Dragonball Evolution Information: Edit


Port: 1874


Codebase: Circlemud 3.0/DBX Modified

Created: July 2002

Owner: Ozma (

Theme: Anime/Medieval/FantasyEdit

Dragonball Evolution is an evolving MUD based around the DB theme but not limited to it. DBE currently has 17 races, 7 planets and over 14,000 rooms to explore. We have unique skills and transformations for all the races to make them a different experience. Each race has their own recall and planet to call their home. None of the races are the same and they all have their pros and cons.


1. Konatsu

2. Human

3. Namek

4. Saiyan

5. Icer

6. Majin

7. Android

8. Demon

9. Half-Breed

10. Arlian

11. Saiba

12. Kaio

13. Changeling

14. Mutant

15. Truffle

16. Bio-Android

17. Kanassan


- Earth

- Namek

- Vegeta

- Subzero

- Senkakusha

- Arlia

- Konack


- Otherworld

- Heaven

- Hell

- Outer Space

- Majinia

Special Features:Edit

- Optional Roleplaying

- Multiple Race Bonuses

- Over 80 Quests

- Large Amount of Loot Items

- Upgradeable Skills

- Trainable Pets

- Intense PvP

- Over 4,000 Items

- Slot Machines, Dice(craps) and Carnival Games

- Incorperated Eating and Drinking System that's actually useful

- PvP Dragonball Hunts

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