HMS Indefatigable
Image of HMS Indefatigable
Identification Number ITS-0104-CC7
Registry Royal Naval Service
Class Indefatigable
Type Milspec
Owner Royal Naval Service
Master Rt. Hon. Commodore the Earl Cochrane

The flagship of the Sivadian Royal Naval Service, as well for Commodore the Earl Cochrane, the Indefatigable is not only one of the largest capital ships currently in operation, it is also one of the most advanced. A modern First Rate Ship of the Line, it sports varied weapons systems as well as the ability to carry twenty four Spitfire class multi-role starfighters. The latter ability has branded the Indefatigable a battle-carrier rather than just a battleship among nations that use a modern ship classing system.

Since its commissioning it has maintained a higly visible presence, both in Sivadian military operations as well a diplomatic and service duties. It lead the task force against the Kamir threat of Grim and also served during the Sivad-Solar Republic Conflict. It has undertook diplomatic missions to Ungstir and participated in the rescue of the G'anli survivors from the Ahndar Subcity disaster. Most recently it served in several key battles of the Birthright War. When assembled, the Indefatigable serves as the central piece of the Indefatigable Carrier Task Group

The first ship of its class, several more of its kind were scheduled to be built and production was accelerated by the Birthright War; however, the RNS has not publicly acknowledged any of them having been christened or having served. Indefatigable's main armament consists of four triple Mark Seven turbocannon turrets, backed by a state of the art milspec fire control system. It carries both the heaviest armor and shield systems of any current capital ship and, in a departure from traditional Sivadian practice, has been equipped with a Mark II Spindrive transition engine. It has 2 Launches (RNS "Fearless" Class), 1 Barge (RNS Standard Senior Office Type) and 2 Pinnacles (RNS "Newcastle" Class). Last, its conventional armaments are supplemented by a wing of Spitfire starfighters, maintained in a well protected hangar and flight control facility.

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