GMF Athena
Shipclass paris silhouette small
Identification Number PRI-0103-AK6
Registry GMF
Class Paris
Type Civspec
Owner Marlan Ranix
Master Marlan Ranix

Commissioned in February of 3003, the UKT Athena was specially constructed by Prometheous_Industries to serve Captain David Ransom Porter and his crew. The Athena served Porter well, though for a brief period of time fell into the hands of the Vollistan Interrogator Volari. It survived the destruction of Sanctuary and escaped from Volari's possession soon afterwards due to the actions of the ship's engineer and a Lotorian by the name of Feznak. Subsequently it was retrieved by the ship's current captain, Captain Marlan Ranix, who traded with the Lotorians for final possession of the ship. Since then the Athena has followed in the tradition of the VES Minerva and was involved in both the Pandora's Box and Palisade investigations. The Athena is currently in service as the flagship of the Athena Exploration Service under Captain Marlan Ranix.

The Athena is an armed merchant vessel, equipped with two turreted pulse cannons and a turreted plasma cannon. It also has a MkIV deflector shield array. Early in 3004 a set of three boarding locks were added to the spacecraft. The Athena underwent a complete drive and power systems replacement in the middle of 3004, and at that time its sensor suite was also enhanced. After the Palisade Incident, the Athena spent a major period of time in the New Murmansk Support Group drydocks for major repairs and system upgrades, including the replacement of the ship's Spindrive. Following damage acquired during the mission to cure ATRV, Athena underwent interior improvements and was refitted with weapons.

In mid to late 3006, the Athena's Captain, Marlan Ranix, left the ship to learn more about the Kamir powers that were starting to bloom in her. After that point, the ship fell into confusion, remaining stationary on Ungstir for the most part until a group of rowdy and drunk miners started to pick a fight with, as they put it, "Kamir lovers". Under the orders of Head of Security, Raisa Amondella, the Athena lifted up off of Ungstir and took up its previous stationary behavior, but now on New Luna. After some idle time there, with no direction, Jack Wiendrbac, Captain of the Artemis, and now the highest ranking member of AES, named Raisa to stand in as temporary Captain until he took control. Once Wiendrbac returned to fulfill his promise of taking the ship, offering Raisa the chance to serve once more as Security, she resigned.

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