• Promotional pages about MUDs should be as objective as possible. List basic information about the name, website, Telnet address, and then share a blurb about the features of your game. Hype should be reserved for reviews. However, you may feel free to create "walled gardens" in the Wiki, setting up a category for your game and putting as much game info as you want here in the MU*Wiki under that category - everything from character creation tutorials to lore to logs, art, and stories are welcome!
  • Reviews by their nature should be subjective, but they should also be well-reasoned and supported by facts (rather than unfounded hyperbole and petty ax-grinding). MUD operators are permitted to post responses to reviews, but these should also be well-reasoned and supported by facts. Flame wars won't be tolerated. Reviews that lack substance will be removed. Similarly, we'll remove review responses that lack substance.
  • Stories should primarily be edited for grammar and spelling as needed. Authors of stories posted here are certainly invited to make their own substantial content edits, if they're required. The MU*Wiki holds no rights to such stories, particularly as some of them are fan fiction based on the intellectual property of others.
  • Any art posted in the MU*Wiki should be with the permission of the artist that created the work.
  • Logs should primarily be edited for grammar and spelling as needed. When logs are posted in the MU*Wiki, it should be with the permission of all individuals featured in a given log. If someone contests the posting of a log, they may do so using the discussion page of the log in question.
  • Vandalism won't be tolerated. Period. We don't offer three strikes. Mess with a page inappropriately and your user account gets banned from posting.
  • If you make an article detailing a race in your game, please place the theme next to the race's name if it is a race used in other genres as well. Your Orc may not be the same as an Orc from the Lord of the Rings. A good example is Human(Star Wars)

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