The G'ahnli Mercantile Fleet is one of three governmental entities on G'ahnlo. The common perception of the Mercantile Fleet is that it is little more than a starship registration code when, in reality, it is somewhat more. There are three classes of starship registration in the GMF.

Class I Edit

Ships registered as Class I GMF vessels are required to list a G'ahnli port as a home port, and are bound to respond to calls to service by the Mercantile Fleet and Commerce Council in emergency situations. Typically, Class I registrations are granted only to unarmed or lightly armed merchant vessels.

Class II Edit

Class II GMF vessels are held to standards similar to those of Class I registrations. The difference comes in armament and response requirements. Class II ships are generally purpose-built combat vessels, or vessels armed well enough to stand in combat with milspec vessels. The Mercantile Fleet can call Class II vessels to service for planetary defense.

Class III Edit

Class III vessels are military vessels owned fully by any of the twenty-four members of the Commerce Council. Ownership remains with the corporation, but the GMF receives the ability to take command of the vessel in question at any time. Class III ships are the closest thing to a standing navy that G'ahnlo maintains, and most are usually in action patrolling the Ahndar star system.

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