Fried Fish
Summary: Jantine and Dirionis host an NLM fish fry
Cast: Jantine Dirionis Volouscheur Ruin Alandra NortonJustine Aisrya Leodhais Gennadiy
Air Date: 2007.01.04

Golden Beach <Deepcrest Island, New Luna>

This long, straight beach is coated in a golden, silky sand near the water and a soft, fine white sand, almost like powdered sugar, away from the waterline. A few leaves of seaweed are washed up, as well as shells here and there, but overall the beach is clean and sparkling. Where the trees come close to the water, some strange animals, shaped like ferrets but having monkeylike tails and limbs, play in the surface happily, squeaking like merecats. A few dolphins can be seen cresting the surface out not too far in the water.

Jan sits on a medium sized cooler, a bottle in hand. There's a grill nearby him, with what appears to be an NLM cook preparing fish. A few NLM types are nearby, including most of Claymore Squadron, talking idly, a few have drinks.

Ruin makes his way down from the landing pad, skidding a bit on the sands. He's pleasant enough with the pilots - at least, those who've sered long enough to remember his brief tenure - but he's looking for someone in specific.

Volouscheur walks down from the concrete pad, aura glowing pale green. She heads towards the group, just behind Ruin and carrying a bag.

Jantine takes a drink from his bottle, turning to the cook "How the fish doing?" he asks "Fine" the cook replies. Ruin gets a few greetings, as does Scheur. There's more NLM people trickling in behind the two of them, a few at a time, some seem to be bringing food.

Ruin heads for Jan, though, giving his friend a nod in greeting. "Hey," he says, coming near. "You called. I came."

~And I tagged along,~ Scheur adds, following after Ruin. She returns the greetings people give her, adjusting the bag on her shoulder slightly.

Jantine smiles as Ruin and Scheur come up to him "Hey, you guys did come" he stands up, looking cheerful "Didn't know if you were going to make it" he adds after a bit.

Ruin shrugs. "For a fish fry - probably not," he admits. "But you mentioned another problem, and that was what we came for."

~/I/ would've come for a fish fry,~ Scheur notes. She sits down, asking quietly, ~How can we help, Jan?~

Jantine frowns slightly, shrugging it off after a bit "Just been thinking, if my problems seem to be hurting other people, why not fix them?" he asks, taking a drink from his bottle.

"They haven't been doing you a world of good, either," is Ruin's quiet observation. "Scheur might be able to help, though."

Volouscheur nods quietly, ~Least I can do is /try/, anyways.~ The trio are all down at the beach, with a number of NLM members also partaking in the fish fry.

Norton is smoking a cigarette and by the bulge in his lower lip, has a wad of dip in. He's carrying a case of root beer and a cooler.

"What exactly can you do?" Jan asks Scheur, looking slightly concerned. Norton gets some greetings, mainly from marines.

Ruin shrugs, more or less people watching. "Oh. There's Norton," he says quietly. "Not terribly politic of you, Jan, inviting all of us."

Volouscheur glances up and over, frowning a touch. ~Could be that he didn't have a choice about inviting him,~ Scheur notes. She shrugs and returns her attention to Jan, ~I'm trained in psionic healing. I can help you work through the problem.~

Norton is smoking a cigarette and probably has a wad of dip in. He's carrying a cooler and case of root beer, and he's grinning as he heads over to mingle with some marines.

Jantine shrugs "I don't see what's wrong with him, he's a good Captain, kinda like Tay." Jan comments idly, before turning back to Scheur "How long would it take?" Jan, Ruin, and Scheur are over by the NLM cook, and a cooler. Jan has a bottle in his hand. There's a good deal of NLM types around.

Dirionis makes his way onto the beach, one of the few times he might be spotted in civilian clothes. With a smile on his face, he makes his way towards Jan, and whoever is near him.

Which would be Ruin, and Scheur. Ruin shakes his head, laughing a bit. "It's not worth going into," he says, "but I'd rather not stay too long. Scheur?"

~Tay's a better captain,~ Scheur says simply. ~One woman's opinion, but still.~ She stretches, shrugging to Ruin, ~I'm not going to stay much longer than you will, I suspect.~

After talking a bit to the marines, who keep nodding in the direction of Jan and the rest, Norton rolls his eyes and walks over, grinning. He tells Jan, "Hey, slick, if you're friends ain't want me around, I can take this party elsewhere."

Jantine frowns again "So why can't I just take meds and be done with it?" he asks quietly, nodding to Diri slightly and taking another drink. He turns to Norton, saying "Don't think they're staying much longer, sir" after a pause, he glances sympathetically towards Scheur and Ruin.

Dirionis gives a smile to Ruin and Scheur, " Well, nice to see the both of you, again." Before giving a nod to Norton and a few marines. "Everything going well?" He asks Jan.

"I did have a curiosity about New Luna law as it applies to assault," shrugs Ruin. "But it can wait. As to medication...well, I'm sure there'd be few objections to me being put on it, but I don't know that they let you fly a ship while on psychiatric medications."

Volouscheur waves to Diri and nods to Ruin's comments, ~Plus, from what little I know of might not /want/ to fly while on meds anyways, even if they'd let you.~

"Yeah, why? You planning on punching a marine captain out?" asks a grinning Norton. "Anyway, I'm leaving." He tells Ruin, "You don't know, but you're talking anyway." Grinning at Scheur, he says, "Same goes for you, glowbulb. You from a backwater planet where the cutting edge is dishwashers. You got a biased opinion on human medication from a plant pushing drug addict. Let the guy make up his own mind. If you try shaping it for him, you'll be charged with tampering with government property."

Jantine nods slowly, frowning again, then turns to Norton "Sir, please don't talk to my friends like that." he pleads, nodding slightly to Diri.

Dirionis frowns a moment, hearing Norton, " Yeah, Captain, we won't want any fist fights at this fiesta."

Ruin shakes his head. "It's all right, Jan. This is a militia party, and Scheur and I don't qualify." He gives Norton a bland look. "I wouldn't dream of punching a marine captain out," he says. "I was actually wondering because someone enjoys punching *me*, and since I am not in uniform or wearing officer's bars, I wasn't sure if pressing charges was an option." He shrugs. "It is, after all, only a punch. There's worse in a bar fight. I'd simply like to know what my options for defense are." He raises his hand to his ear, and its commlik, blinking in surprise, and murmurs a reply as he looks out to sea curiously.

Volouscheur fiddles with her commlink for a few moments and then looks at Ruin curiously. She glances out to sea as well, tilting her head to one side. Blandly, she says to Norton, ~I'm touched by your attempts to keep auditioning - but, really: there's room for only /one/ ass in my life, and the position is filled.~

"Yes, pressing charges is an option. This may come as something of a surprise but a legal system supersedes the law of the jungle on NL. If you don't think pressing charges is a gutless coward's tactic, anyway, feel free to press charges. I apologize for making asinine assumptions," says Norton to Ruin as he continues to grin. "The company I keep must be rubbing off on me." He tells Scheur, "Lady, you ain't got my sense of style to pull off a comment like that. Stick to your poetry and mind rapes." That said, Norton turns to walk off, leaving the cooler and root beer in the care of some of the marines from his company. "Later, buddies."

Jantine simply frowns, scratching the back of his neck wordlessly.

Dirionis gives Norton a little wave, the small smile still enduring despite the verbal skiff. " So, how has it been with you to?" Diri says to Scheur and Ruin, tilting his head at Ruin's commlink.

Ruin gives Jan a rueful look. "And that, in a nutshell, is why you shouldn't have invited us to a Militia fish fry," he says. "We'll go - we're the odd ones out, after all." He gives Diri a smile. "Hey," he says. "Nice to see you, too. Doing better for yourself lately, it seems. We're managing. Seeing the galaxy, meeting people, that kind of thing. Mind you, it's not the most friendly of galaxies, but I think it's probably the ship people object to."

Volouscheur nods to Ruin, saying nothing and just peering after Norton for a few moments. She returns her attention to Ruin and Jantine, remaining silent. for action

Jantine turns back to Ruin and Scheur "So what do you want me to do?" He says eventually with a sigh, sitting back down on the cooler and taking another drink. Dirionis nods to Ruin. "Thats good to hear." And then he scratches his cheek bone as he starts to think he interupted something.

Ruin sighs as Norton leaves. "I hope he doesn't try to ground you," he murmurs. "Good captain - not a good man. Do what you think best, Jan. If you can take medications and still fly, then official channels are best. If you can't...we'll try to help if you want, but as you can see he doesn't like Vollistans."

Volouscheur shrugs to Ruin and nods, saying to Jan, ~You could always take some leave time, if you have any, and come to Vollista, maybe? Iast and I could help you there without him interfering.~

Jantine shrugs "I just went on leave, remember? Doubt they'll let me go again anytime soon" he says, kicking some sand "And you don't have to leave yet, Norton did leave" he says, gesturing to where the man mentioned was standing.

Dirionis looks back and forth from Scheur to Jantine, double-taking. " Wait...What? Medication? You hurt, Jan?" His eyes stop on Jan.

Leodhais walks onto the beach, somewhat stiffly, his face expressionless, though his eyes are constantly darting back and forth, as though looking for something or someone.

Ruin shakes his head. "To even out his mood swings, Diri," he says. "So he doesn't fly off the handle so much when he's stressed and can't get off the ground or out to sea. Which is what makes it somewhat iffy - if it were pain medication it'd be one thing, but there may be a policy against letting the mentally unstable fly ships."

Volouscheur just listens quietly as everyone talks. She looks up as Leodhais approaches, offering a feeling of comfort to him.

Jantine kicks some more sand "Should I just check, then?" he asks simply, looking down.

"Ah..." He glances from Ruin to Jan. " Have ya Tryed ciggerettes?" Though it was foolish, it came from Diri's heart.

Leodhais looks at Dirionis blankly at the suggestion of cigarettes, but doesn't say anything, just walks over towards Scheur and Ruin, still glancing about.

Volouscheur gestures for Leodhais to sit down beside her, nodding to Jan, ~You ought to check, yes. I don't think you should use medication unless it's the only alternative, though - and I'm sure there have to be better ways.~

Jantine nods slowly "And no Diri, don't plan on wasting my money like that" it looks as if he might be drawing something in the sand with his foot, whatever it is, it's unintelligible.

Dirionis shrugs, replying, " I'm gonna grab some fish and a drink...Be back." He wanders towards the refreshments.

Leodhais sits down next to Scheur and sets his chin in his hand, the glancing calming down a bit, though he's still somewhat wary. "...I know I just got here, but have you tried meditation, Jan?"

Volouscheur continues to offer a feeling of comfort to Leodhias, looking at Jan curiously.

Jantine shrugs "If it's anything like what I do alone in space, or on out at sea, yes" he says, still tracing random lines in the sand. He finishes off what was left of his drink.

Dirionis gathers his food and drink, heading back to the small group. "Flying used to calm you down a bit..." He starts, "Though you haven't been able to, often..."

Leodhais tilts his head a bit. "...I mean like yoga or practiced breathing? That sort of thing," he suggests. "It helps more than people give it credit for."

Volouscheur nods quietly, just....listening for now. The feeling of comfort continues, Scheur murmuring, ~I'm going to go get something to eat and drink - I'll be right back.~ She stands to go get some fish and a drink of her own.

Jantine looks to Diri "It still does calm me, and I have been flying a lot recently" he says, turning to Leodh "Then no, I haven't tried it"

Dirionis frowns, stroking his chin. "Nevermind than." He takes a bite of fish, and a sip of his drink. Leodhais remains seated, not really in the mood for food or drink at the moment. "You should give a try - the worst that can happen is that it won't work," he says.

Volouscheur returns after a short while, heading back to sit down beside Leodhais. She nibbles at her fish quietly, saying nothing again.

Jantine shrugs "Maybe" he says. He stands up, but only to turn around and take another bottle out of the cooler he's perched on. He sits back down, opens it, and takes another drink "What's it consist of?" he asks Leodh. There's a large group of NLM type people at the beach, all out of uniform. From the looks of it, it's some sort of cook out, including a large amount of fish. Jan, Leodh, and Scheur are all off in a little corner.

Leodhais considers this for a moment before responding. "The easiest is just breath exercises - it's exactly what it sounds like too. You find somewhere comfortable to sit or lay down, and just focus on your breathing - try to breathe evenly and slowly, make each inhalation and exhalation count. It gets you into a zen state, which really calms and soothes the mind."

The beach seems pretty crowded, a good deal of NLM types, out of uniform seem to be congregating. It might just be some sort of cook out, considering there seems to be fish aplenty, and some sort of grill with a cook. Jan, Leodh and Scheur are in their own little corner, by one of the coolers, which Jan happens to be sitting on. Scheur has some fish and a drink, Jan has a freshly opened bottle.

Alandra walks onto the beach and spotting the three she smiles, waves, and heads toward them.

As crowded as the beach is, the tuneless whistle - a random butchery of a current Sivadi pop ballad - probably would go unnoticed, save for the fact that the short Ungstiri producing it punctuates particularly bad patches with limping through the sugar-fine sand with considerable effort. He's carrying a bottle in a mesh sack, clear glass and slightly larger than a wine bottle, with no label. Add to that the unlit cigar in the other hand, and it's likely to say that, despite being pale and avoiding the water, that's an Ungstiri party waiting to happen.

Volouscheur nibbles at her fish, taking a sip of her drink and just listening to Leodh talk. She tilts her head to one side and asks him suddenly, ~Is it okay if I leave you here with Jan? Iast wants to go to my cave and do something with strawberry syrup...~

Jantine nods, taking a handful of sand and letting it sift through his fingers. He takes another drink before saying "I'm not sure that's the answer I'm looking for Leodh, I...dunno, need to think about things, not just relax." He looks up from the sand "Why I like flying and my boat so much" he comments. He doesn't seem phased by Scheur's, different, question, raising his bottle to her "Thanks for dropping by" he says.

Leodhais shrugs and waves after Scheur. "See you later, Scheur," he says, and stands up himself. "Actually, I slept terribly last night, so I think I might go get another nap, since I'm not on New Luna time...but Jantine? Consider it anyway, will you? It's not just relaxation, it's focus and concentration." He grins at Gena and Alandra as he passes. "Well done," he says teasingly to Gena. "Better than the composer himself." Obviously /not/ a fan of pop music, Leodhais isn't.

Volouscheur waves to Leodh and nods, heading off to go rendevous with Iast. She's glowing gold and red, moving quickly.

Gennadiy grins at Leodhais - "Da. Thought so myself." He's heading towards Jan, though progress is slow, admittedly - "Is same. About to miss best part of fish."

Alandra waves to Volouscheur as she walks past. Jantine sees a young Sivadian with shoulder length light brown hair heading toward him. She smiles warmly and waves to Leodh as she passes him also, "Have a good night Leodhais," she says softly to him. "Any fish left for a starving woman?" She says louder in Jantine's direction.

Jantine raises his bottle to Leodh "Thanks for dropping by, too Leodh." he says before taking a drink. "Should be" he comments, looking up at Alandra "Help yourself" he gestures towards the fish. The beach is fairly crowded, a good deal of NLM types are around, none in uniform, and from the looks of it, it's some sort of cookout. The large amount of cooked fish, drinks, and a grill might give that away. Jan's sitting on a cooler, bottle in hand.

Gena's still a significant stretch of beach from Jan, floundering a bit through the sand - that right leg isn't doing him any favors. He's at shouting distance, though, "You!" The cigar gets pointed at Jantine. "There you are. Da. No moving."

Justine's flip-flops make a soft plodding sound that soon ceases as she steps off of the concrete path and onto the sandy beach. A dark green engineering bag is worn over left shoulder that has apparently been transformed into a beach bag with a pink and white beach towel seen jutting out from it. The female Lunite takes a moment to look over the beach before heading for the commotion further down the beach.

Alandra smiles at Jantine then turns to see Gena, "Do you need help?" She asks with an amused look on her face.

As Justine approaches, she might get a glance, or perhaps even a greeting from the militia types that would have known her some time ago. Jan freezes, using his eyes to look from side to side, before looking at Gena "Yes?" he says.

Gennadiy finally thumps his way up to Jantine, breathing hard - calling over to Alainne. "Is just sand. Never understood facination with having party on /sand/." He adds, "Get me something not fish?" Despite the panting, the ungstiri's grinning as he holds the mesh bag and it's unlabeled, clear-liquid-filled bottle out to Jan. "There."

Justine makes her way through the small groups of NLM types. A grin is on her face as she exchanges a few simple greetings with those who do remember while simply walking past the ones she doesn't recognize. Her eventual destination is over to where Jantine is.

Alandra goes to where Gena is standing with Jantine, "Hello, sir" she says politely with a formal bow, "How are you this fine evening?"

Jantine takes the apparent gift questioningly "Is this alcoholic?" he asks Genna, looking at the bottle with his left hand, while holding his other smaller, half empty bottle in his right, he looks up "Fine, I guess. Jantine Osligoth, and you are?" he asks Alandra. He doesn't appear to notice Justine yet.

Gennadiy nods. "Of /course/. Is styoli..." He pauses. "Er. Would probably be 'moonshine'? Is.. similar." He grins, leaning down to rest his hands on his knees. "Tradition says, though, cannot be drunk alone. Is bad luck." He pants, then, just catching his breath. "Hoo."

Justine finally arrives to where everyone is located. "Yo! Hey Jantine!" Justine calls out as she nears. Her eyes drift down to the bottles on Jantine's persona before giving him a wry grin. "Looks like you are having -quite- the celebration here."

Jantine nods to Genna "Alright" he says, before looking up at Justine, he looks confused for a split second before a look of recognition hits his face "Hey, Justine" he says, before looking down at his two bottles, and then shrugging "I am off duty for the night" before taking a drink from the smaller bottle.

The ungstiri finally rights himself, having caught his breath, and tucks the unlit cigar he's carrying between his teeth. "NOw. Heard something about food.."

"I am Alandra Barras," she says offering Jantine her hand. "I'm quite pleased to meet you."

Justine lets out a brief laugh before placing her hands on her hips. "Well, -I- will admit that I like to see that you are taking every advantage of your time off." Justine quits laughing, but replaces it with a broad grin. "Quite a set up you guys got here."

Jantine nods to Gena "Right over there" he says, pointing to the fish. He puts Gena's bottle down in the sand, reaching out to shake Alandra's hand "Pleased to meet you too, Alandra" he says, flashing a breif smile across his face, before looking over to Justine "Yea, I've gotten myself a boat, went fishing with Diri and we managed to get a good deal of fish, as you can see, decided that we couldn't eat it all" he says, grinning slightly.

Gena mutters. "Hoopin' sand." He shrugs. "Well, if is over there, is over there, da?" He limps off towards the cooking and the finned dinner, chuckling.

"I hope you don't mind if I join your party?" Alandra asks Jantine. Turning to look at Justine she bows to her formally, "Hello," she says politely.

"Diri?!" Justine mimics back to Jan. "How is the old dog, anyways? I didn't see him on my way though." asks Justine casually as she begins to rummage through her bag for something. She gives up a moment later and looks back up at Jan expectantly.

Jan nods to Alandra "Don't mind at all" he says, before turning to Justine "He's doing fine." he says, and after a moment adds "What about you, what've you been up to since you left the militia?"

Alandra heads over to where Gena is sitting. "May I join you, good sir?" She asks him with a big smile on her face.

The ungstiri makes his way over to the firepit, unafraid to elbow his way in past a couple of the larger militia fellows and work on acquiring dinner. He grins at them good-naturedly, talking about something or other as he hunts down a plate. He looks over as Alandra moves ofer - "Of course! Hope you like fish, da?"

"Everything under the sun." Justine replies vaguely. "I was working for Rya, and then I did some more independent things.....ship decaling and customization." A shrug of her shoulders now comes from the Lunite. "Anyways..I am back to where I started. I am the resident engineer on a ship. And you? How are the good old boys in the NLM?"

Jantine glances over to Alandra and Genna briefly before turning back to Justine "Pretty good, things have wound down a lot, after the whole PANL incident" Jan says, reaching up to rub at the scar on his upper left arm as he speaks.

Gena ends up with two plates, limping over to hand them /both/ down to Alandra. "Hold for moment?" Alandra takes both plates from him with a smile, and waits for Gena to sit down.

Justine purses her lips together as she leans in slightly to look at the scar on Jantine's arm. "Well atleast you have something now to impress girls with." says the Lunite with a laugh. "Most are suckers for men with scars like that." Justine winks and laughs once more to herself before turning slightly away from Jantine to where the drinks and food are.

Jantine simply nods, looking at the scar himself, before taking another drink. And looking around, mostly in the direction of the fish and the rest of the food. The beach is fairly crowded, mostly with NLM types, all out of uniform. From the looks of it, its some sort of cookout. The large amounts of fish, drinks, and the presence of a grill and cook all help to give that away. Jan is sitting on a cooler, half empty bottle in hand. Alandra and Gena are in the midst of getting food.

Speaking of the Ungstiri - dressed wholly inapprpriately for the climate, he simply flops down in the sand next to Alandra, flashing her a grin. "Right. Now that is done.." He holds out a hand for a plate. "If nothing else, is at least excuse for free food, da?"

Aisrya strides off of the patio of her house on the beach, decked out for full beach activities. She starts to walk towards the water, eyeing the party on her way.

"Yes," Alandra says handing one of the plates back to Gena and sits down herself, "Thank you for the plate," she adds smiling back at him.

Justine returns her attention back to where Jan is seated. "Oh come on Jantine. Atleast flash a -smile- at that." Her hands wind up back on her hips once more. "The scar approach only works if you throw in a little playful banter with it." The female Lunite lets out a small laugh. "So, unless you already have a girl and you are just being the goody-good boyfriend...atleast flash a smile."

Norton has a cigarette dangling out of the corner of his mouth as he leaves the landing pad, walking across the beach in a pair of sandals.

Jantine chuckles, flashing a smile "How's that?" he asks, taking another drink from his bottle.

Out there in the sand, amongst several of the NLM, one Gena munches happily, swapping stories with one young marine in trade for a small bottle of something alcaholic.

Aisrya passes by the party for now, coming to a stop at the start of the hard sand. She spreads her towel out and sits down on it.

Justine rolls her eyes playfully towards Jantine. "Better." She remarks as she smiles once more. "See, it wasn't -that- hard." Her eyes flicker downward to the cooler Jan is sitting on. "So, what's in the cooler? Drinks? Fish?"

Taking a look around the beach, Norton walks over to Aisrya, grinning, "Seriously, though, do you even tan?"

"Drinks" Jan answers with a nod, standing up "Want any?" he asks, moving to the side so as to let Justine get at the cooler.

Gena simply continues eating - the first rule of any working man is always 'never turn down free food', after all - and enjoying the edge of the party.

Aisrya looks over her shoulder at Norton and smirks. "Does it even matter?"

Justine begins to make her move, but restrains herself. "Well, what kind of drinks do you got in there?" asks Justine as she keeps her attention down on the closed cooler.

"Not really," says Norton with a grin. "I was just curious if their was a point other than exhibitionism. It's all the same to me, though."

"Ones like this" Jan says, indicating the bottle he has in his hands, and smiling slightly.

Aisrya rolls her eyes at the man. "It's not really exhibitionism if everyone else does it," she says.

"Oh," says Norton as he continues to grin. "You're blaming peer pressure?"

Justine taps a finger against her lower lip before giving her head a small shake. "Normally, I would all for a drink right about now, but I better get going before my ship leaves without me." Justine gives her shoulders a small shrug before turning to leave the scene. "See you around, Jantine." She calls out as she turns.

Jantine nods, waving "Alright, nice seeing you again" he says, before sitting back down on his cooler.

"You're useless," Rya mutters before laying down on her back.

"So, long story short is you don't like the company or get anything out of the sun shine?" asks a still grinning Norton.

"No, the story is that your smartassiness is getting annoying," the Timonae retorts.

Eventually, the Ungstiri finds his way out of the press around the fire, a reloaded plate in hand - crossing the sand towards the landing pad with a grin on his features. He calls to Jan, "Remember - not alone, da?" with a wave.

Jantine nods "Alright, I wont drink it alone" he says after the Ungstiri, smiling, before finishing off the bottle in his hand.

"That wasn't much of a story," says a grinning Norton. "More an opinion. Mine is I was being friendly. It really was all the same to me." He takes a drag on his cigarette.

Aisrya smirks at the man. "So are you going to join me or not?"

"Join you? Jump on the Greg is a pain in the ass boat, you mean?" asks a grinning Norton. "Nah, I'm going to stick with my belief that I'm being friendly."

Aisrya rolls her eyes again. "I meant sit down with me."

"Sure, if you're inviting me," says Norton as he takes a seat. "I thought you wanted me to take a hike." He's still grinning and smoking.

Jantine simply sits on his cooler, a fellow pilot wanders over and they begin to chat idly.

"Well, if you continue being a smartass, I just might yet," Rya says with a grin.

"I am what I am," says Norton with a grin. "Anyway," nodding in the direction of Jantine, he continues, "What rules did you lay own that clown?"

Jantine doesn't seem to notice he's being talked about. He simply continues speaking with the other pilot.

Aisrya lifts a curious eyebrow up at the man. "Huh?"

"Rules, guidelines, written contract, whatever," says Norton as he stubs his cigarette out on the sand beside him. He takes a can of dip out of his shorts and starts to pack it with his index finger and thumb, flicking his wrist to create a tapping noise. "To make sure that he don't fall and love and experience further mental stress."

Jantine continues talking, he laughs at something, and so does the other man.

"Ah," Rya says with a little laugh. "As far as I meant it was just a friendly fuck."

"Yeah, I understand that, sweetcheeks," says a grinning Norton. "But were you polite enough to make sure he did, too?"

More talk, a bit more laughing. Jan stands up for a moment as the other pilot gets a drink out of the cooler he's sitting on, before he sits back down.

Aisrya pauses a moment to think. "Don't remember," she says.

"Great," says a still grinning Norton. "We'll sort this out in the most traumatic fashion possible, then." He yells, "Hey, Os, get your flyboy self over here."

Jantine doesn't seem to notice, until the person he's talking to nudges him, motioning over towards Nort and Rya. He nods to the other pilot, standing up and begining to head over towards Nort and Rya.

"Lovely," the Timonae says with a smirk. She remains laying.

"Thank you," says Norton as he grins and waits, sticking a wad of dip behind his lower lip.

Jantine reachs the two of them "Yea, Captain?" he asks.

"What would you classify your relationship with this woman as, highspeed?" asks a grinning Norton.

Aisrya smiles and waves to Jan a little.

Jantine nods to Aisrya, before turning to Norton "A friend?" he says, looking to Rya as if for approval. "So, you got no expectations?" asks a still grinning Norton.

Aisrya stays quiet for now.

Jantine shakes his head "No, not really" he says, scratching the back of his neck as he looks to Norton.

"You got any idea what I'm talking about or are you just talking?" asks Norton, grinning.

"He wants to know if you think it meant we're now in a relationship," Rya says bluntly.

Jantine looks to Rya, then turns back to Norton "No, it was just a one time thing, I think." he answers.

"All right," says Norton before his Adam's apple bobs as he swallows down some dip spit. "That's all I wanted, but you can stick around over here if you're tired of talking to those losers."

Aisrya gives Norton a sweet smile.

Jantine shrugs "I could use another drink" he says absently, turning and begining to head back towards his cooler.

"Well, he ditched us like hot poop," Norton tells Aisrya with a grin.

"Guess we'll have to go back to entertaining ourselves," Rya says with a smirk.

Jantine heads back to his cooler, getting out another drink and sitting down on it again. The party seems to be winding down somewhat, but there are still a good deal of NLM types around. Norton and Aisrya are further down the beach.

"Well, I was being entertaining. You were being mean," Norton and Aisrya are on the beach a bit apart from the main group. Norton's sitting while the Timonae is sunning herself.

Aisrya smirks at Norton and sits up. "So what can I do to make it up?" she asks with a wink.

Jantine just keeps sitting on his cooler, taking the occasional drink.

"Take some work," says Norton with his regular grin. "Doubt you're up for it."

Aisrya rolls her eyes. "Try me."

Alandra sits on the beach, she finishes the piece of fish she was nibbling on and gets up. Going to where Jantine is she addresses him, "Pardon me. May I have something to drink?" She asks softly.

Jantine nods, standing up "Yea, sure, go ahead. There's only alcoholic drinks in this cooler but, take any if you want" he says, moving to the side so as to let Alandra get at the cooler.

"You just going to make an open ended statement like that without defining any options?" asks a grinning Norton.

"I reserve the right to refuse once I hear it," Rya replies.

Alandra looks in the cooler trying to decide what she would like.

"Now you're thinking," says Norton as he continues to grin. "But, I'm relatively content. The problems that I do have, other than you being mean, aren't problems you can fix for me."

Jantine just takes a drink from his bottle "So, you part of Ruin's crew then?" he asks after a moment.

Aisrya chuckles a little bit at the marine. "And alleviation I can do?"

Norton grins, "Well, I won't say yes or no, but I'll let you try. I'll update you later."

"I'm his new doctor," Alandra replies looking up at him shyly, "He picked me up a few days ago. Saved my life really." She looks back down into the cooler still trying to decide what she wants.

Jantine nods "Good guy, served with him on a militia ship when he was still with the militia" he says.

Aisrya arches her eyebrows at Norton. "Later?"

"I think we're talking about two different things. I'm talking about you being mean. What're you talking about?" asks a grinning Norton.

"Making up for it," the Timonae replies.

"Well played," says Norton who continues to grin. He spits a glob of tobacco stained spit onto the beach beside him. "I'll give you that one, but it's a freebie."

"Yes, Ruin has treated me very well, well the whole crew actually," she says still looking in the cooler. Unable to decide what she wants to drink she looks at Jantine, "What would you recommend to drink?" She asks confused.

"Well?" Rya says with a smile. "Is there?"

Jantine nods, coming over and stooping over the cooler with Alandra "Uh, maybe that one?" he suggests, pointing at a bottle.

Alandra picks up the bottle and reads the label.

"A later? Yes, there is but because I've stopped drinking, I'm not sure if that means anything any more," says Norton who continues to grin. "You're pretty fixated, you know?"

It's a bottle of beer, looks like the same kind Jan has in his hand. "That work?" he asks tenetively.

Aisrya throws her arms up and lays back down. "I give up."

Alandra smiles, "I will try it," she says opening it and looking at it warily then taking a drink.

"We're one for one, then," says a still grinning Norton. His Adam's apple bobs as he swallows some dip spit. "I thought you were better at this."

"I'm trying to be serious and you're playing a fucking annoying game," Rya mutters.

Jantine nods, simply watching as Alandra takes her drink. "How is it...?" he trails, raising an eyebrow.

"Serious? With you? That's a road paved with broken hearts," says a grinning Norton. "But, if you insist, I talk without beating around the bush as it were."

"Not bad," Alandra says looking at the bottle. "A lot like the beer we drank at the pub near campus," she adds with a smile.

"Finally," Rya mutters.

Jantine nods, grinning "Glad to hear" he says, taking a drink of his own.

"So, how you doing, sweetcheeks?" asks Norton. The grin is still there. "Up to anything interesting today?"

Aisrya shrugs a little. "Not particularly," she says, "You?"

Alandra takes another drink before looking over at Jan, "Do you folk do this often?" She asks conversationally.

"I'm here ain't I?" asks Norton before he turns his head to spit out some more tobacco juice on the beach.

Aisrya looks at the man. "Do you have to do that?"

Jantine shakes his head "This is the first time. I've got a boat, and a friend and I caught too much fish for just the two of us, so we decided to do this." he smiles "But, we may do it again sometime, at least, I hope we do."

"My bad," says Norton without changing his grin. "So, what happens when the sun goes down? Building a fire and jumping over it?"

Aisrya shakes her head a touch. "Probably retreat inside, or something," she says.

Alandra nods, "I hope so too. This has been nice." She takes another drink of the nice beer.

"The fire dancing would be more exciting depending on the or something," says Norton who swallows some dip spit. "How's business?"

"I'd prefer not to try to get burned," Rya says with a chuckle. She sits back up. "Well enough, all things considered."

"So on the bottom line, it's still black," says Norton with a nod. "That's good."

Jantine nods, grinning "Should get Ruin to come back here more often, New Luna is a nice place." he says, smiling as he looks out to sea, absently.

"This is my first time here," Alandra says looking around. "It's been nice though. Leodhais showed me some of his favorite places to go, some very nice islands, and in general everybody has been nice here."

Jantine nods "There are some very nice islands" he says, turning back to Alandra "You know how long you're staying here?" he asks.

"I believe Ruin said we would be leaving tomorrow," Alandra says looking at Jan. "It's too bad really. I was quite nervous about coming here, and now I wish I could stay longer."

Jantine nods "Kinda a short visit" he comments "Wish you guys could stay longer too" he says after a pause, flashing a smile.

With Aisrya gone, Norton lights up a cigarette.

Alandra takes another drink and looks over at Jan, "I mean, I really didn't know what to expect here. I've heard so many stories and all."

"Stories...?" Jan says slowly, looking at Alandra curiously.

"You do realize I'm Sivadian right?" She asks him with a confused look.

"And I've never been off the planet before," she adds still looking confused.

Jantine nods at that "Right." he says before taking a drink "The Lunites here aren't bad, shouldn't give you trouble, besides, to most of us, we're all New Lunites" he says, smiling.

Norton gets up and dusts himself off as he walks over to the party cooler.

"I just didn't know what to expect," Alandra says, her features smoothing out. "Some of my fellows at the college told me stories of their trips here. They made me more than a little nervous is all."

Jantine nods sympathetically "It's not as bad as you thought it was, right?" he asks.

"What's in the cooler?" asks Norton as he walks up. "Where'd my root beer go?"

Alandra waits to answer letting Jan answer Norton first.

"Beer. Think the root beer might have been picked over..." Jan trails, looking around, and spying a sole remaining can "There's a can left" Jan says, indicating the lone can in the sand, before turning back expectantly to Alandra.

Norton walks over and retrieves the lone survivor from the root beer massacre before walking back over to the pair talking.

"Oh, no," Alandra says answering Jan, "It's much better than I had hoped. Like I said, now I wish I could stay longer. Leodhais said the same thing though. He told me the first time he came to visit he was unsure of it also, but now he loves it here."

Jantine nods "It's a nice place, can't think of any reason that I'd leave, for a long time of course"

"Great place," agrees a grinning Norton as he pops the top of his can.

Alandra nods, "I quite agree," she says with a nervous glance at Norton. "Of course I'd have to find me some right good tea eventually," she adds with a little giggle.

Jantine chuckles slightly "I think Leodh has managed, and have you met Captain Norton?" he asks, indicating the man "He's one of our marines."

"No, I don't believe I have," Alandra says looking at Norton and smiling.

"The marine," says Norton. "Kind of like the man but better. Nice to meet you, babe."

"Alandra" Jan says to Norton "Her name's Alandra" he says, smiling slightly. He takes a drink.

Alandra nods to Norton then looks to Jan appretiatively, "Right pleased to meet you," she says with a more relaxed smile.

"Same," says Norton as he grins. "Right pleased."

Jan looks from Alandra to Norton, then back Alandra "Said you're a healer, right?" he asks.

Alandra nods to Jan, "I am a member of the Sivadian College of Surgery," she answers him.

"Doctor, dude," says Norton. "With a degree. Not some guy with a satchel of strange herbs."

Jantine nods "Yea, definately a doctor" he looks pretty impressed.

Alandra looks between the two of them and blushes lightly then takes another drink of her beer.

"We get a lot of quacks out here," says Norton by way of explanation before he drinks some root beer. "I met two real docs, though, in the past couple of days when I count you. The other one did cybernetic replacements."

Jantine nods "We don't have many doctors, with a degree, that I know of" he says, smiling at Alandra.

Alandra nods at both of them, "Ruin was suggesting that I might want to brush up a bit on cybernetics. He said it's in demand."

"Lot of people leaving important bits and pieces," says Norton with a grin. "Sad, really."

Jantine nods, absently rubbing the scar on his upper left arm, before taking a drink. "We haven't had much action recently though..." he trails.

Alandra takes another drink, "Been a bit quiet here, has it?" She asks.

"Lot of loud people, but they don't back up the noises with much in the way of anything after we kicked the PANL around," says a grinning Norton. "You're actually buddy buddy with some of the noisier elements."

Jantine sighs "Ruin isn't that bad, sir" he says to Norton "I dunno what happened, but you two really don't seem to like each other" Jan says, taking a drink afterwards.

Alandra looks between the two, and takes another drink, keeping quiet for now.

"I don't have a problem with him. His friends don't like me. I love everybody all the same, though," says a grinning Norton.

"Either way, you two don't seem to get along real well, sir" Jan comments, taking another drink.

Alandra drains her beer and turns to Jan, "May I have another? That is some right good beer you have there."

"Right good," says a grinning Norton. He tells Jan, "I hadn't noticed. That's very perceptive of you."

Jantine nods to Alandra "Yea, take as much as you want" he says, gesturing to the cooler "Sorry sir, just don't enjoy seeing you two on such bad terms" he says to Norton.

Alandra frowns a bit at Norton's comment and leans down to look in the cooler for another one of the beers she had been drinking.

"Dude, it ain't your job to keep the universe happy. I ain't got any problems with him that you'll be solving by talking to me. In fact, I really don't much care at all about him or most anyone else you care to name you think I have a problem with. I don't. It's my job to keep stupid down on this planet, and I go about it how I see fit," says a grinning Norton. "If stupid don't like it, well, stupid don't learn, so I'm not sure what they'll do to fix the situation."

There should be a few more identical bottles like the one Alandra took in the cooler. Jan sighs, and answers "Alright, sir"

Finding another beer she takes it from the cooler and opens it. Once again she looks between the two men, "Everything good, gentlemen?" She asks.

"I'm always good. It's everyone else I worry about," grins Norton. He lights up a cigarette with a brass zippo after taking the materials to do so out of a pocket.

Jantine shrugs "Looks like it" he says, before draining his own beer, he looks at the bottle for a moment, muttering "Wonder if I should have another"

Alandra takes a drink of her fresh beer and looks at Norton warily, then turning to Jan she says, "Whether you do or not, may we continue our conversation?"

Norton just grins some more, "Don't let me get in the way."

Jantine nods, "Yea, sure" he says "Probably shouldn't get another, this was my third" he adds, indicating the bottle. "What did you want to talk about?"

Alandra nods to Norton then turns to Jan, "You were telling me what it's like here. I'm quite interested," she says with a smile.

Norton drinks his root beer and smokes his cigarette in silence.

Jantine nods "Yea, that's right, so Leodh gave you a tour of the islands?"

"Yes," Alandra said looking at Jan intently, "He showed me two of the islands. One was a lagoon type area surrounded by trees and the most beautiful flowers. It had strange purple fruit growing on it. He wasn't sure if they were edible though. The other had a nice platteau and and right nice looking hot spring on it." She takes in a deep breath and lets it out in a soft sigh, "They were quite relaxing."

Norton finishes his root beer and nods to Alandra and Jantine before he starts to leave the beach.

Jantine nods to Norton, before turning back to Alandra "The islands are nice, I like just being out at sea but," he smiles "That's my preferance, I really just like the water."

Alandra nods to Norton then turns back to Jan, "What is it like out at sea?" She asks with a smile.

Jantine shrugs "It's nice, having such a large expanse of water all to yourself. Nice place to relax, and some of the sunsets are spectacular" he adds with a grin.

Alandra takes another drink and looks at him smiling. A slight flush comes to her face as the alcohol begins to take effect, "Sounds right nice," she says in a thoughtful dreamy voice.

Jantine nods "It really is" he says, nodding slightly.

Alandra smiles and sits down in the soft sand looking out towards the water, "I've often looked out over the waters of Sivad, and wondered what it would be like to just...sail away."

"If you come back, I'd take you out to sea, if you want" Jan suggests, sitting down nearby and following her gaze out to sea.

Alandra turns to face him, "I would love that," she says with a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Jantine nods, turning his gaze back towards Alandra "Alright" he says, using his index finger to draw random lines in the sand "Drop me a PDA message next time you guys are on planet" he says, smiling slightly.

Alandra nods, "I will see if one of them will do that for me. I haven't gotten one yet."

Jantine nods "You could tell Ruin to if nothing else, he's got my PDA number" Jan says, still making his absent minded drawings.

Alandra looks down at his hand making the drawings in the sand, then back up at him. "You and Ruin are good friends?" She asks.

Jantine nods, looking out to sea again, a bit of a distant look in his eyes "Yea, we go back a while. We were assigned to the same ship back when he was in the militia. I was the pilot, he was the engineer." he turns back to Alandra, adding "We went through a lot together."

Alandra nods understanding, "Sounds like my fellows back at the college, but I'm sure more intense," she says softly, thoughtfully.

"Yea, they're probably similar though, you and your friends have probably been through a lot." he chuckles slightly "Probably nothing life threatening, but..." he trails, the far away look disappears, it looks as if he's back in the here and now.

"No, nothing quite like that. More of intense studying, evil professors, and dreaded deadlines," Alandra said looking at him then back down at the hand that was tracing shapes in the sand.

Jantine nods "Never went to college, probably wouldn't know" he says absently, he looks back out to sea, the far away look in his eyes is there for a moment again, before disappearing again. When it does, he turns back to Alandra "It sounds like a lot of work."

"It was," she says, "Quite a lot actually," adds looking back up at him. "The hardest part for most is the cadavar study. I did pretty well though, only got sick once."

Jantine reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck "Cadavar study? I've had to deal with dead people but..."

Alandra smiled, "But what?" she asked with a soft giggle.

"I couldn't /imagine/ taking one of those dead bodies apart" Jan says. "Pretty impressive" he adds after a slight pause.

"Thank you," Alandra says smiling, "It wasn't right easy you know. It took a lot to keep my lunch down some days."

It should be noted, that by this point, the beach has been deserted. The NLM types have trickled off, the last, apparently drunken marine left just minutes ago, leaving Jan, Lan, what would apparently be Jan's cooler, and the scant remains of the fish. This is probaly due to how late it has become.

Jan nods "I can imagine" he says "Do you have a specialty or anything, or are you just a general doctor?"

"I specialize in surgery, but have a knowledge of general medicine as well," she answers noticing the lack of people, but not caring.

Jantine nods "So you'd be the one to go to if something went wrong inside me, gotcha" he says, grinning slightly. He turns serious suddenly "You don't happen to know anything about psychiatrics, do you?"

"Enough to know when to send somebody to see a psychiatrist," she replies quietly, "Why?" She asks with a puzzled look.

Jan lets out a deep breath, turning to look out to sea again "I've got my share of problems, everyone does. I guess I, well, tend to be over emotional about things, can't really seem to control myself at times." He begins tracing lines in the sand again "I've thought about going to a psychiartrist, maybe getting meds for it, but Ruin says that might comprimise my flying, which I wont let happen. And today he came to me with Scheur, telling me that perhaps Scheur could do something with my head, however Vollistan's do it" he explains.

Alandra nods, "I agree with Ruin on that," she says quietly. "Meds may or may not interfere with your flying. Was Volouscheur able to help you?"

Jantine shrugs "She didn't do anything, as far as I can tell, so I dunno if she will or not, probably wont be until you guys come back again, if at all."

Alandra nods, "Would you want to talk about what is bothering you?" She asks looking at him intently, "Maybe I can help, or at least tell you what to expect from a psychiatrist if you decide to see one. Meds aren't always the answer, sometimes just talking about it and doing therapy is enough."

"Really just that I can't seem to control my emotions, or even actions at times." Jan says "A bit ago I, uh, witnessed a suicide. It was pretty traumatic but, think I blew it out of proportion. Had to take a few days leave for it, wound up spending it all on the Haste, must've been just before you came on."

Alandra wrinkles her brow with concern, "It was somebody you knew?" She askes, "or a stranger?"

"Stranger, which is why I think I blew it out of proportion." Jan says after a moment's pause.

"Suicide is always hard," Alandra says softly, "Even when it is a stranger."

Jantine nods slowly, turning back to Alandra "It certainly can be." he says quietly.

"Perhaps if you spoke to a psychologist about it..." she trailed off, "but tell them you don't want meds," she added after a moments thought. "And explain to them why. Most will be understanding."

Jantine nods "Could work, would it go on my medical record, though?" he asks, curiously.

"I'm not sure how that works here," Alandra says thoughtfully, "On Sivad it does." After a moments thought she added, "But if it does, then it would if you asked for the meds too. So, either way..." she trails off.

Jantine nods "That's all I'm really worried about." he says "If the militia finds out that I have large, problems of this sort, I might get kicked out. Government might even revoke my piloting liscense."

"On the other hand, holding on to it could be worse," she says still concerned. "What if it was on an unofficial level? Visits not on the record?"

Jantine looks at Lan curiously "Is that, even possible?" he asks slowly.

"It's not ethical, but with the right connections..." she trails off thoughtfully. After a minute she says, "If you have a friend who is in psychiatry. Or could you wait for us to return again."

Jantine shakes his head "No conections in psychiatry, I'll probably just wait till you guys come back, then. Scheur might be able to help, who knows."

Alandra looks at him with concern, "I don't understand Vollistans well, but perhaps I can find someone to help you. So, if Schuer is unable to make a difference, perhaps I can find somebody who can see you in an unofficial capacity." She looks down at his sand drawings studying them for a bit, then back up at him, "I would really like to help you. I wish I had the training for it."

Jantine smiles "It's the thought that counts" he says simply.

"I will see what I can do," Alandra says smiling at him, "Please be safe until we return."

Jantine nods "I'll try" he says sincerely, yawning "Think I may sleep here" he says absently, looking down at his sand drawings, which are nothing more than random lines and swirls.

"Will you be safe here?" Alandra asks. She yawns and stretches and looks at her bottle of beer almost sadly. She takes a sip and makes a face,"It got warm," she says giggling.

Jantine nods "Should be, ferret monkeys'll eat the fish, and the empty beer bottles should keep them occupied enough, and you can take another if you want, should still be a few left" he says, turning to look at the cooler.

"It's quite alright," Alandra says, "I should try to keep my drinking to a minimum. Have a good night," she says reaching over and patting his hand. "I hope to see you again soon."

Jantine looks over to Lan "Yea, hope to see you soon to" he says, adding "Be sure to send me a message the next time you guys are on planet, either through a PDA you manage to get, or through Ruin" he smiles after that.

"I will," she says smiling warmly. Alandra stands and stretches again. "I better get back to the Haste and get some sleep before we leave, but I will be sure to do that." She smiles at him sweetly.

Jan nods "Alright, good night" he says, laying out in the sand, and proping his head up with the cooler "Sleep well" he adds after a momentary pause.

Alandra nods and heads back towards the ship.

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