The First Councillor is the leader of the Sivadian Parliament and also, by tradition the First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service, though during the interregnum following Queen Paulette II's abdication, the title was changed to Treasury First Secretary. The First Councillor's unique position of authority derives from the support of the majority of the 25 member Council of Equals, and his ability to appoint and dismiss cabinet ministers. By modern convention, the First Councillor always sits in the Council of Equals, but under Sivadian law, this does not prevent him from being a peer, provided he disclaims his seat in the Council of Peers for the length of his Council of Equals term.

The First Councillor presides over the cabinet, and is responsible for the allocation of functions amongst the various cabinet portfolios. He informs the King, at regular meetings, of the general business of the government.

Additionally, the First Councillor recommends to the King a number of appointments. These include: Church of Sivad Archbishops, Bishops, Deans, and other church appointments; senior judges, such as the Lord Chief Justice; Colonial and Provincial Governors. There are also a number of civil appointments, such as Poet Laureate and Director-General of the Sivadian Brodcasting Service (SBS).

The First Councillor's official residence is at 10 Dorling Street in Enaj, and his office is located in the Council Building. 10 Dorling Street is staffed by a number of civil servants under the Office of First Councillor, in addition to special advisors appointed to assist in formulating policy.

The current First Councillor of Sivad is Sir Fredrick Chamberlain.

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