Fort Justice was the name of a salvaged and refitted Kretonian battlecruiser that was used as a mobile station for an umbrella organisation that combined bail enforcement, fugitive retrival and mercenary contracting into one potent agency. This agency, which took its name from their headquarters, was often aggressively assertive in all matters they saw as belonging into their jurisdiction -- that is, paramilitaries and similar independent contractors.

Though the knowledge concerning the early years of Fort Justice are sketchy, the agency was already potent by the time Sanctuary returned from Hiverspace, though its de-facto monopoly position eroded significantly afterwards, as the sudden influx of people born before the Fort's existence repeatedly challenged the status quo. One of its last actions before its bounty administration systems fell apart was the issue of the highest bounties ever for the retrival, alive or dead, of J.C. Falkenberg and his right-hand man Denson.

Its hegemony threatened, the Fort Justice leadership grew increasingly erratic, until its headquarters were boarded and taken over by the RNS in June of 3004, after suspected traitor Wallace Marbury was rumored to have gone into hiding there. It was destroyed later the same month.

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