Grand InquisiSTAR? Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-1 Reported To: E!RN Reported On: Concordance Reported At: Tue Apr 01 00:21:36 3003

PANSHEERA - E!RN Entertainment News recently sat down with Demarian media mogul Droopear Stealthfoot, the famed creator and lead writer for six of the most popular Demarian soap operas including Two Tails, One Heart and Passionate Flick. Ever since the Demarian trek to Pansheera, Droopear's programs - with their setting on New Alhira - have been labelled by many as primordial, historical pieces that can't match the current cultural purr of newer shows set on Pansheera.While Droopear refused to reveal plot details that he promises will skyrocket his soaps back to their number one ratings spot, he did mention that his network was currently in the final stages of contract negotiations with Grand Inquisitor Volari, the overseer of Sanctuary, who he expects to appear for a three-episode run as a Vollistan traveller who has been impregnated with the dead child of soap character favorite Rubytuft Sandwalker.The Grand Inquisitor, nor his personal assistant Jasra Beaulieu were available for comment.

King to Address Galaxy Tonight Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-2 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 01 10:12:24 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ A spokesman from Isherwood House today announced that King Richard I would be taking the unusual step of addressing the Sivadian People and the galaxy at large this evening, in a live holvision address. The address, scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Concordance Time, will interrupt regular programming on all SBS channels. "His Majesty wishes to speak directly to the people on a matter of grave interstellar importance," the spokesman said, "While I am not at liberty to discuss the subject matter of the address at this moment, all will become clear this evening." The spokesperson declined to take any questions, or to elaborate further. This will be the first time since the beginning of his reign nearly a year ago that King Richard will make a live speech./Neville McNamara, Sivadian Press/

TRV symptoms start manifesting Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-3 Reported To: INN Reported On: Luna Reported At: Tue Apr 01 10:21:52 3003

FREEDOM'S LANDING, LUNA - At least 15 Lunites reported to medical facilities in Freedom's Landing on Luna this morning, complaining of symptoms that are consistent with the onset of Thul Resequencing Virus: Severe headaches, excessive hair loss, and lost teeth.Although identities of the patients are undisclosed, doctors say they are five adult males, five adult females, three male children and two female children.Efforts to combat this tenacious virus so far have been in vain. Doctor Luc Bueller, a genetic engineer working with researchers on a cure, said the vaccine developed last year by the crew of the VES Minerva seems impotent against this new strain."This modified Thul Resequencing Virus is what I would describe as a 'smart' virus, capable of anticipating the use of the initial antidote and defending against it," Bueller said.If the virus cannot be stopped, victims will be transformed into slug-like Thul within two months, Bueller estimated.

Tomin Kora: Still dangerous! Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-4 Reported To: cin Reported On: Tomin Kora Reported At: Tue Apr 01 10:34:36 3003

SHADOWHEART, TOMIN KORA - The planet Tomin Kora, home to crime lords, pirates and smugglers, remains on top of Interstel Holozine's list of most dangerous places to live in the galaxy.Writes journalist Chamchimin Uralaru: "Homicide isn't a problem on Tomin Kora - it's a *pastime*. No one goes to this planet for fun unless their idea of fun is shooting other people with exotic weaponry, or being shot by other people with exotic weaponry. The city of Shadowheart, although clean and attractively lit by the Tomin Nebula, is a den of desperation and malevolence. Avoid at all costs."Lawrence Putnam, spokesman for Cabrerra Industries, took issue with the portrait painted by the article."Fewer people die on Tomin Kora every day than died walking across the street in San Angeles on Earth not so long ago," Putnam said. "I think, if Mr. Uralaru really did his homework, he would find that Earth is, in fact, the most dangerous place to live in the galaxy. Of course, it's also dangerous to live on *any* sun. Or to live in the vacuum of space inside a cardboard box. Curious that his article failed to note those rather important facts to put the Tomin Kora situation in proper perspective."

Ellesmere: Mars joining Sivad Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-5 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Tue Apr 01 13:07:25 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - Darian Ellesmere, First Consul of the Martian Republic, is throwing in his lot with the Sivadians."The sociopolitical atmosphere on Mars is simply too inhospitable for us to bother pursuing the idea of returning to our old homeworld," Ellesmere said from his office on Deserata, where many former Martians dwell since the Moebius Effect traded a well-terraformed Mars of cities and high culture with a poorly terraformed Mars without major cities, ruled by Outbacker clans.Frustrated by hamstrung diplomatic efforts with the Outbackers, Ellesmere has declared the Martian Republic dissolved, and made Deserata a protectorate of the Sivadians."It is my hope that, with this interstellar merger, a new era of peace and prosperity will be born," Ellesmere said.

Toy Manufacturer to Produce ThuLunites? Edit

Posted By: Bandit Article: APRIL03-6 Reported To: SME Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 01 13:09:21 3003

In one of the stranger rumors surrounding the current Luna crisis, a freelance toy reporter for SME's Marketwatch related a rumor heard in a local pub on Sivad. "I met one of my sources in the usual pub late last night. He claims his company is considering a line of ThuLunite monster toys....half-Thul, half-Lunite you know. With a line of Vanguard Marine action figures to combat their attempt to take over the galaxy. Mind you, this was the wee hours of April 1st and he was very, very drunk. I'd not put too much credence to it."Toy market analysts SME spoke too seemed dubious of the concept, if indeed there's any truth to it. Said one, "Sounds a bit too much like trivializing another's misery to have any real market value. Might be one of those shock toy firms, I suppose."Sivtek Media Enterprises - Sivad's independent news source

Neidermeyer issues apology Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-7 Reported To: INN Reported On: Ganymede Reported At: Tue Apr 01 13:16:11 3003

TORRICELLI, GANYMEDE - In a transmission intercepted by a Maltarian listening post on Ganymede, ex-Earth King Colin Neidermeyer issued an apology for his bad behavior in two incarnations."I'm sorry," Neidermeyer said. "Terribly sorry. I'm sorry for saying mean things about people. I'm sorry for blowing up Earth that second time. I'm sorry for turning the Lunites into slugs. I'm sorry the other version of me poked Nemoni with toothpicks. I'm sorry I called John Falkenberg 'Johnny Boy,' knowing how much it hurt his feelings to be belittled and disrespected. I'm sorry for throwing the galaxy's most explosive temper tantrums. And, to all you fine journalists out there, I am *sorry* I hurled many of your brethren to their deaths from high windows. By extension, I am also sorry about all the extra work I caused the window repairmen. I just hope everyone can find it in their hearts to forgive an old grouch like me, now that I've seen the error of my ways."

Cobb Found Dead Edit

Posted By: Garbage Article: APRIL03-8 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 01 16:51:33 3003

Grand Enaj, Sivad - Admiral Cobb was found dead early this morning by members of his household staff. No cause of death has been reported, although a source close to the investigation indicates that foul play is suspected.A press release from the admiralty later this morning indicates that a public memorial service will be held Thursday, April 3 however the body will not be interred until the completion of the much-lauded wooden spaceship, now scheduled to be christened the HMS Cobb. The Cobb will act as a spaced mausoleum for the deceased admiral.

Murdered Man not Admiral Cobb Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-9 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 01 19:12:43 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - Officials at the admiralty confirmed today that Admiral the Baron Cobb is not dead, but is in fact safe at an undisclosed location. The dead body was a clone of Cobb that acted for the admiral as a body double. There is no word on why Cobb needed a body double. Officials are still looking for the perpetrator. /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

King Richard: "We will triumph" Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-10 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 01 19:23:19 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - Sivad will lead a new alliance, the Orion Arm Treaty Organization, to defend against Nall attacks, said King Richard in a holovised address to the nation Tuesday.Sivadian diplomats have been criss-crossing the galaxy in recent days seeking agreement from independent powers to sign the treaty. So far, said King Richard, the Maltarian Empire, La Terre, the Odarite Merchant's Guild and G'ahnlo have joined Sivad in signing the accord. Ungstir and Luna have drafts of the treaty and are considering it.The accord commits signatory nations to come to each other's aid if one is attacked. It will also allow militaries to participate in joint operations.The new headquarters for OATO are now under construction in Ynos, said King Richard. /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Vollistan Weaver Sparks Fashion Trend Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-11 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Wed Apr 02 17:32:41 3003

It hasn't taken the fashion world by storm, but a gradual trend has started on La Terre as more and more citizens, often female, have started to appear in public with clothing bearing a single trademark...golden thread forming symbols that in the language of light singers spells the word 'Beauty'.After some digging, this reporter was able to trace back the origins of these designs to a local Vollistan known to most of his customers simply as 'The Weaver', apparently an easier moniker than his Volspak name, Volieemaeu. It's clear that the Weaver has begun to establish himself as a small force in La Terre fashion. His typical light-weight designs allow ready airflow and often make use of the translucent fabrics and scooping lines that allow Vollistan auras to show unhindered.

LT Gov. Extends Olive Branch to Haskins Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-12 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Wed Apr 02 17:33:49 3003

La Terran Governor Patricia Danvers announced today that she would like to meet with Dr. Haskins on La Terre to discuss past differences of opinion the geneticist has had with prior administrations."I've always been someone who prefers to listen to both sides of a disagreement before reaching any conclusions," Governor Danvers said, "Something I have not been doing enough of lately and would like to try to rectify."Danvers says she would like to offer Dr. Haskins the opportunity to discuss issues and air his grievances, if indeed he has any, with her and select advisors at her office on La Terre and requests Dr. Haskins contact her at his earliest convenience.

Martians "playing games" - Official Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-13 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 02 18:49:02 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - A high-ranked official in the Sivadian Foreign Office says that the possibility of the Martian Republic ratifying the Orion Arm Treaty is all but dead after a meeting that the Sivadian government denies ever happened.The source says that King Richard himself travelled to Deserata Wednesday with Foreign Secretary Alexander Waldorf to meet with First Consul Ellesmere concerning ratification. Republic Ambassador Victor signed the treaty earlier this week. It now seems, however, that the Republic will not ratify it."The Martians were just playing games with us," said the official. "They obviously had no intention of taking the treaty seriously. The whole meeting took place on the landing pad with nobody there but Ellesmere and two Martian officers who made rude comments about the king. Ellesmere just came out swinging against the treaty. If they wanted to talk about it, they gave no sign of it."When asked what the loss of Mars will do the Orion Arm Treay, the official replied, "Nothing. They have no military to speak of anymore. We were doing them a favour."Ungstir and Luna are still considering whether to sign the treaty. /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Republic won't ratify OATO Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-14 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Wed Apr 02 19:00:28 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - The Martian Republic is taking a pass on joining the Orion Arm Treaty Organization currently being promoted by the Sivadian government."The OATO document is based on actions the Nall *might* take, rather than actions the Nall have actually taken," said First Consul Darian Ellesmere. "The recent aggression by the Nall has been against, for example, an invading vessel on their rightful territory, which makes the Sanctuary situation a matter of domestic interest to the Nall, not Sivad, and certainly not the Republic. Other invasions have been conducted in other territory once held by the Nall. Had the Nall attacked deeper into our worlds, such as Demaria or Castor, then I might see the value of OATO."Ellesmere thinks the treaty is shortsighted and premature, orchestrated to serve Sivad's imperialist ambitions."Their condescending attitude during today's meeting - and then in media comments, suggesting letting us participate in their sewing circle would be 'doing us a favor' - made clear that this isn't about protecting the interests of any world save Sivad," Ellesmere said. "They expect 'lesser' worlds to take their charity without question."What does the Republic stand to gain from neutrality?"By not aligning ourselves with a parochial, hostile, military-oriented treaty organization, we position ourselves for more far-sighted opportunities," the First Consul said. "A few years from now, I'll be thanking the Sivadians for 'doing us a favor' and stomping off when I dared to question their wisdom."

Sivad recalls diplomats requires visas Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-15 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 02 19:14:47 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - In a move that may be related to an emerging diplomatic tiff between Sivad and the Martian Republic, Sivad has recalled its diplomats to the Republic for consultations. It has also announced that Martian Republic nationals will need to apply for visas before visiting Sivad."We regret requiring visas for Republic citizens," said the assistant permanent secretary of the foreign office in a statement today. "It is a mostly administrative error in which an order-in-council was not reviewed before it expired. Unfortunately, the government is too occupied at the moment to reconsider the matter of passage for Martian Republic nationals." /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Computer glitch raises admission for Sivadians Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-16 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Wed Apr 02 19:25:10 3003

DESTINY, DESERATA - An apparent software error has led to a higher tariff on admission prices at Deserata's theme parks for Sivadian citizens, who are now subject to searches by that park's security personnel."Given concerns about possible mischief, we have little choice but to institute these searches," said parks assistant manager Doyle Cartwright. "The admissions tariff is an unfortunate mistake, and once our valued Sivadian guests make it through the rigorous search process, they are awarded with coupons for free balloons and drinks. We have to wait until after the parks close to bring down the computers and fix the tariff problem with a reboot. We hope to have the problem solved tomorrow morning."

Luna Ratifies OATO Treaty Edit

Posted By: Michela Article: APRIL03-17 Reported To: LUNA Reported On: Luna Reported At: Wed Apr 02 19:56:39 3003

Late last night in its first major vote, the Lunite Citizen's Senate agreed to ratify The Orion Arms Treaty joining the Sivadians, Maltarians, La Terrans, G'hanli, and Odarites in signing the document , essentially a treaty for mutual defence. Senate Chairman Clifford Trumble, spoke today on their behalf. "We look forward to the future diplomatic and economic opportunities as well as security that membership in such an organization will provide for the people of Luna. However we do not view such benefits as "favors" or "acts of charity". The language of the treaty made it clear that members also face certain obligations, which we intend to meet to the best of our ability. We signed ultimately because we believe in its tenets of mutual peace and prosperity and the right of every nation to protect its people and sovereignty from outside aggression. How can we not agree to rise to such a cause when our own freedom is so recently gained and so dearly bought. However we do not wish to limit our ties with the rest of the universe to organization members. We fully respect the Martian decision not sign and expect the same in turn.We look forward to positive relations with them and the Ungstiri, regardless of their decision" Lee Travers, LUNA

Odarites having second thoughts on OATO Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-18 Reported To: INN Reported On: Odari Reported At: Wed Apr 02 20:03:12 3003

IKIKIR, ODARI - Trade Minister I'kkrikik of Odari tonight said his government, although initially committed to the idea of the Orion Arm Treaty Organization, now has serious concerns about it."We are worried that this organization may be premature, as the First Consul of Mars has suggested," the trade minister said. "Our queens in the cities of Odari will discuss the issue with the Odarite Merchants Guild and decide within 24 hours whether Odari will ratify the treaty."

Gilled government gets grouped Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-19 Reported To: INN Reported On: G'ahnlo Reported At: Wed Apr 02 20:09:06 3003

AHNDAR SUBCITY, G'AHNLO - Ledgemaster Pobolal and the G'ahnli Commerce Council today ratified the Orion Arm Treaty Organization document, despite controversy between Sivad and Mars and the potential refusal of the Odarites to sign."Grml! We have not forgotten that the Nall invaded Ydahr when that was our homeworld, and we will not take the chance and be left to stand alone against the aggressions of the Nall," Pobolal said. "However, if Mars and Odari require vessels and armaments to defend themselves, G'ahnlo and its talented shipwrights and electronics merchants stand ready to serve such profitable purposes."

Foreign Secretary says it's time to reconsider trade Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-20 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 02 20:14:30 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - Foreign Secretary Alexander Waldorf told reporters Wednesday that he thought it was time for Sivad to reconsider its tarriff schedule."Periodically any government needs to look at its trade regime and evaluate which states should be rewarded with lower tarriffs and which states are engaging in trade practices that aren't in the interests of Sivad," said Waldorf. "As one of the galaxy's largest import markets, trade is very important to us. It's time to reconsider our tarriffs schedule to be in line with Sivadian interests, and I will be working with Trade Secretary Ainsworth in the near future to that end."When asked which states could find their trade status changed, Waldorf said, "I refuse to comment on which planets or merchant guilds will be subject to review." /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Sivad will provide aid for TRV Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-21 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 02 20:20:20 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - The Sivadian Institute of Applied Genetics has said that it will dispatch a research team to Luna within the week to assist Lunite researchers in finding a cure for the Thul Resequencing Virus.The SIAG, one of the Orion Arm's leading genetic research institutes, said it received funding today for the Luna mission from the Sivadian government.Researchers will wear protective clothing at all times while on the surface with independent air supplies. A fully-stocked research vessel will be sent with them. /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Centaurans Join OATO Edit

Posted By: Marson Article: APRIL03-22 Reported To: INN Reported On: Centauri Reported At: Wed Apr 02 20:25:27 3003

(Shalyaris, Centauri) - After consulting with the Council of Regents, who debated the matter for precisely ninety-seven hours, Solon Solilopaxillthrixian has signed the Orion Arm Treaty and entered the world of Centauri into the organization. It released the following statement:"While historically, the world of Centauri has maintained a policy of non-intervention, it is clear that it is quite necessary for sovereign worlds to come to each other's aid in the event of a conquering threat. If the Stellar Consortium were stronger with more member worlds, perhaps it would exist to this day and the threat of the Kretonians would've been repelled. We therefore intend to do our part to encourage other worlds to join this important treaty. Effective in one solar month, Centauri will cease trade with all non-member worlds. Additionally, the teleportation network will only be reactivated on member worlds. Our scientists are also reviewing data that can be safely shared with responsible worlds to advance their own scientific work. Such data will be shared with member worlds when the time comes."

Castori agree to OATO participation Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-23 Reported To: INN Reported On: Castor Reported At: Wed Apr 02 21:09:22 3003

URSINIRU, CASTOR - Admist galactic turmoil about the proposed alliance, Castor's Panasagia voted unanimously today to join the Orion Arm Treaty Alliance, pointing especially to Castor's vulnerability to invasion or attack."With the threat we live under today," Ubercast Wulkachim said to reporters after the closed-door vote of the planet's High Sages, "It is imperitive that we protect the planet the best we can."However, the Ubercast reflected the hopes of himself and the planet in emphasizing his hope that a peaceful resolution can be found. The resolution passed by the Panasagia to join the alliance also stressed the importance of a peaceful resolution.Lacking any military power to add to the OATO, Castor one of the larger technological forces in the galaxy, and supports a robust technological trade to many worlds. The OATO Resolution also called for a reduction of Castor trading tariffs to OATO members, and promised funding to OATO-backed research projects.

An 'Economic' Alternative Edit

Posted By: Garbage Article: APRIL03-24 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Wed Apr 02 21:33:06 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA- At a press conference today, Martian Republic Ambassador and Diplomat at Large, Victor Cranuv, made a pointed appeal to the rising tide of OATO support."Friends and Neighbors,Given the course of present events, I am compelled to address you, in my official capacity as an ambassador and sanctioned representative from the Martian Republic, and to relate to allies and loyal trade partners any inconveniences caused by our government's declining to ratify the OATO treaty. This should in no way reflect negatively upon our relations with your governments, and we wish to express our intentions and most fervent desires to, contrary to the Sivadian expectations, strengthen and increase our ties to all who would seek friendship with the Republic. To that end, I officially propose the foundation of an Economic Opportunity Alliance. Contrary to looking for shadows in the dark, and increasing military tensions which endanger all of us, we desire to effect what OATO -could- achieve if only it were less aggressive in its language and militant in its goals: the furtherance and increase of concord and prosperity amongst the peace-loving governments of this galaxy. We do not seek to countermand nor supercede other obligations to which some of you may have committed yourselves, but rather to foster cooperation in other directions, direction less hostile, less dangerous, and infinitely more profitable. We all of us are headed upon a perilous path if we persist in this divisive and utterly counterproductive atmosphere. We must find cause to unite, fellow citizens of the stars, and to grow and prosper through motivations outside of military might. The Martian Republic desires to take leadership in ensuring that this happens, and with your assistance, that dream may yet be achieved. If you would receive such a proposal favorably, I pledge to draft a swift, efficient, and entirely equitable document to hasten a de-facto agreement. An agreement which would facilitate free trade, the open exchange of scientific research, and diplomatic and peaceable discourse.Let those who would turn swords into plowshares, senseless casualties into immeasurable profit, the uncertainty of war into the stability of peace, voice their support."

Sivad may join EOA Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-25 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 02 21:50:07 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - The Foreign Office is considering its options in the wake of the announcement of the new Economic Opportunity Alliance, with the Foreign Secretary not ruling out the possibility that Sivad will attempt to join the new alliance."Sivad has always supported multilateral cooperation on trade and scientific issues," Waldorf told a press conference. "So we are quite pleased to see the Martian Republic exploring multilateral means toward the solution of interstellar economic problems. Sivad is considering its options now regarding a policy on the new EOA but our view of it at the moment is quite favourable -- within the boundaries of what it is."When asked if he was worried that planets might withdraw from OATO in favour of the new alliance, Waldorf said, "I don't really see why it's an either/or decision. It sounds to me like the EOA is an economic organization. The Orion Arm Treaty is, and always has been, a mutual defence -- and I emphasize defence -- agreement.""I don't see how a mutual defence organization that would act only if attacked could aggravate the current galactic situation. The members of the OATO agree that their aim is peace and mutual protection. The EOA is about economic prosperity, a goal to which I'm sure all the planets who happen to be OATO members aspire." /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Vox Expresses Interest In EOA Edit

Posted By: Leonidas Article: APRIL03-26 Reported To: INN Reported On: Nalhom Reported At: Thu Apr 03 01:09:20 3003

In an exclusive transmission to our studios, Vox Ock of Hatch Vril, ruler of the Parallax Empire, had a few words to say about the Economic Opportunity Alliance. The video here is accompanied by a translator:"As the glorious ruler of the Parallax Empire, it falls to me to assure that the hatch is well cared for. To that end I decided that to be stable, the Parallax Empire must reclaim it's former territories. Hskrivril, may Nalia turn her back forever on his soul, capitulated and gave away these territories in 2651. This was clearly not Nalia's will, and, after 350 long years, the mistake has been rectified and the Parallax Empire is whole once more. This is all that we wish and we have no designs on further expansion into the Orion Arm.I am also raising my clawed fist in support of First Consul Ellesemere's initiative in forming an economic alliance. The Parallax is a generous neighbor, and the Empire will share the glory and riches of the multiverse nexus with those that repect her territorial boundries. We are very interested in joining this alliance, and would welcome the prosperity it would bring to all Parallax worlds."

FC Calls for Self-Determination Repatriation Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-27 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Thu Apr 03 08:26:28 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ First Councillor Sir Fredrick Chamberlain released a statement today strongly encouraging the galactic community to uphold the right of self-determination for all sentient species. In a brief press conference at 10 Dorling Street, he remarked, "All peoples have the right of self-determination, the right to determine their political status, and to freely pursue their economic, social, and cultural development. There is an obligation on the entire interstellar community to assure that this right is upheld." While he did not mention the Nall by name in this context, this is considered a thinly veiled criticism of their invasions of Val Shohob, Vollista, Grimlahd, and Sanctuary. Sivad has openly condemned these acts of aggression, one of the few interstellar powers to do so.When asked about the Martian refusal to ratify the pending OATO treaty, and the possibility of a subsequent withdrawl Odarite Merchant's Guild, Chamberlain answered, "Great quarrels, it has been well said, arise from small occasions but seldom from small causes. By essentially ceding the captured worlds to the Parallax, as if they are somehow their due, First Consul Ellesmere plays a dangerous game. He seems willing to take a short-lived peace on the backs, and the very lives, of the peoples of no less than three planets, and the station Sanctuary, which is for all practical purposes a populated world. Who knows what other worlds may find themselves in the thrall of the Parallax if we do not stand together." He also expressed dissapointment at their decision, but reminded the galaxy at large, "The door is not closed. The Martian Republic is still welcome to join the treaty. The matter of the nexus is something we can discuss, but we must safeguard our own galaxy before we trouble about another." The First Councillor refused to be drawn on the question of Mars alleged snub of King Richard, or the diplomatic wrangling that has followed, referring those questions to Foreign Secretary Waldorf. He said with regards to the OMG, "We shall see what their decision is before making any statement, other than that I encourage them to ratify and join the rest of the interstellar community at large."The First Councillor also called for the repatriation of Sivadian citizens, alive and unharmed, from the Nall occupied territories, "Several citizens of Sivad and other allied states have been detained on Sanctuary and not permitted to leave. Regardless of what one things of Oswald Cottington's plans, these people are innocent bystanders and should be permitted to return to their homeworlds safe and unharmed, with their personal possessions." He also reiterated Sivad's willingness to accept refugees from other worlds, "If the Nall are troubled by these people's presence on the station, or on other worlds, grant them safe passage to Sivad. We are prepared to recieve them."/Neville McNamara/

Formidable stops pirate attack -- but which Formidable? Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-28 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Thu Apr 03 15:02:22 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - A civilian transport that came under attack Wednesday by a ship appearing to be an RNS escort vessel was rescued by HMS Formidable.HMS Formidable has been implicated in several pirate attacks, but Admiralty sources speculate that there may be two identical copies of HMS Formidable, though they are at a loss to explain how this is possible. They believe that the ship that intervened in the attack last night is the original.The pirate vessel was temporarily disabled by Formidable, which then attempted to contact the Admiralty. Admiralty sources have not released the contents of the message, but say that the voice of the captain is familiar to them. Benjamin Wolstencroft, Nicholas Argan and Harold Singh are still wanted by authorities on charges of piracy. After transmitting the message, Formidable disappeared from Sivadian space. /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Sports Arena for La Terre Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-29 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Thu Apr 03 16:44:40 3003

/INN Wire Service/ LA TERRE - The office of Land Minister MacBain has reportedly issued a call for bids of companies interested in constructing a sporting arena on La Terre. MacBain, a professional boxer himself, hasn't yet indicated where such a facility would be built or just what it would hold, but sources close to the Senator have suggested a boxing ring is a likely addition, and some have speculated an outdoor golf course could be coupled with the facility. One source did comment on one likely exclusion. "I don't think you'll find any wrestling, unless it's Greco-Roman. MacBain's not much fond of the superstars."


Posted By: Marson Article: APRIL03-30 Reported To: INN Reported On: Centauri Reported At: Thu Apr 03 19:20:17 3003

(Shalyaris, Centauri) - In a report released to INN, the Centauri Research Institute's Foreign Intelligence division has reported that at least fifty Centaurans were killed by the Clawed Fist military in the Sanctuary Observation Dome last night."An operative for the Institute stationed aboard Sanctuary was compelled to enter the observation dome with the entire Centauran population of Sanctuary. The captives were then informed that they would be taken to Val Shohob to become slaves of the Nall, to be used in as psionic interrogators. A small minority of them resisted, and the Clawed Fist Fleet was given orders to kill every Centauran on the vessel. Clawed Fist Fleet Soldiers opened fire on unarmed, psionically blocked Centaurans who were huddled in an unmoving, defensive mass. The firing continued until our operative was able to negotiate for their lives. No less than fifty were destroyed. The operative and seven others have since between evacuated from Sanctuary by teleporter to avoid interrogation and execution."The Institute has indicated that an operative would be present at the first OATO meeting to answer questions about its findings.

Odarites proceed with OATO membership Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-31 Reported To: INN Reported On: Odari Reported At: Thu Apr 03 22:07:25 3003

IKIKIR, ODARI - Despite misgivings after tensions between Sivad and the Martian Republic, the Odarite Merchants Guild announced tonight that Odari will join the Orion Arm Treaty Organization."The Sivadian government has made it clear that it will impose onerous tariffs on any world or organization that declines their 'generosity' of membership in OATO," said Trade Minister I'kkrikik. "The Odarite Merchants Guild, while recognizing the Parallax right to defend its borders, also recognizes the need to preserve profitability of the Guild."The minister expects to attend Sunday's OATO meeting.

OATO Offends Antimone EOA Appeals Edit

Posted By: Bahamut Article: APRIL03-32 Reported To: INN Reported On: Antimone Reported At: Fri Apr 04 10:50:41 3003

<VALSHO: ANTIMONE>"Today, Antimone stands as a planet prouder and greater than the shadow of that which was itself a decade prior; reforms to our military have created a small yet efficient and modern militia out of a large mess of vessels and officers, and investment in urban development, and commercial and industrial centers have seen an economic boom. Under Destiny's light, we have prevailed as a proficient member of the galactic community; not some backwater world of little interest." Under violent-tinted heavens, the citizens of Valsho and assorted collected members of the intergalactic press were treated to a rousing speech of Timonae Pride as Antimone's Supreme Chancellor Eliza Moral declared her Government's stance on the OATO and EOA situations. Speaking in a clear and proud tone, she declared that the Timonae people had been "clearly offended" by Sivad's continual lack of acknowledgement of Antimone in the OATO proceedings, debates, and invitations, to the extent of including the war-torn celestial body of Luna as a more prominant figure over Antimone. She went on to say that the damage caused by the political omission was 'already done', and that while the people of Antimone may forgive, they would not forget. "We do not forget, for example, the day when the Nall came to crush the Kretonians and liberate our race so that we could stand where we are today as a free world, and a free people. While we may not agree with some of the more recent events the Nall are percieved to have taken part in, and while we may have some misgivings about the current leadership's attitude to certain aspects of galactic affairs, we remember all that the Nall as a race have done for us, and in doing so wish no part of an organisation intended to oppose a hypothetical aggression." However, on the subject of the EOA, the Supreme Chancellor stated that her world would be "very interested" on enlisting with such a group in the hopes of bolstering intergalactic commerce to and from Antimone, while potentially demonstrating the Timonae culture on a much wider scale than is previously shown. E!RN reporters in Kalaria have indicated that these are perhaps two rare occasions in which the Militia Administration of Kalaria and it's surrounding provinces agree with the Government's stance "to a certain extent".

LT Gov. Calls for Solidarity Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-33 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Fri Apr 04 17:10:11 3003

Governor Reverend Patricia Danvers of La Terre put out the call for solidarity to stand against the Nall empire until such time as hostages are released and humanitarian aid is permitted. She cites the atrocity committed against the Centaurans on Sanctuary and the lack of communications from Val Shohob, Grimlahd and Vollista as reasons to refuse to have any dealings with the empire."We have no idea how the citizens of these worlds are being treated," the governor said this morning, "And the seizure of a private, unarmed vessel filled with thousands of civilians and the subsequent mass slaughter of innocent Centaurans simply cannot be tolerated. Until every person on board Sanctuary is released and inspectors are permitted on these worlds the Nall are now claiming as their own, La Terre will not take part in any agreement or alliance that includes the Nall empire. I urge all other worlds, regardless of whether or not you join OATO, to stand with us in insuring the welfare of all beings involved in this takeover by the Nall."When it was pointed out to the governor that Sanctuary invaded Nall space in it's move to Nocturne, the governor pointed out that Mr. Cottington's intentions were well publicized and the Nall could have attempted a diplomatic solution at any time, but instead chose a violent method that has resulted in uncounted deaths at this time."The ambush of a peaceful colony vessel by a fleet of warships, regardless of territorial disputes, is tantamount to piracy and the killing of unarmed civilians nothing short of mass murder."Governor Danvers announced her intention to participate in the OATO conference this coming Sunday on Sivad.

Governor Suspends Cabinet Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-34 Reported To: inn Reported On: la terre Reported At: Fri Apr 04 22:45:30 3003

In a move she calls 'temporary,' La Terre Governor Danvers suspended all Ministry positions within the Senate pending some minor reforms."I regret that I was forced into this position at this time," the Governor stated, "But a threat to level discrimination charges against me for not having completed my cabinet appointments has put me in a position where I must either rush decisions unnecessarily or suspend all Ministers so as to treat them all equally."The Governor assures that all cabinet positions will be appointed within the coming week and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause the Senators and the people of La Terre.

LTCL Demands LT Cabinet Now Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-35 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Fri Apr 04 22:55:43 3003

Michael Craven, chairman of the La Terre Citizen's League has demanded the immediate resignation of La Terran Governor Patricia Danvers unless she can reassemble a government immediately."We are highly disappointed with the actions of Governor Patricia Danvers, she fails to assemble a full government then suspends the government she has." Says Craven in a statement released on the matter of the 'suspensions.'Some political analysts believe that this may be for restructuring, however, some members of the LTCL are said to be planning a protest for the coming days against the Governor's actions.Nathan Willmore, INN.

Centaurans Begin Massive Engineering Project Edit

Posted By: Vateska Article: APRIL03-36 Reported To: INN Reported On: Centauri Reported At: Fri Apr 04 23:54:37 3003

Sources report the beginnings of a massive engineering project in Centauri space, which apparently entered its construction phase three days ago. The asteroid fields surrounding Alpha Centauri B, or 'Timekeeper', are increasingly traversed by robotic cargo haulers delivering raw materials to a factory in close orbit about the star.Said Qitakdepesma, an assistant coordinator for the Energy Council: "We expect the newest solar energy array to be completed in due time, as fabrication is proceeding according to plan. The increased energy capacity will be used to facilitate Centauri's future endeavors." Other officials on the project were unavailable for comment.For now, the government of Centauri is not responding to speculation that the seemingly sudden decision to construct the solar energy array may be in some way connected to the recent military actions of the Parallax.

FC- Centauran Massacre "Genocide" Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-37 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sat Apr 05 06:09:31 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ First Councillor Sir Fredrick Chamberlain released a brief statement today in which he referred to the Nall massacre of Centaurans on Sanctuary as "a willful act of genocide." The First Councillor condemned the attacks, calling them "unconscionable." He continued that, "Regardless of the provocation, the killing of innocent, sentient beings cannot be acceptable." While highly critical of the Nall actions, Chamberlain stated, however, that he would wait to hear the statements of the Centauran OATO representatives at Sunday's meeting before determining what, if any, course of action, will be taken.The First Councillor also renewed his calls for the Nall to permit those who wished to leave Sanctuary to do so, "We have continually expressed our willingness to accept refugees, and while I cannot speak for the Centauran Government, they would likely have been most willing to repatriate their own citizens..." the statement said, "Those who wish to leave Sanctuary, especially in the so-called resistance movement, should be permitted to do so, alive and unharmed." The Sivadian Government has accepted a number of refugees from Grimlahd, but few have arrived from the other Nall-occupied worlds./Neville McNamara, Sivadian Press/

MacBain Backs Danvers Edit

Posted By: Bandit Article: APRIL03-38 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Sat Apr 05 07:21:26 3003

Suspended La Terre land minister Thomas MacBain expressed support for the actions of Governor Danvers in a press release this morning. "The government structure of La Terre, as it stands, is like a half dozen Ritters all working on their own. Every ministry position is more like a kingship than a cabinet post, with total control over ye own area and nae governor nor citizen can remove or reprove ye for anything. While I'll withhold me support for her final structure till I see it, the fact of the matter is that any man with a wit of knowhow in politics knows the system's broken."The MacBain statement went on to point out that a single minister decided La Terre's participation in the recent OATO treaty and alleged attempts by some individuals to classify their actions under favorable ministers to circumvent opposition from others. A MacBain spokesman declined to put names with the accusations, saying only "Pointing fingers would be unproductive at the present."

Republic and Nall entering liberation talks Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-39 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Sat Apr 05 11:24:25 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - First Consul Darian Ellesmere confirmed this morning that Second Consul Deke Armitage and Ambassador Victor Cranuv of the Martian Republic are set to meet this weekend with representatives of the Parallax government aboard Sanctuary."While the Orion Arm Treaty Organization gathers to justify its existence, the Martian Republic is trying to make a real difference in the wake of the tragic incident that led to the demise of so many Centaurans aboard Sanctuary," Ellesmere said. "The Republic shares Sivad's professed desire to see those aboard Sanctuary repatriated with their homeworlds. But the Republic is actually willing to *do something* instead of just talk about it."

Nemoni Republic Joins OATO Edit

Posted By: Colchek Article: APRIL03-40 Reported To: INN Reported On: Demaria Reported At: Sat Apr 05 16:16:56 3003

By affixing his signature to the OATO Treaty, President Drycin Klovor of the Nemoni Republic brings his people into the controversial organization. Their delegation will be joining the other representatives at this Sunday's first meeting of the OATO Council.When asked about his choice, President Klovor offered this statement. "Our people are spread far further than most Humongi know. We are not solely confined to Sanctuary; there are hundreds of trillions of us spread throughout the known worlds, in every nook and cranny in which we can build, ranging from the blazing sands of the Sandmother Desert of Demaria to the vast oceans of Sivad. Given our small size, we feel we can benefit from membership in this organization, and in turn offer unique talents that can benefit OATO."The President refused to elaborate on the true extent of Nemoni habitation, instead citing what he referred to as "essential security of the Republic."

E!RN: Committed Councilor Seeks Diminutive Documentation Edit

Posted By: Bahamut Article: APRIL03-41 Reported To: E!RN Reported On: Antimone Reported At: Sat Apr 05 16:47:11 3003

Following the recent revelation that Nemoni President Klovor gave regarding the extent of his people's distribution around the Universe and known worlds Councilor Falandir Kara, head of Antimone's Urban Development section of the Government of Antimone, assembled a hasty press conference in the city of Kalaria in order to give his World's views on this topic, and offer a somewhat amusingly odd statement to that regard. "We <The Government>, though it might vastly surprise some people in the universe, actually welcome the news that a number, perhaps in the millions, of Nemoni may actually be living on Antimone. However, we do have National Security to consider, and so we cannot simply allow just anyone to come to our world and make their own colony without some form of official approval - no matter how large, or indeed /small/, this colony may be." Continuing on for a few moments after about different, non-Nemoni related affairs specific to Antimone, Councilor Kara finally returned to the main topic, and delivered the main reason the for the press conference itself: To send a vocal memo out to the Nemoni Leadership. "Using the media as an outlet of communication we hope the Nemoni will receive, the Government of Antimone notes that it *will* require an official documentation - in a totally secure and private media, of course - from the Nemoni covering the regions and extent of the Nemoni colonization currently present on Antimone, including - but not limited to - any plans for future settlements or developments so that we can assign the proper planning permission. For official records and census collections, you understand. We're not asking for specific locations, of course, as that would no doubt put the Antimone-Nemoni at risk. Just numbers." Councilor Kara continued his speed for a good ten minutes after, though the contents were not related (once again) to the actual main topic. A full transcript of the speech can be found on the E!RN GalSpan Network. It seems that even the Supreme Chancellor of the Government of Antimone was somewhat pleased by the news: "Of course we <The Government> welcome the news. It's nice to know that the population of Antimone is actually much, much higher than we thought, and I for one personally extend the fullest welcome to the Nemoni, and hope they continue the development of their cities here on Antimone for years to come." Tongue-in-cheek, the Supreme Chancellor added: "Though we'll probably have to figure out some method of collecting development tax at some point..."<Source: Valsho VC6 News> <>=- Loraan Koth -=<>=- E!RN Kalaria -=<>E!RN: Inside every big problem is a small problem trying to get out.

VOX Answers Genocide Charges Edit

Posted By: Leonidas Article: APRIL03-42 Reported To: INN Reported On: Concordance Reported At: Sat Apr 05 19:28:25 3003

Sanctuary-Parallax SpaceIn a tightbeam transmission, Vox Ock of Hatch Vril released a statement concerning the alleged Centauran Massacre and genocide of the Centaurans that reside on the colony ship. Translated from Naliese:"It has come to our attention that various sources have reported that the honorable Parallax Empire has been engaged in an act of genocide against the Centaurans that reside on Sanctuary. Let me provide the truth. Our representative, Govenor Volari, had called an assembly for the station's Centauran population, to make certain truths known to them. During the course of his presentation, he was attacked by the Military Captain in charge of the vessel, my Hatch Brother, Lisuth of Hatch Vril.My Hatch Brother was cravenly possessed by a cowardly Centauran who attempted to facilitate the assassination of our duly appointed govenor. This centauran was later identified to being one known as Riamqat and also seems to be affiliated with the Royal Naval Service. If this is the way the Sivadians show honor, then I am glad knowing that the Parallax Empire will have no dealings with that cowardly world. Other Centaurans joined in the insurrection, which was quickly quelled once my Hatch Brother was free from the Centauran's evil grip. Many Centaurans were killed or injured in the rebellion, but the responsiblity falls on those few that took it upon themselves to attempt this evil, seditious act. One courageous child of Nalia died in the conflict. His remains are being returned to Nalhom to be honored and buried. The remains of the Centaurans have been given to their brethern. The investigation continues.As for the truth that was to be revealed, the Centaurans have proven unworthy to recieve it. Rest assured, however, that the Glorious Parallax Empire will reveal it in time."

Council of Elders Called Edit

Posted By: Stargazer Article: APRIL03-43 Reported To: QRS Reported On: Quaquan Reported At: Sat Apr 05 20:02:59 3003

The call went out today from Four Corners for a meeting of the Council of Elders. Ambassador Stargazer has called this meeting to consider The Orion Arm Treaty that was presented to her today by Sir Oliver Jermyn, ambassador from the King of Sivad.Since this is a time of rest for those members of the council, many have returned to their homes and families. It may take a day before all travel to the Council House to review the treaty.Meanwhile, Ambassador Stargazer will study the document until the Council members arrive.Squealing Bird - Rising Star Senior Reporter

Antimone: "Non-Agression with Nall" Edit

Posted By: Bahamut Article: APRIL03-44 Reported To: INN Reported On: Antimone Reported At: Sat Apr 05 22:57:49 3003

<Valsho: Antimone> Early reports from the joint Planetary and Government Capital of Antimone, Valsho, are filtering in to INN from both the E!RN Network and the more local Valsho VC6 News, stating that at 4:40 Valsho-Time, the Government of Antimone, backed by the Military Administration of Antimone, negotiated permission to send a diplomat to the Parallax in order to discuss the terms of a Non-Aggression and Continued Trade pact. Speaking on behalf of the Government, at his second hasty press conference of the day, Councillor Falandir Kara is reported to have given the following statement: "I can confirm that at 4:00 this morning, local Valsho-time, the Government of Antimone - in a direct Hololink with Nall representatives - negotiated permission to send a diplomat of Antimone to the Parallax in order to discuss and hopefully approve a mutual trade and non-aggression pact. The Government of Antimone feels that given the Timonae races history with the Nall, dating back to before the great liberation, such a pact would serve the interests of both worlds better than any current methods being employed throughout the universe at this point in time, and would therefore secure a peace of mind for both races and governments in this potentially volatile time. Thank you." Should the pact be approved, it would see an increased flow of trade between Antimone and the Parallax, backed up by a mutual agreement from both sides to not seek any hostility towards the other in the interests of commercial and industrial stability, and neutral peace. Some critics of the move state that the move has been orchestrated to spite Sivad in a form of political vengeance for Antimone's omission in the OATO discussions. Others in support of the move, however, state that should the pact pass, it would secure an outcome that all other nations have failed to attain at this point in time. As one reporter noted, "It feels like Antimone is actually seeking a solution, rather than speculative scenarios and war mongering." Details of whether the pact would include the release of Timonae Nationals currently stuck on Sanctuary remain unclear, as do rumours that the pact would also call for the release of other races such as Demarian Nobles currently located in their majority upon the vessel. Another member of the Government, who for legal reasons will not be named, was quoted as saying that the Government "approves highly of the <Martian> Republic's stance on the situation" and "fully supports" its actions at seeking a diplomatic solution, rather than "preparing for war, and continually sniping at" the Nall.

Solon Requests Footage Edit

Posted By: Marson Article: APRIL03-45 Reported To: INN Reported On: Centauri Reported At: Sun Apr 06 00:04:45 3003

(Shalyaris, Centauri) - Solon Solilopaxillthrixian of the Centauri released a recent reply to the Nall:"I would like to thank the honorable Vox for clarifying the matter of the unfortunate incident that occured aboard Sanctuary. We too are conducting an investigation and wish to find out the truth, as do other civilized worlds concerned with charges of genocide. Our records indicate that the Observation Dome aboard Sanctuary, where the incident occured, are equipped with cameras. In order to clarify matters of all concerned parties, we ask that the Nall release unedited images as captured by those cameras."

Vox Agrees To Solon's Request Edit

Posted By: Leonidas Article: APRIL03-46 Reported To: INN Reported On: Concordance Reported At: Sun Apr 06 00:10:22 3003

In a brief message, Vox Ock of Hatch Vril replied to the Centauran request for footage of the Centauran Massacre Incident. Translated from Naliese:"The glorius Parallax Empire has nothing to hide. We will grant the Solon's request and send the footage to it or it's authorized representative. We hope this will silence the malicious questioning of my Hatch Brother's honor by the honorless softskins who persecute him."

TK joining OATO? Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-47 Reported To: CIN Reported On: Tomin Kora Reported At: Sun Apr 06 03:42:47 3003

SHADOWHEART, TOMIN KORA - No, this isn't a hoax.Cabrerra Industries, the dominant organization on the planet Tomin Kora, wants to join the Orion Arm Treaty Organization.Lawrence Putnam, spokesman for Cabrerra Industries, told CIN that the corporation that runs the domed city of Shadowheart - a haven of ill repute for criminals, thugs, murderers and a branch of the Odarite Merchants Guild - wants in on the newly formed treaty organization."It would be in the best long-term interests of Cabrerra Industries and our partners in the Odarite Merchants Guild if we became signatories on the OATO treaty," Putnam said. "Naturally, we expect that Sivad and the other member worlds will set aside any preconceived notions and unjustified propaganda about Tomin Kora in the interest of protecting the assets of a current Cabrerra partner that already is a signatory."One condition, however: Cabrerra's representative would be the notorious John Falkenberg, Putnam said. "We want complete amnesty and diplomatic immunity for him."

TK Not Eligible for OATO? Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-48 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sun Apr 06 08:37:55 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ According to sources within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Foreign Secretary Waldorf has requested an advisory opinion from the Attorney General, Humphrey Shaw KC, regarding the eligibility of Tomin Kora for OATO membership. "Sivad is concerned that Tomin Kora does not satisfy the requirements under interstellar law to be considered a state, and thereby have sufficient legal personality to sign a treaty. Even if they do, Sivad, and other member states, will doubtless be very wary of allowing them into the alliance." Though the official in question stated that the issue had nothing to do with the criminal reputation of Tomin Kora, generally considered to be the polar opposite of Sivad, Cabrerra is considered unlikely to be able to uphold the treaty terms, and has no official military. The official, who did not wish to be named, also mentioned that after today's plenary session the consent of all states party to the treaty would be required to accept a new member.Despite misgivings, Sivad has taken the suprising move of allowing John Falkenberg to attend today's plenary session on behalf of Tomin Kora until their status, and the opinion of the other members, can be ascertained. An official statement from the Foreign Office stated, "John Falkenberg is not wanted on Sivad, and while we recognize that there are planets who would very much like to see him arrested, there are no extradition treaties in force which would prohibit us from granting him a temporary diplomatic immunity to attend the meeting. Provided he refrains from criminal conduct in Sivadian space, Falkenberg will be immune from arrest from his arrival in Sivadian space before the meeting until his departure. If, that is, he attends at all." The Sivadian Government, while considering Cabrerra's statements seriously, apparently is highly suspicious of their motives of Tomin Kora. "In the interests of comity, we are allowing them to send this representative to make their case for membership. However, given that the treaty requires democratic government, their admission seems doubtful at this point, and several states have expressed their willingness to veto Tomin Kora's accession." said the Foreign Office./Neville McNamara/

RNS in Engagement with Rogue Formidable Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-49 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sun Apr 06 08:54:30 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ The Admiralty released a statement today that the HMS Formidable and HMS Vigilant had engaged another vessel, identified as an exact duplicate of the HMS Formidable, in deep space last night. "The HMS Formidable, under the temporary command of Captain Arthur Woolfe, engaged the rogue Formidable, disabling her engines, and preparing to board. However, following the arrival of the HMS Vigilant, and the ensuing confusion as to which was the "real" Formidable, the rogue Formidable managed to escape." The Admiralty, having determined that the other vessel was in fact responsible for those acts attributed to the HMS Formidable, immidately reinstated the vessel to the fleet and withdrew the arrest warrants against its Captain and officers. When asked who had been in command of the piratical Formidable, the Admiralty spokesperson revealed that Captain Jeremy Sawyer, late of the HMS Audacious, and left in command of Nialesia Station. "Captain Sawyer has been suspended, and a warrant issued for his arrest and that of his crew. However, his vessel is a fully armed Formible-class vessel, and therefore only the largest military vessels should dare engage her."Sawyer's alleged treason leaves the fate of the Nialesia colony in doubt. The HMS Reliant, along with elements of the Sivadian Home Fleet, have been dispatched to Nialesia to establish a piquet squadron there. The fleet is considered strong enough to repel any pirate incursion until a star base can be construced in orbit for permanant defence.The Admiralty expressed worry as to how classified Royal Navy building plans had fallen into pirate hands. "We suspect that there is a source within the Admiralty, and that this may be related to the assasination attempt on Lord Cobb. The matter is being looked into." The Admiralty would neither confirm nor deny reports that Admiral Cobb's specialist yeoman, known as Crimmins, has been arrested and questioned./Neville McNamara, Sivadian Press/

Luna Issues Voluntary quarrantine Edit

Posted By: Michela Article: APRIL03-50 Reported To: Luna Reported On: Luna Reported At: Sun Apr 06 14:06:59 3003

After receiving news that at least one TRV infected individual has travelled off planet, Lunite Citizen's Senate Chairman Cliff Trumble issued a call for a voluntary quarantine of all individuals infected with TRV. They are asked to report to an area of Guardian Fleet Headquarters set aside for that purpose. "We have no reason to believe the condition is contagious. This step is being taken to facilitate treatment of those infected. Having them in a central location ensures they will get treatment with the greatest speed possible"

Nall flagship lands on Deserata Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-51 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Sun Apr 06 18:27:51 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - Sources tell INN that the Clawed Fist Fleet flagship Trakral has landed on Deserata to pick up Martian Republic diplomats and deliver them for talks with representatives of the Parallax government on Sanctuary.The Republic will be represented in the talks by Second Consul Armitage and Ambassador Victor Cranuv.

OATO Meets for First Plenary Session Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-52 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sun Apr 06 20:45:53 3003

/Ynos, Sivad/ The Council of the Orion Arm Treaty Organization met today in their First Plenary Session, with all members present except Castor. All representatives expressed their desire to work for peace and closer ties between the member states, before they moved into closed session to discuss a full agenda. Following the meeting it was announced that Governor Patricia Danvers of La Terre had been unanimously elected the first Secretary-General of the OATO, charged with leading the organization and coordinating its diplomatic and civil efforts. Admiral Mrr'lato of the Maltarian Empire had been elected as Supreme Allied Commander, in charge of coordinating overall military strategy in tandem with the OATO Defence Committee.While the rest of the agenda remains closed, sources have revealed that the Council was addressed by representatives of Grimlahd and Val Shohob but has thusfar declined to take any military action. However, the same reliable sources confirmed that Secretary-General Danvers and Sivadian Ambassador Sir Oliver Jermyn have been mandated by the Council to contact the Nall and negotiate for the free movement of refugees and the provision of aid to the occupied worlds. After a three hour meeting, the Council adjourned until called for a second meeting by the new Secretary-General./Neville McNamara, Sivadian Press/

Ellesmere names Republic defense minister Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-53 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Mon Apr 07 01:47:38 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - First Consul Darian Ellesmere has tapped Michael Zadorny, former praetor of the Martian Legions, to serve as defense minister of the Martian Republic."Minister Zadorny has a solid background with the Martian Legions, he has demonstrated unquestionable devotion to the Republic, and he has been an able adviser to me in years past," Ellesmere said. "As the Republic continues to rebound from the setbacks dealt by the Moebius Effect, his assistance will be invaluable."

Odarite leader presses for Tomin Kora Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-54 Reported To: SME Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Mon Apr 07 02:06:06 3003

YNOS, SIVAD - Foreign Minister I'kkrikik of Odari, not long after the first meeting of the Orion Arm Treaty Alliance, held a press conference to push once again for Tomin Kora's admission into OATO."As many of you know, the Odarite Merchants Guild during the past year entered into a cooperative arrangement with Cabrerra Industries on Tomin Kora. Our guild built a secondary headquarters in the city of Shadowheart. Since the OATO agreement obligates this body to aide its signatory members, it would seem that Tomin Kora technically already must be considered of vital interest to the organization's effective security because of the Odarite investment. Therefore, I recommend that Tomin Kora be granted membership to OATO."A reporter inquired about recent news accounts stating that Tomin Kora might be ineligible due to its lack of military assets to contribute to the alliance."I would remind the members of this body that Odari and Castor lack military assets, as well," I'kkrikik replied. "Are our worlds to be excluded? No. The Nemoni, who have been granted signatory membership, lack an actual native world within the OATO sphere of influence, and yet they are given a voice. Entities that demonstrate aggressive, territory-grabbing behavior - should they be excluded? Yet we allow the Maltarians, who imposed on the territory of Sol System and converted a world into a star for their own imperialistic expansion. Let us be cautious in the exclusions we attempt to make with this organization."Tomin Kora's membership potential is expected to make the agenda of OATO's next meeting.

Nall will free Sanctuary captives Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-55 Reported To: INN Reported On: Concordance Reported At: Mon Apr 07 16:49:58 3003

SANCTUARY - Martian Republic diplomat Victor Cranuv this afternoon successfully negotiated terms to win the repatriation of denizens aboard Sanctuary who wish to depart now that the vessel is under Nall rule.Through a translator, Vox Ock of Hatch Vril's representative, Ur'huluth Sinla of Hatch Thar, explained: "After brief but productive negotiations with Ambassador Cranuv, the Parallax recognizes that those inhabitants of Sanctuary when the vessel invaded our sacred territory did not necessarily recognize that it was our space. Oswald Cottington misled them or dishonorably concealed the truth. Therefore, we will permit any non-Parallax personnel to depart, and we will provide transport to the planet Deserata. From there, the refugees may be repatriated with their homeworlds."The repatriation process is expected to start within days.

First Sanctuary refugees arrive! Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-56 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Tue Apr 08 01:49:44 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - In a triumph of Martian Republic diplomacy, the Nall flagship Trakral delivered the first wave of refugees from the conquered colony vessel Sanctuary this morning.*** Footage shows several people - humans, Ungstiri, at least one female Vollistan Light Singer - stepping down the ramp of the Trakral onto the landing pad on the Pallas mesa on Deserata ***The identities of the refugees were not released. Other waves of refugees will be delivered from Sanctuary to Deserata in the coming days.

RNS officer among repatriated Sanctuary refugees Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-57 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 08 14:32:32 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - Surgeon-Commander John Lind, assigned to HMS Formidable, was included in the first group of refugees repatriated from Sanctuary, say government officials, and he is now being debriefed by the Sivadian government.Another RNS surgeon, a Centauran named Riamqat, apparently collaborated with the Nall on the station. It is not known what happened to Riamqat but he is believed dead. Admiralty sources say that if he is still alive he will be tried on charges of treason.The government is not yet releasing details of the debriefing, but one government source has suggested based on information Lind has provided that the Nall may be having trouble actually using the multiverse nexus located near Sanctuary. /Peter Blackhawk, Sivadian Press/

Nall Crash on La Terre! Edit

Posted By: Volskywalker Article: APRIL03-58 Reported To: INN Reported On: la terre Reported At: Wed Apr 09 00:06:19 3003

New Paris, La Terre -- A Nall and two Vollistans crash landed on the La Terre landing pad early this morning in a small, unidentified vessel. Heat shielding on the vessel had failed during atmospheric entry, and all three occupants were badly burned. The strange trio has been stabilised in Melissa Fernandez General Hospital. Anyone with information is requested to contact local authorities regarding this matter.

Martian Diplomacy Optimistic Edit

Posted By: Garbage Article: APRIL03-59 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Wed Apr 09 08:16:05 3003

In a press release taped from Sanctuary and transmitted from Deserata, a backdrop erected to conspicuously remove any and all information about the Nall-controlled installation which might be conveyed, Victor Cranuv, Ambassador and Diplomat at Large for the Martian Republic, spoke in optimistic terms about the ramifications of the present effort to release and repatriate Sanctuary's many unwilling denizens. "It is my sincerest hope that our galactic contemporaries will take note of the good accomplished here today. That careful, considerate discussion, conducted in the assumption that all parties are equal, can achieve infinitely better ends than sabre-rattling and open-faced belligerence. I believe there are many quiet, unheard voices, voices of reason and of compassion, who will hopefully witness what we are achieving through -Nall cooperation-, and will seek through diplomatic and not military means a future of peace and order amongst all races, all homeworlds, all creeds and kinds. Those who would say the Nall have no capacity for reasonable diplomacy and considerable, moderate foreign policy should take note ... and recognize in this momentous situation the unquestionable refutation of their doubts and fears."

Luna Army Official Edit

Posted By: Michela Article: APRIL03-60 Reported To: LUNA Reported On: Luna Reported At: Thu Apr 10 22:13:47 3003

Although Ren Arnassis, now Lunite Senator in charge of Defense undertook the task several weeks ago of culling together a planetary military from the many fractionalized resistance groups it was not until today that the Lunite Citizen's Senate voted on legislation to make that effort official forming the Lunite Combined Armed Forces. Official command of said military now falls under the ever expanding duties of the Senate

LT Governor Announces New Cabinet Edit

Posted By: Icarus Article: APRIL03-61 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Fri Apr 11 15:24:21 3003

Early this morning, Governor Danvers of La Terre put into effect promised reforms for the government and announced her Cabinet appointees. The new framework, entitled the Articles of the Government of La Terre, establishes regulations for voting, citizenship, ministry appointments and creating laws and agreements.Immediately following the release of this document, Governor Danvers announced her Cabinet appointments, re-naming Senator Wittenburg as Foreign Minister and Senator MacBain as the Minister of Land and Resources. She also named Senator Thazz as the head of Treasury Department, Senator Austin as the new Minister of Commerce and Business and Senator Volauniiadae as the Minister of Justice. In a surprising move, she selected a non-Senator to head up the Department of Health and Human Services, requesting that Volamnamia, a Vollistan healer and priestess, accept the position.(OOC: The articles are visible in the online forums.)

OATO and Nall reach stalemate in talks Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-62 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Sat Apr 12 00:22:25 3003

NEW PARIS, LA TERRE - Representatives of the Parallax and the Orion Arm Treaty Alliance on Friday deadlocked as negotiations opened regarding the status of the recently invaded planets Grimlahd, Vollista and Val Shohob.The Clawed Fist Fleet vessel Trakral delivered Ur'huluth Sinla of Hatch Thar to La Terre, on behalf of Vox Ock of Hatch Vril, to meet with Patricia Danvers, governor of La Terre and Secretery General of the newly formed OATO.Talks stalled on the issue of inspections of the planets in question: OATO wants to send observers to determine the living conditions of citizens on those worlds, but the Parallax won't allow it unless OATO concedes that those worlds are the sovereign territory of the Nall.The Ur'huluth indicated in a news release that she also awaits word on the condition of a Nall critically injured in a crash on La Terre earlier this week, so that Child of Nalia can be taken home.

Martian refugees preparing for home Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-63 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Sat Apr 12 02:10:57 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - The first group of refugees from Deserata, who evacuated Mars before the Moebius Effect swept their world and switched it with an alternate Red Planet, leaves today for the wilder, less-terraformed, less civilized Mars.Elements of the Martian Legions will deliver the refugees, as well as Second Consul Deke Armitage, Ambassador Victor Cranuv and some troops for security, to start a colony that aims to enjoy peaceful coexistence with the tribal Outbacker clans who dominate the planet."This is the start of a new beginning the Martian Republic has needed since the coming of the Moebius Effect and the too-public demise of Consul Emerson Mauthus," First Consul Darian Ellesmere said. "I am pleased to see this day dawning, at long last."

RNS Rumoured to Purchase Carrier Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-64 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sat Apr 12 14:45:01 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ The Royal Naval Service of Sivad is rumoured to be considering making a cash offer for the DMS Paw's End, the huge Demarian carrier that forms the backbone of the Demarian Militia. The Paw's End, even larger than the HMS Formidable, would be reputedly renamed the HMS Victorious, and would be assigned as the new flagship of the Sivadiain Home Fleet. Sivad is reportedly anxious to add a fighter arm to its forces, and to gain access to the pre-Kretonian technology of the vessel. Any sale would allegedly involve a multial defense arrangement so that the loss of the Paw's End would not compromise Demaria's defence.Sources in the Admiralty were sceptical of these rumours. "Stuff and nonsense!" said one official, remarking that such a ship would be "...incompatable with the doctrines of the Royal Naval Service." Another remarked that, "We have no fighters, or pilots. Why would we want such a vessel." An officer who wished to remain nameless, however, was in favour of the idea, "The more big ships we have the better, wot."/Neville McNamara/

Maltarian Ships En Route To La Terre Edit

Posted By: Colchek Article: APRIL03-65 Reported To: INN Reported On: Ganymede Reported At: Sat Apr 12 15:41:36 3003

TORRICELLI, GANYMEDE - Earlier this afternoon, several ships left the shipyard in orbit around Ganymede on an apparent heading to La Terre. The ships were members of the Enterprise carrier group, under the command of Commodore Toromok. Both La Terre and the Empire are signatories of the OATO. An Imperial Navy spokesman issued a statement that the ships were headed to La Terre to engage in joint training exercises with their military. It is worth pointing out that a Nall vessel recently crashed on La Terre, and in response to that incident a Nall contingent is currently on the planet. Some fear this could be a sign of rising tensions, but the true intent remains to be seen.

Consul praises colonization effort Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-66 Reported To: INN Reported On: Deserata Reported At: Mon Apr 14 18:14:52 3003

PALLAS, DESERATA - First Consul Darian Ellesmere, leader of the Martian Republic, said he has heard nothing but positive reports about the arrival of refugees seeking to re-colonize Mars in the aftermath of the Moebius Effect."Our Legions personnel, as well as the numerous colonists who seek to make Mars their home once again, acquitted themselves admirably," Ellesmere said. "Second Consul Armitage and Ambassador Cranuv are to be commended for their efforts in smoothing interactions between colonists and the indigenous Outbackers."Legions personnel have agreed, as a condition of the armistice between colonists and tribal clans, to arm themselves with nothing stronger than stun weaponry.

Porter's team helping seek TRV cure Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-67 Reported To: INN Reported On: Ungstir Reported At: Tue Apr 15 01:43:25 3003

RESILIENCE, UNGSTIR - Marlan Ranix, a doctor from the legendary VES Minerva who helped cure a prior incarnation of the Thul Resequencing Virus, is now working with researchers to repeat that accomplishment with the disease's latest incarnation.The Lunites are desperately hoping to cure the disease, ever since a former colleague of Ranix's, Rachel Cross, infected Luna by tainting biowarfare antidote injectors with TRV.David Ransom Porter, former commander of the VES Minerva, told INN that Ranix is working in an undisclosed location with medical specialists from around the galaxy. "We want nothing more than to cure this tenacious disease before it can decimate people who have been through too much strife already," he said.

Haskins Searching for TRV Cure Edit

Posted By: Marson Article: APRIL03-68 Reported To: CIN Reported On: Tomin Kora Reported At: Tue Apr 15 01:55:10 3003

(Shadowheart, Tomin Kora) - Doctor Lester Haskins of Above Nature, Inc. expressed some very uncharacteristic intentions this evening: to help the Lunites by seeking out a cure for the TRV virus."In the past, the crew of the Minerva was kind enough to provide me with a cure to this horrible disease, which I've shared with my patients. The resequencing device is an interesting challenge, one that I intend to tackle despite the differences I may've had with the Lunites. For this reason, I will be sharing any and all of my findings with Ranix's team, and would ask that they do the same. My facilities and research laboratories are at their disposal if they require such assistance."

OATO Council Meeting Called Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-69 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 15 09:24:24 3003

/Ynos, Sivad/ The Office of the Orion Arm Treaty Organization Secretary-General Patricia Danvers today released a statement that the second Plenary Session of the Orion Arm Council had been called for Saturday, 26 April 3003 at 3:00 p.m. Concordance Time. The first item on the agenda of this meeting will be the report of the Secretary-General on her meetings with Nall Representatives. It is also expected that the membership of Tomin Kora in the OATO will be discussed, though no representative of Cabrerra was present at the last meeting.Relations between the OATO allies and the Parallax Empire have apparently been strained of late because the alliance refuses to recognize Nall soverignty over the conquered worlds of Val Shohob, Vollista, Grimlahd, and the captured Sanctuary Station. The allies are requesting that they be permitted to bring observers to these worlds, and the recognition of soverignty over the worlds is seen by the Parallax as a precursor to any discussion. Similarly, the admission of Tomin Kora, considered by some to be a criminal world, is another political hot potato, given their links with the Odarite Merchants Guild, already a signatory of the Orion Arm Treaty./Neville McNamara/

Nall will attend OATO meeting Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-70 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Tue Apr 15 15:28:52 3003

NEW PARIS, LA TERRE - The Nall are sending an observer to this weekend's meeting of the Orion Arm Treaty Organization.Ur'huluth Sinla of Hatch Thar, commanding officer of the Clawed Fist Fleet flagship Trakral, has been selected by Vox Ock of Hatch Vril to sit in on the Saturday meeting. One of the topics on the agenda: Whether to recognize Nall dominion over Sanctuary, Val Shohob, Grimlahd and Vollista."We underssstand the ssssoftsssskinssss may be confussssed about the definissssion of ssssovereignty," Sinlathar told INN. "I have been chossssen to remind them, when needed."

Enaj Braces for Week of Rain Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-71 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 16 11:33:45 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ In a remarkable change from its normal picturesque weather patterns, the Enaj Islands are expected to be hit by at least a week of constant overcast and rain, heavy at times. The rain, which may be accompanied by heavy winds at times, is expected to continue until at least next Tuesday.Already, the Sanjuni tourist industry is bracing for the shock, "We depend on beachgoers for our income." said one stallholder, "When it rains, people don't come to the beach. It's just that simple." Others, however, have pointed out that Sivad has no lack of good beach weather, and this will be the first period of less-than-perfect conditions since the famous Blizzard of 3002. "It's amazing how suddenly the weather can change." remarked an expert from the Royal Meterological Institute, "Most of the time, our weather is perfect, but now and again, it changes, as if someone just decided it was time for a change."/Neville McNamara/

Stumppaw Sandwalker missing Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-72 Reported To: INN Reported On: Demaria Reported At: Wed Apr 16 17:05:20 3003

NEW ALHIRA, DEMARIA - Many Demarian refugees who had been bound for the planet Pansheera beyond the multiverse nexus before Sanctuary was overrun by the Nall last month have come to New Alhira on Demaria.But Stumppaw Sandwalker, patriarch of the noble Sandwalker House and spiritual leader of the crusade to travel to Pansheera, is not among those refugees. No one seems to know where he is or what has become of him."I have not seen him since soon after we arrived in Nocturn's star system and came under attack," said Highshoulders Whisperstep, of clan Sandwalker, who was traveling with the elder Sandwalker. "It is possible he fell prey to that dastardly Light Singer, Volari."

Charity Race Garners Interplanetary Support Edit

Posted By: Volskywalker Article: APRIL03-73 Reported To: INN Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Wed Apr 16 18:21:10 3003

(Sanjuni, Sivad) Antimone soldiers will visit Sivad to run in support of a cure for Thul Resequencing Virus, race director Demeter Giffard-Lefleur told reporters earlier today. Antimone is the first interplanetary body to confirm their six-man contingent to participate in Sanjuni's Run for the Cure later this month, though other groups are expected to follow suit.Other confirmed entrants include a group from Hinode Holdings company on Sivad and another sponsored by the University of Enaj.Laakal Serafina Lebidoh, leader of the Antimone contingent, stated by commlink that she was "very happy" to be able to aid the search for a TRV cure in a way that "hopefully isn't made illegal by the paper-pushers before they fire the starting gun." Further clarification on that statement was not forthcoming.

Researchers Crack TRV Code Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-74 Reported To: SP Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Wed Apr 16 22:56:56 3003

/New Paris, La Terre/ The race to cure Thul Resequencing Virus came one step closer to completion today as a team of researchers, let by Surgeon Commander John Lind of the Royal Naval Service, and working with Dr. Marlan Ranix of the UKT Athena at an undisclosed location, managed to successfully sequence the RNA of the TRV. This major breakthrough should permit the medical teams to pinpoint potential weaknesses that can be exploited in either a cure or vaccine for the dread disease that turns humans into slug-like Thul. More information will follow as details become available. /Neville McNamara, Sivadian Press/

King's Champion To Compete in RFTC Edit

Posted By: Volskywalker Article: APRIL03-75 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Fri Apr 18 12:58:40 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) Participants in the Run For the Cure event next Saturday will get to rub shoulders and running shoes with the royal court, organiser Demeter Giffard-Lefleur informed reporters today. King's Champion and Knight Companion of the illustrious Order of Sivad Siegfried von Hochstein will compete in the charity run to help fund research on the deadly Thul Resequencing Virus.Miss Giffard-Lefleur stated that the knight is "very eager to do whatever he can for the cause. He's not a professional runner, so we don't expect him to finish first, which means the rest of us get to run with him."Run For The Cure will take place on Saturday the 26th on Sanjuni, Enaj, and is open to people with all levels of athletic ability.

Estasian Tops TK Time Sheets Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-76 Reported To: INN Reported On: Tomin Kora Reported At: Fri Apr 18 22:41:24 3003

SHADOWHEART, Tomin Kora - Admist tight security and on a slippery track, Sivadian Ysobel Estasian won pole position for tomorrow's Grand Prix of Tomin Kora. Amado Saviola ended qualifying just behind Estasian, the two being the only drivers not to suffer troubles during the hour.Points leader Vladimir Smislav was the first of two casualties of the day, spinning off the track after loosing control into turn eight and sliding into the wall on his first timed lap. The car was damaged and he was unable to set a time. Belton Delpargi spun off at the same point a couple minutes later, and was also unable to set a time during the session."I came into it just as I had during practice all day," Smislav said after returning to the paddock, "It has always been pretty twitchy and you need to fight the car in it, but I never felt the car wanting to spin like that before."Smislav can clinch the driver's championship at this race, but he will be starting the race at the back of the grid. The race will be broadcasted live on SBS Two at 21:00 Sanctuary Standard Time.

27th Century journalist recovered in pod Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-77 Reported To: UIS Reported On: Ungstir Reported At: Fri Apr 18 22:44:54 3003

RESILIENCE, UNGSTIR - The crew of the mining surveyor vessel Gorky recovered a cryogenic pod from the Ungstir Militia vessel Tempest, destroyed during the defense against the Kretonian invasion of 2651.The man revived in the pod - thanks to efforts of several individuals on the landing pad in the city of Resilience - apparently is a journalist from the Consortium Broadcasting Network who was put in the pod during the invasion.His identity has not yet been revealed.

Castori shipbuilder lost in space Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-78 Reported To: INN Reported On: Castor Reported At: Sun Apr 20 09:39:11 3003

URSINIRU, CASTOR - Representatives of the Castori government announced today that three days after leaving Deserata, without any contact, superintendent of the government-subsidied shipyard Castori DriveYards Rablinik is lost in space and presumed dead."We mourn the loss of an esteemed colleague," said government spokesbear Kifribble. "Rablinik was one of the highest experts in his field. It is truly a tragedy to lose such a great asset to the field of ship systems engineering." Rablinik, manager of Castori DriveYards-sponsored racing team "Team Hyperdrive" of the A3l league, left Deserata following the Accelenation 3000 league race there. His flight plan was logged as an approximately 15-minute flight to Castor aboard shipyard-owned transport the CSS Mercury. According to Kifribble, "After 72 hours without contact from the CSS Mercury, and no reports of its landing on any civilized planet, it is safe to assume that the ship's life support has failed and that, sadly, Rablinik perished somewhere in deep space."Rablinik is survived by numerous siblings.

Senator Supports Sivadian Run For Cure Edit

Posted By: Volskywalker Article: APRIL03-79 Reported To: LUNA Reported On: Luna Reported At: Sun Apr 20 13:15:27 3003

FREEDOM LANDING, LUNA Senator Jeffrey Ryan announced that he would be taking part in the Run For the Cure event on Sivad later this month. "The event is raising funds to help those on my world, it may seem frivilous, but if the funds raised help those suffering on Luna then it's in a good cause," said the controversial Senator Ryan from a surprise press conference at his offices. Later he added, "I only hope that somehow those of us taking part in this run can aid those in the true race." When asked if he expected to win he pulled out a packet of cigarettes, "Not this race." Senator Ryan is expected to take part in the race as well as speak at the presentation ceremony to the winners.The Senator is the first and only Lunite to enter the race to this date according to race director Demeter Giffard-Lefleur.

Above Nature Resequences TRV Edit

Posted By: Marson Article: APRIL03-80 Reported To: CIN Reported On: Tomin Kora Reported At: Sun Apr 20 13:45:41 3003

(Shadowheart, Tomin Kora) - Dr. Lester Haskins of Above Nature, Inc. released a statement this morning announcing that he has successfully resequenced the Thull Resequencing Virus, a first step toward the cure. "The discovery was made a few days earlier, but I felt it necessary to carefully go over our work before making a formal announcement." Haskins said. "I am extending an open invitation to any medical researchers wishing to make use of Above Nature's state of the art research laboratories for the purpose of researching TRV."

Parliamentary committee to examine aliens in RNS Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-81 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Tue Apr 22 14:17:41 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - Just weeks after it was revealed that a Centauran surgeon in the Royal Naval Service, Riamqat, may have aided the Parallax regime on Sanctuary, a Conservative councillor and chair of the Defence Committee says the committee will hold hearings to decide whether naturalized non-Sivadians should be permitted to serve in the armed forces."Many non-Sivadians born on Sivad serve His Majesty faithfully and honorably," said John Fielding, the Defence Committee chair, "But I feel that the issue of non-Sivadians who weren't born on Sivad needs to be addressed, particularly in light of the Riamqat affair."The committee is expected to call several officers from the RNS to testify, including non-Sivadians who serve in the armed forces. It will deliver a recommendation to the Council of Equals in May. /Martha Cavalera, Sivadian Press/

Cure for TRV Edit

Posted By: Amanda Article: APRIL03-82 Reported To: SP Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Tue Apr 22 16:44:20 3003

A very credible source reports to SBS that a possible cure has been found for the mutated version of the Thul Resequencing virus that was unleashed on the unsuspecting Lunites by rachel Cross, a temporary employee of avid Ransom Porter who was in reality working for King Colin Niedermeyer. As soon as the information was revealed, research teams across the ggalaxy began searching for a cure to the disease which transforms victims into slug-like Thul. Now it appears that search may be over. Our source confirms that a possible cure which has shown positive results on a human test subject will begin to be distributed to the population of Luna in a matter of days. Our source asks that anyone wishing to help distribute the vacinne or donate funds to aid in its production contact Dr. Dana Pellew on Sivad. additional details wil be released when the safety of our source has been assured Amanda Ramlan, SBS

Neidermeyer vows vengeance Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-83 Reported To: INN Reported On: Ganymede Reported At: Thu Apr 24 23:54:39 3003

TORRICELLI, GANYMEDE - Colin Neidermeyer is displeased.For the first time since his escape from Earth after declaring himself king and setting off plasma bombs to spite Nall and Kretonian invaders, he allowed journalists (blindfolded for six hours and flown around in random directions until finally docking aboard a generic-looking space station) to ask questions at a press conference. The holovid was then channeled through a Maltarian listening post on Ganymede for wider broadcast."Motherf***ing a**holes, teaming up and curing a perfectly good lethal virus," Neidermeyer offered as his opening gambit to the conversation with six journalists. "No doubt, that little s*** Jeff Ryan is whacking off with one hand and patting himself on the back with the other." He stops, looks toward one of the journalists and asks: "Can I say 'whacking off' on holovid?"The journalist coughs, pales and says, "I'm pretty sure you can't say *most* of what you just said." "Even if I'm Colin f***ing Neidermeyer?"The journalist nods. "Technically, Mr. Neidermeyer, you're not exactly the sort of celebrity who would get away with that sort of thing, like, say, Nek Wampo." For those who have been living under a blob of sanaen larvae the past year, Nek Wampo is the front man for the hit Sivadian thrash band Kamir Kameleon. Wampo is known for his outlandish antics and wild quotes to the press. "I'm *King* Colin Neidermeyer.""Not to put too fine a point on it, sir, but you're the self-proclaimed king of a dead planet, killed by your own hand," the hapless journalist goes on. "What celebrity you *do* have is garnered by your maniacal efforts to wreak vengeance upon those who have thwarted you in the past. Frankly, it's a little tiresome." "Then maybe you need more sleep," Neidermeyer snarls. As he holsters the flechette pistol, the bloody corpse of the reporter spills off the chair and onto the deck. He looks around at the other reporters and asks, "We got any other wiseacres?"In closing, he tells the surviving journalists: "Fine. They've found cures for the virus. F***ing spiffy. There's no cure for what's coming next.." He looks toward a baton-twirling Cajun with unwashed hair, unshaven face and a bad accent, and says, "Remy, get these f***ing vultures back to their roosts."

Kamir Kameleon plans tour Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-84 Reported To: Inn Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Fri Apr 25 00:11:59 3003

YNOS, SIVAD - Normally, Nek Wampo doesn't "do" tours."I fookin' hate 'em, they're like fookin' vampires, sookin' the liff from ya," the band's outspoken frontman lamented tonight in an interview. "But sometimes, all ya can do is bare yer neck 'n say, 'Sook on it, love, jus' try not to leave any marks, right?'"The thrash band Kamir Kameleon has had six hit records and more than a dozen top ten hits, including "Fook A Speccy" and "Backwards Squiggly." But they've only toured once before, back in the year 2997 - a simpler time, before the return of Sanctuary, the rampages of the Lem'ing or the Moebius Effect. The band lost millions of yojj, but sold out venues from Sivad to Luna - and even had a bit of an inexplicable cult following on Castor thanks to their hit single "Furry Chute." "I hate tourin', I hate goin' from planet to planet, actin' like I give a hoverin' fook about the people, smilin', wavin', askin' if their town can kick the fookin' arse of the next town over," Wampo said. "Face it: I hate the fookin' lot of 'em, but they keep me knee deep in hookahs and hallucinogens, so keep it fookin' comin', right?"The tour begins July 10.

Professor- Sivad Time should be Galactic Standard Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-85 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sat Apr 26 14:14:26 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ "The Concordance of Free Worlds is dead, and Concordance, which no longer has that name, is occupied. It is time for a change. Of time." said Professor Colin Eberton of the Department of International Relations of the University of Enaj during a public lecture last evening. The Professor said that in his opinion, the Concordance of Free Worlds, the loose trade confederation which was administrated from what was Concordance Station, has become effectively defunct, and that the current largest Interstellar Alliance is the OATO, based on Sivad. Therefore Sivad's Enaj Mean Time should be the galactic standard. "Besides," the Professor remarked, "Do we want the Nall to control the location from which all Galactic Time is calibrated?" /Neville McNamara, Sivadian Press/

Professor: Leave Standard Time alone! Edit

Posted By: Khamura Article: APRIL03-86 Reported To: sp Reported On: sivad Reported At: Sat Apr 26 14:27:43 3003

/Ynos, Sivad/ The opinion that Sivadian time should become the galaxy's standard time, voiced by Professor Colin Eberton of the Department of International Relations of the University of Enaj, was shot down in an angry response from Professor Ignatius Sindlefield-Heathe, of the same department in the University of Ynos. "My esteemed colleague should know better than to drag matters of interstellar policy into a completely apolitical matter," said the professor. "The situation is precarious enough without unnecessary complifications of the political landscape by making outlandish demands that put additional pressure on it."Professor Sindlefield-Heathe suggested that the issue should remain as it is "until a more stable political situation has resulted from the present one."/Kerrigan Whitestone-Villeneuve, Sivadian Press/

Professor: Time for Metric Time! Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-87 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sat Apr 26 14:31:07 3003

/Regreb Bay South, Sivad/ Professor Kirk Mackey at Regreb University told reporters today that the time has come for metric time. "Sixty minutes in an hour? 24 hours in a day? It's time for the galaxy to stop living in the dark ages! 100 seconds a minute, 100 minutes an hour and 10 hours a day -- that's the way to go. We should implement this change immediately and start educating our children!" /Martha Cavalera, Sivadian Press/

Grand Inquisitor dead? Edit

Posted By: Wes Platt Article: APRIL03-88 Reported To: INN Reported On: Concordance Reported At: Sat Apr 26 14:54:20 3003

SANCTUARY - The population of the vessel Sanctuary has noted a peculiar absence in the last weeks of the daily reports made through the ship's communication systems by its Parallax appointed governor, Grand Inquisitor Volari. In an interview with Whitetuft Proudfoot, a first year resident nurse training at the Sanctuary medical facilities who was surprisingly promoted to serve as the Grand Inquisitor's personal doctor following the Centauran genocide, the felinoid stated that after his release from the ICU, Volari failed to appear at subsequent physical therapy appointments and check-ups.This news, along with the Vollistan's apparent absence in all matters diplomatic and political have pumped life into rumours that the Parallax may be hiding the Vollistan's death from the rest of the multiverse.More as it develops!

Ghost Ship Revealed Edit

Posted By: Russkaya Article: APRIL03-89 Reported To: UIS Reported On: Ungstir Reported At: Sat Apr 26 22:10:05 3003

RESILIENCE, UNGSTIR: For the last few months, rumors of a "ghost ship", a sable painted high delta vee intruder have been rippling through the docks of Resilience. Today those rumors became reality, as New Murmansk Mining and Manufacturing made its first public demonstration of its newest Rockhopper variant. Called the Jackhammer, this insystem ship is small and designed for high speed and maneuverability. Indeed, the acrobatics performed had even the most staid of the Rock's industrial pilots in awe.The Ungstiri Militia has stated that they have aquired several Jackhammers for testing and training purposes. - Dominic Koromov, UIS

Toryu finishes one-two clinches two Edit

Posted By: Hugh Article: APRIL03-90 Reported To: INN Reported On: Castor Reported At: Sat Apr 26 22:13:59 3003

SHADOWHEART, Tomin Kora - Toryu Racing took a one-two finish at the Grand Prix of Tomin Kora today, with their number one driver Vladimir Smislav taking the victory, as well as clinching the driver's championship for himself. Ysobel Estasian's second place finish secured the constructor's championship for Toryu Racing, all with one race left in the season.The race began with an amazing first lap that saw Smislav, starting from the back of the grid due to a crash in qualifying, tear through the grid to end the lap trading first place with Estasian twice. The two teammates dueled for a number of laps before Smislav got past and began to pull away.In a race with his chance at the championship at stake, Team HyperDrive driver Amado Saviola suffered from a very lack-luster race, ending it in fourth position. His teammate, Belton Delpargi, ended the race even worse at seventh place.Although both championships in the A3L Galactic Championship have been clinched, there is still one more race to go as the league stops on Sivad again for the Grand Prix of Sanjuni next month. Smislav said in the post-race press conference that, even though he had won the championship, he was still going to try to win the race. With nothing but second place in the driver's standings up for grabs, though, only pride will be at stake at the final round.

Vollistan Crash Victim Awakens Edit

Posted By: Volskywalker Article: APRIL03-91 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Sun Apr 27 15:52:37 3003

NEW PARIS, LA TERRE - Doctors expect the second of the Vollistans rescued from a heat-damaged Nall ship on La Terre to awaken within the next two days. Both Vollistans and the other occupant of the ship, a Nall, were badly injured in the ship's crash landing on the La Terre pad. Little information has been obtained from either the ship or the first Vollistan survivor who has been kept heavily sedated since the incident. It is hoped that upon achieving consciousness the Vollistan will be able to shed some light on the situation which brought them to La Terre. The Nall remains in critical condition.

Correction: Vollistan Crash Victim Awakens Edit

Posted By: Volskywalker Article: APRIL03-92 Reported To: INN Reported On: La Terre Reported At: Sun Apr 27 18:47:51 3003

INN incorrectly stated that the Nall survivor of the La Terran crash was in critical condition in La Terran custody. In fact the Nall has been granted passage to his people at the request of Ur'huluth Sinlathar. We apolgist for our error.

Cabinet minister brandishes rifle in hospital Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-93 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Mon Apr 28 18:37:12 3003

(Enaj, Sivad) - Staff members at the Enaj Treatment Centre reported today seeing Trade Minister Sir William Ainsworth in the hospital wielding an RNS-issue assault rifle with an attached bayonet and wearing a tactical vest.Ainsworth was not stopped because he has an M permit. Still, it is unclear what the former marine's intentions were. There is some speculation that the equipment may have been taken from the RNS when Ainsworth resigned.Staff members say Ainsworth may have been attempting to visit his wife, Samantha Ainsworth, who was stabbed in a mugging just a week ago. Mrs. Ainsworth has been released.Police officers have been cracking down on illegal weapons on Sivad. Sources in SHIELD say that Ungstiri Ambassador Ekaterina Innokentevna was issued a ticket for 1000 yojj-sterling today for carrying a psi blocker, which is illegal on Sivad. /Martha Cavalera, Sivadian Press/

Trade Secretary resigns Edit

Posted By: Plymouth Article: APRIL03-94 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Mon Apr 28 19:57:40 3003

In a startling move today Sir William Ainsworth, decorated former Royal Marine and conservative Minister of Trade announced his resignation effective immediately from his nominated position and public service."Is with great regret I must announcement my departure for personal and familial concerns," Sir William noted in a simple announcement to news media. "I have enjoyed the challenges in serving my world in a public capacity, but I find that pressing personal matters draw my attention away from my work at this time."No other reason was given for the sudden departure, but it is surmised the sudden humiliation of unverified and unsubstantiated news reports indicating the Minister had been walking around a local hospital on Enaj carrying military grade weapons may have had something to do with the sudden move. No comment was given by the former Ministers office, and Sir William could not be reached for personal comment, as it appears he and his wife have left Enaj for a personal residence somewhere outside the city and out of touch.

TRV Nightmare Over Edit

Posted By: Amanda Article: APRIL03-95 Reported To: SP Reported On: Luna Reported At: Mon Apr 28 22:54:36 3003

Doctor Marlan Ranix reports that the last injections were administered this evening to those Lunites who were infected with the Thul Resequencing Virus and that all patients appear to be cured. Doctor Ranix, who serves as a doctor aboard the Athena was part of a team, which also included Sivadian doctor Jonathan Lind among others, who found a cure for the disease approximately a week ago. She and a number of other volunteers have spent the past week administering the cure which she says went "as smoothly as could be expected" Amanda Ramlan, SBS

Senator Extends Gratitude Edit

Posted By: Michela Article: APRIL03-96 Reported To: LUNA Reported On: Luna Reported At: Thu May 01 22:30:56 3003

FREEDOM'S LANDING, LUNA. Senator Ryan gave a press conference today concerning the cure for the TRV, he said, "I would like to give my sincerest thanks to all those involved, I was fortunate enough to meet some of the finest doctors in this galaxy and their generosity is un-matched, all of Luna wishes to thank you." When asked about how the cure was found, "I'm not a doctor, but the key was apparently in sequence of the RNA, which allowed the Doctors to understand how the virus worked. The cure was extensively tested on two brave voluntary test subjects before being administered to the populace." In response to the latest threat by Neidermeyer, Ryan had only these simple words, "We're taking steps, I'm taking steps. The Senate, the LCAF and other agencies are working together in an inspirational way. Luna will survive, whatever the cost. In these days I'm proud to be a Lunite, proud of all of our people


Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-97 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sun May 04 19:07:55 3003

/Nacilep Island, Sivad/ Sources on the scene of the Royal Hunt on Nacilep Island have reported that King Richard I has been shot by a would-be assassin and is severely injured. SHIELD has cordoned off the whole of the Darkwood Hall Estate. Reports attribute the attack to a specialist rights activist, identity unknown, who fired three shots at the King at close range. More inormation as it becomes available./Neville McNamara/

FC Confirms Assassination Attempt against King Edit

Posted By: Aeolus Article: APRIL03-98 Reported To: SP Reported On: Sivad Reported At: Sun May 04 21:35:09 3003

/Grand Enaj, Sivad/ In a holovised statement this evening, First Councillor Sir Fredrick Chamberlain confirmed that an assassin had attempted to slay King Richard I at the King's Darkwood Hall estate on Nacilep Island. Calling it a "grevious message" for the people of Sivad, the First Councillor declared that the King was in critical but stable condition in Enaj. Increased security at the Enaj Treatment Centre has lead to speculation that the King is being treated there, though doctors and staff refused to comment. The First Councillor assured the people, however, that the "crown was secure" and that those responsible for the assault on His Majesty would be found and brought to justice. The man who weilded the gun is already in SHIELD custody at an undisclosed location, undergoing interrogation.Initial reports, so far still unconfirmed, were that His Majesty was shot by a man claiming to be a specialist rights advocate. The man approached the King and fired three rounds from an antique revolver, striking the King in the torso. The King was treated at the site by Baroness Isherwood-Sutherland and an unknown Centauran, as well as noted naval physician John Lind. Once stabalised, the King was transported aboard a high-speed hovercopter to Enaj with a full SHIELD escort. His attacker, who had been overpowered by bystanders, was also transported to Enaj by SHIELD.As a result of the attack, patrols around Sivad have been stepped up. SHIELD has more than doubled patrols, and Royal Marines have been assigned to guard sensative areas. All transport off-planet has been frozen for the time being by executive order of the First Councillor.An assault on the life of the King is high treason under the Treasons Act of 2811. If charged with "compassing the death of the King," the assailant and any conspirators could face death- high treason is one of the only two civilian offences on Sivad which are still subject to capital punishment. The case would be groundbreaking, as no attempt has been made on the life of a Sivadian Monarch since the so-called "polydenum plot" against Queen Paulette I in 2877, in which an attempt was made to explode containers of polydenum during the state opening of the Council. All conspirators in that plot were executed./Nevill McNamara, Sivadian Press/

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