The Fearless class is the standard transport employed by the Sivadian Royal Naval Service. Large vessels incapable of landing on a planet's surface often carry several of these transports to shuttle officers to and from the surface. The Sivadian Royal Marine Corp also incorporate a modified version of this vessel for use as a dropship and boarding vessel.

- Tanya's All Worlds Starship Database -------------------------------------- 
     Fearless Class Specifications                                           
Ship Type:  Milspec Fleet Dropship
Ship Cost:  368,800 Credits 
- Ship Statistics -----------------------------------------------------------
Computer Rating           Poor            MKII Microframe      
Sensor Rating             Poor            Series 2 Longscan    
Reliability               Good            Level 5 Repair Suite 
Maximum Speed             Good            MkV Insystem Drive   
Acceleration              Good            MKV Primary Thrusters 
Maneuverability           Fair            Type 4 Multi-thruster Pack 
Ship Size                 Poor            Compact              
Power Plant               Poor            Two Sectors         
- Ship Equipment ------------------------------------------------------------
Armor                     Fair            Reinforced Hullsteel      
Deflector Shields         Mediocre        Mk3 Deflector Shields     
Fire Control Computer     Poor            SCII Targeting System    
- Weapon Systems -----------------------------------------------------------
Pulse Cannon                              MKI Turbocannon 
Pulse Cannon                              MKI Turbocannon

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