[[Image:{{{race_image}}}|125px|Image of a Grimlahdi]]
Scientific Name Cogilacerta grim
Classification Iguanadonian biped
Average Height 5'8" (173cm)
Average Weight 180lbs (82kg)
Average Lifespan 80 Years
Native Language Grimlahdi
Homeworld Grimlahd

Grimlahdi are medium-sized reptiloids originating on Grimlahd. Their general appearance bears some resemblance to bipedal iguanas in that they have scaly skin, nonretractable claws, a whiplike tail, and headspines. In addition, their tongues are forked like those of snakes. Eye color may range from brown to dark blue to light gray. Scale colors are typically earth tones or dark green, with slight color variation between front and back sides.

The Grimlahdi are considered shrewder, more intelligent, and less impulsive than the Zangali, often with a more Machiavellian than philosophical viewpoint. They are willing to consume meat other than that of their deceased elders. Physical differences from their cousin race include a tail and a lighter, more agile build. Internally, enough similarity exists that a doctor specializing in one race may be able to treat a patient of the other. The races share copper-based blood with compatible antigens.

They collaborated with the Nall invasion of their world, helping the Nall hunt down the rebellious Zangali who did not manage to escape offworld, and may as a result have a bit of cultural guilt.

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