Population: 456,000

Breakdown: 54% Lunite, 18% Human, 14% Ungstiri, 7% Qua, 2% Vollistan, 5% Miscellaneous

Nestled between the Raella Mountains and Independence Harbor on New Luna, Greenville had its beginnings in 2891 as a fishing village of around 80 descendants of a Kretonian era colony ship of humans. In early 3000 (when New Luna was formally discovered), a research post was set next to the Greenville wetlands to discern the uses of various plants and animals on the planet, employing a crew of around thirty.

It wasn't more than a few months before Earth was plasma bombed by terrorists, and Greenville opened its arms to over thirty thousand refugees from its mortal enemy. Forests were leveled, and camps were set up. Infrastructure was slowly built up. In 3001, almost 50,000 Ungstiri were added to its ranks due to the Nall evacuation, and in 3002, a huge influx of Martians and Lunites were camped out in tents all over the mountain.

It took three years of building, but a city has been formed out of all these refugee camps, forming a heavily sea-dependant culture and the largest city on New Luna, surpassing Freedom City in 3002. Popular spots include Paul's Chowderhouse, the Dead Fish Tavern, Independence Harbor, and Greenville Park.

Much of the city is controlled by a cabal made up of two extended families that immigrated from Luna in the year 3000, the Carters and the Millers. Jack Miller and Eleanor Carter were the overseers of the refugee camps back in 3000, and as the camps grew, nepotism blossomed in their ranks. By 3004, almost 100 people with the last name of Carter or Miller were on Greenville's payroll. As they were given charge of the design and expansion of the city, members of the cabal were sold the best land in the best locations. While the Council and the mayor strive to keep the influence of the cabal in check, most well-to-do businesses in Greenville either have greased the palm of a member of the cabal, or have one in their ranks.

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