Location x
Coordinates X: 950470
Y: 8760003
Z: 590000
Satellites x
Climate harsh, cold
Terrain x
Population x Grimlahdi
x Zangali
x Nall
Government and Economy
Government The Circle of Twelve (constitutional ogliarchy) -- subject state of the Parallax Empire
Currency pebble, trilar
Gross World Product (GWP)

Grimlahd is the chilly homeworld of the reptiloid Zangali and Grimlahdi, where the inhabitants dwell in cave cities such as the capital, Akril. Grimlahd was conquered by the Nall in 2001 and ruled by them until the Parallax civil war of 2651, when rebellion forced Vox Hskrivril to give Grimlahd its freedom along with Ydahr, Vollista and Ist’Thol’Mek. The Nall ruled Grimlahd again briefly during the Parallax Expansion of 3003 and then annexed them peacefully in 3004, when former Apex Goknreln chaired the Circle.

A fairly bleak-looking world of mountains, with some cool forested regions. Some indications of continued seismic and volcanic activity.

Settlements seem based within the mountains themselves. The Zangali and Grimlahdi, denizens of Grimlahd, are governed by the Circle - a council chaired by the Apex.

The government has nothing against citizens or visitors carrying weapons, so long as they have the proper permits.

Those who are caught committing crimes on Grimlahd become property of the Circle and usually become assigned some bleak task like working in the mines for a certain period until they have earned their way back to freedom.

Crimes of violence, such as murder, are punishable by acts of retributional violence determined by the Circle.

It may be as simple as plucking an eye or severing a limb, or as extreme as placing the accused under a plank of wood, upon which are stacked hundreds of pounds of rocks, crushing him.

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