The Elite Guard was the personal mercenary army of Lord Fagin, the Pirate King.

Clearly identified by their distinctive uniforms, members of the Guard were widely feared around the planets of the Fringe. They were the direct enforcers of Fagin's will, and ensured that no one in the Fringe defied the will of the Pirate King. Only the toughest and most brutal fighters were considered for membership in the Guard, and of them, only a handful survived the rigorous training program, making them truly Elite.

The Guard had access to all of the secret weaponry and technology secured, developed or stolen by Fagin's Riches. This included Nall cloaking technology, obtained through some secret pact between Fagin and the Parallax.

The Guard went into a decline after the destruction of Fagin's palace on Tomin Kora in 2650. During the year 2651, members of the Guard were targetted for assasination by an unknown group that left a red scarf as a calling card at the scene of each murder. It was a sign of Fagin's decaying power that these assasins were never found, and they did considerable damage to the ranks of the Guard.

Most of the Elite Guard perished on Tomin Kora when the Kretonians destroyed the dome over Freewheeling. A small number, however, made it aboard Sanctuary with Lord Fagin and Dimitri Volstov. It is believed that Fagin also reconstituted the Guard to some degree during his time in Hiverspace after Sanctuary's departure.

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