unknown whether or not this role is assigned due to birth within a caste, or if this role is assigned at a certain age.

The Heykati take prisoners to fullfil the roles left vacant by castes on the opposite side of the war. Unrealistic demands are held for prisoners. Those that fail in an assigned task are executed. The most common prisoners are Lotorian.

Historical Data Edit

The Heykati Civil War is believed to have started because of a disagreement between the Military and Government castes. The Military caste was under the impression that it was capable of direct leadership. Whether or not this is the true cause, the first casualties of the civil war were those of the Government caste, executed by members of the Military caste.

Technical Data Edit

The Heykati have advanced starship technologies, including fabrication techniques, drives, and cloaking. Strikeships hulls appear to be constructed out of a mateial that resembles ferrocrete, instead of the usual process of basing a hull construction around several central members. This creates the unusually smooth lines of the ship while increasing the overall strength of the hull.

Heykati drives and reactors are operated off of rarefied hydrogen, collected through a ramscoop assembly. In addition the strikeships are equipped with a drives system that has been described as able to 'cut' through space in order to allow the ship to move faster. It is unknown whether or not this process is takes place in real space, or if it is used in the conventional sense of faster than light travel.

One of the more striking advancements is the application of cloaking technology. While few technical details are available, it is known that this technology has been capable of defeating Nall sensors technology on multiple occasions.

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