In the year 2085, this company unlocked the key to specialized genetic manipulation, which allowed Embryonix to develop a cure to the horrifying Genetic Devolution Virus that had been spreading on Earth since 2073. In 2094, Embryonix established the Tranquility Habitat colony on Luna and then set about building Lunar City. In 2101, using the information that saved mankind from the GDV plague, Embryonix produced the first Specialists: Genetically engineered humans designed to do grunt work, with built-in termination after five years that could only be postponed by the consumption of metabolic stiflers, Metazone, produced by Embryonix. In 2157, Specialists revolted on Luna, won their civil rights and persuaded the Stellar Consortium to outlaw the practice of mass-producing humans for such purposes. In 2652, after the Kretonians invaded and began conquering the known worlds, Embryonix won permission from authorities on Earth and Sivad to resume Specialist production to fight against the invaders. Embryonix suffered an economic collapse after two major setbacks in the year 3000: the destruction of the Embryonix "seed vault ship," which carried much of the company's genetic stock for Specialists, and the decimation of Earth by plasma bombs. The company's collapse meant a stop in production of Metazone, which sparked a major crisis for Specialists who faced automatic termination without the drug.

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